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Boston City Properties has listings in literally every single luxury apartment buildings in Boston. We also have listings in literally all of the luxury condo developments in Boston as well. There are approximately 40 luxury apartment buildings in the Downtown Boston area.

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If you are looking to rent an apartment in the city of Boston, you are in good company. For the last few years, Boston has been experiencing an explosion in the development of new apartment units. In particular, new luxury apartment buildings have been sprouting up all over downtown and beyond. It’s enough to make you think that finding a place will be easy, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you are particular about things like where your apartment is located, what it’s like and how much it costs, you are in for an uphill battle. Make it easier by connecting with Boston City Properties.

Apartment hunting in Boston involves more than knowing what you need and finding it. As competitive and fast-paced as the market here is, managing to rent something that truly suits your needs can seem downright impossible. Boston City Properties is best known for offering one of the most comprehensive online databases of searchable MA real estate listings around, but we’re not just here for home buyers and property investors. Renters can also avail themselves of our considerable resources, so if you need to rent an apartment in Boston soon, we are the name to trust.

As much as you may oppose it, you will almost certainly have to work with a broker to secure the apartment that you need in Boston. However, you will get through the process much faster and easier when you have already done your homework. You can do this by first using our search tool to check current availability for whatever you need in any neighborhood in the city. Next, contact us for a referral to a local real estate expert who can take you to check out apartments and more. Once you’ve zeroed in on something, you will proceed by working with a broker to finalize the deal.

About the Boston Apartment Rental Market

While they aren’t as high as in places like San Francisco and New York City, rent prices in Boston are higher than ever—and they seem to keep climbing. For a while there, that was being spurred along by the relative lack of available apartment space in the city. With vacancy rates near the rock bottom, landlords were able to charge more and more rent. This trend continues to this day, but it may start reversing soon, as more apartments are added to the market.

Indeed, perhaps the biggest development in the world of Boston apartment rentals has been the ongoing development of dozens of new apartment buildings. The vast majority of these new buildings are luxury apartment towers, and some of them include condos too. Like many people, you may be in the market to rent a luxury apartment in one of Boston’s hottest neighborhoods, like the Seaport. If so, you will be contending with a lot of competition, so it is especially crucial to avail yourself of Boston City Properties’ vast resources. Between our resources and your agent, you will land the perfect rental in no time.

It is also important to note that Boston’s apartment rental market varies by neighborhood. Indeed, numerous rental submarkets exist across the city, and it is easier to find what you need in some places than in others. Another benefit of connecting with Boston City Properties is that you can bring us up to speed about what you are looking for, and a member of our team can point you toward submarkets where you are most likely to find something suitable. We have real estate experts in all Boston neighborhoods, and we’ll refer you to one when you are ready.

Renting Apartments in Boston: How it Works

If you have never rented an apartment in Boston or in any other major city before, you are in for a bit of a learning curve. In particular, to secure the right apartment in this kind of market, you generally need to work with a broker. Huge apartment developments and buildings in hot markets like Boston’s don’t need to work hard to find tenants. Landlords prefer not to deal with the hassle, so they have brokers bring them vetted potential tenants.

What this means is that at some point in the process, you will almost certainly be working with a broker. At first, though, you should do what you can to zero in on something that you want. Oftentimes, it is best to zero in on a handful of options first and to proceed from there. In many cases, the listing will belong to a specific broker. When Boston City Properties refers you to an agent, we will select one who works with the best brokers in the city. These agents therefore have true insider’s knowledge of the rental market, and their insights and assistance are priceless.

It’s natural to want to spend as little money as possible when looking for an apartment to rent. After all, you’ll have to fork over money for a deposit, moving and other expenses. Unfortunately, you are going to have to pay a broker as well—at least, you will have to if you want to find something suitable in Boston. Interestingly enough, broker fees in Boston almost always equal one month’s rent. With rent averaging around $2,600 per month in many parts of the city, you can expect to part with a fairly sizeable amount to hire a broker. There’s no getting around it, really, so plan ahead and expect it.

Typical Apartment Amenities and Services

If you are seeking an apartment to rent in Boston, you probably know what you are generally looking for and need. However, if you are not familiar with Boston’s rental market, you could miss out on opportunities to enjoy some pretty amazing services and amenities. In newer luxury buildings in particular, you can expect to enjoy large arrays of services and extras. For example, most such buildings include around-the-clock maintenance, security and even concierge services, so be sure to check for those things when browsing listings.

While perusing listings, you should definitely pay close attention to practical services and amenities like security and maintenance. Depending on your situation, you may also need to focus on things like pet services. Most apartment developments in the city are pet friendly to at least some degree, but not all. Many, including most luxury developments, offer tons of pet extras, including grooming, walking and boarding services. If a listing doesn’t include information that you need, simply contact Boston City Properties for help. The agent to whom we refer you can also take your needs into consideration to help you locate suitable options.

Consider your lifestyle when assessing the offerings of various apartment buildings and developments too. If you rely on a car, for example, you’ll want a building that has convenient and affordable parking. If you ride a bike regularly, many apartment developments offer bike storage, bike repair and other services. If working out regularly is important to you, you’ll want to find developments with nice fitness centers that include everything that you need. Remember too that many buildings have fun extras that aren’t necessary but are very nice. These include things like game rooms, rooftop decks, swimming pools and more.

Common Apartment Features

If you’ve never rented an apartment in Boston, or if it’s been a very long time since you have, you probably aren’t very up to speed regarding the most common and in-demand features. Definitely learn what you can about this, as it’s one of the best ways to determine whether rent is fair or not. You should already have an idea about how much space you need and about the kind of layout that you want, but what about things like floor-to-ceiling windows, patios and balconies? If these things matter to you, Boston City Properties can help you find developments that offer them.

These days, you would be hard-pressed to find a luxury apartment in Boston that doesn’t include an in-suite washer and dryer. If you loathe visiting the laundromat or having to schlep your stuff down to the building’s laundry facilities, you should limit your search to developments that offer this amenity. Another very popular addition to most apartments in the city is an upscale, or “gourmet,” kitchen. The idea of “gourmet” varies from person to person, of course, but such kitchens typically boast high-end appliances, top-notch finishes and extras like stone counters and back splashes.

From flooring to layout to window size, apartments in Boston vary widely. If you care about being able to take in commanding views of the city, you will want to focus on apartments in tall buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows. There are plenty of them out there, but they are very much in demand. Another feature to consider is energy efficiency. Newer apartments are increasingly being built to exacting LEED standards. Landlords like this because it reduces operating costs, and it’s great for tenants for the savings and extra comfort. Boston City Properties can help you find an apartment that offers exceptional energy efficiency, and you can then save even more by spending less to keep your place heated and cooled.

Finding Boston Apartments by Neighborhood

If you are at all familiar with the city of Boston, you know that its character varies widely from one neighborhood to the next. When seeking apartments in a vast, densely populated place like Boston, it helps to select specific neighborhoods on which to focus your search. You may already know where you’d like to look, or you may have no idea at all. Either way, you can get up to speed about what to expect when apartment hunting in various Boston neighborhoods by connecting with Boston City Properties.

As mentioned before, you can limit your search for apartments for rent in Boston to specific neighborhoods. When using our search tool, simply select the neighborhood of your choice from the list of locations. Note that if you’d like, you can select more than one neighborhood. Do this if you already know where you’d like to look. If you aren’t quite sure, contact Boston City Properties first and then go from there. Remember that unique rental submarkets exist in most neighborhoods, and it pays enormously to have insider’s knowledge of those markets. We will refer you to an agent who can help.

The ease with which you find what you need depends largely on where you will be looking. For example, if you have your heart set on renting a unit on a high floor of a soaring luxury apartment building downtown, you are in for an uphill battle. On the other hand, if you need a basic place to live in a quieter area like Dorchester, you will probably have more options at your disposal. Some neighborhoods are notoriously difficult to find apartments in and others are easier. These things change too, and it may be easier to find what you need a bit off the beaten path. Check Boston City Properties’ site for in-depth information about finding apartments in specific neighborhoods and for detailed reviews of some of the most popular apartment buildings in the city.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Since you are here on Boston City Properties’ website, you have already taken the first step in more easily finding a great apartment to rent in Boston. It is far better than going it alone, as the market here is simply far too competitive. While people often think that buying real estate is always trickier, renting it can be even more so—especially in a place like Boston. Still, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than exactly what you need. You are way more likely to find it when you avail yourself of Boston City Properties’ resources.

As tempting as it may be, don’t just walk into an apartment building to see what is available. The sad fact of the matter is that without doing your own research, you are all too likely to be taken for a ride. Classifieds can be helpful in a pinch, but they tend to be outdated and not terribly reliable. Even if you only plan to be in your apartment for a year or two, you’re going to want it to be a nice place where you can tolerate spending most of your time. With these points in mind, be sure to make the most of the help that is offered by Boston City Properties.

Some of the many ways in which Boston City Properties can help you find an apartment to rent in Boston include:

Listings – Like many people, you may think that our database is limited to listings for properties for sale. However, it works just as well for checking current availability for apartments for rent across the city. Without a doubt, searching our listings is the best first step in the process because they are updated continually throughout the day. At any given moment, then, you can see exactly what is available in the neighborhood of your choice.

Searching our listings for Boston apartments for rent is a snap. As noted previously, you can begin by selecting the neighborhood or neighborhoods of your choice. Your results will only include apartments in those areas. You can also use search filters to refine your results even more, which is very helpful. For example, input your preferences for things like price, size and total beds and baths to get even more useful results. In an instant, you’ll have a list of available apartments to explore more carefully and will be that much closer to renting a great new home.

Reviews – While it is important to find an apartment that has the features that you need inside the unit itself, it’s also crucial to find one that’s located in a building that you can tolerate. Many factors come into play when it comes to the overall livability of any given apartment building, and what matters to you may not matter to others. Still, you can get a feel for what to expect by checking out apartment reviews on Boston City Properties’ website. Our team knows all of the most popular buildings in the city, and we’ve reviewed them for your convenience.

Peruse reviews on our website to gain more insights into various apartment developments in Boston. These reviews cover the basics like where the building is located and whether parking is included. They also provide an overview of the grounds and of any special services or amenities that are offered. Get information about the overall safety of a building as well as about how well it is managed and maintained. Learn about the quality of the units in the building to determine whether they meet your standards. In this way, you can learn much of what you need to know without leaving home.

Search tool – As mentioned previously, our listings are enhanced by a powerful and convenient search tool that lets you pinpoint suitable apartments in an instant. Before performing a search, think about what you actually need. How much space do you require? How many bedrooms do you need? What is your ideal price range? You can then use filters in the search tool to zero in on properties that fall within those parameters. In a few minutes, you will have a list of apartments that meet your criteria.

Within the listings themselves, you will find a wealth of information about specific units. Listings typically include in-depth descriptions of units themselves along with information about the building and landlords. Much of the time, listings include virtual tours that let you explore apartments from afar. Many include floor plans as well, and these come in handy for determining whether your stuff will fit well. All listings include photographs, but some have far more than others. If you have questions about any listings that you find, just give Boston City Properties a call for help.

Agents – Without even having to leave home, you can make the most of the resources that are offered for free by Boston City Properties. With free, unlimited access to our listings, you will be well on your way in no time. Once you are ready to continue to the next step, contact Boston City Properties. A member of our team will refer you to a real estate agent in the neighborhood where you are looking. This agent will specialize in apartment rentals, and they will have connections with skilled brokers who can guide you through the rest of the process.

Note that when you are ready, the agent to whom we refer you can take you to look at apartments in person. Your agent will most likely already be familiar with the building, and they should be able to bring you up to speed about what it has to offer. While listings include monthly rent prices and the like, these things are often up for negotiation. This is where it really pays to have a skilled real estate expert by your side, as your agent will help you through negotiations as well.

Are you ready to find a great apartment to rent in the city of Boston? Do yourself a favor and connect with the experts at Boston City Properties. Start now by signing up for instant, free, unlimited access to our searchable MA real estate listings. In an instant, you can check current availability for apartments for rent in the neighborhood or neighborhoods of your choice. Use search filters to narrow things down even more, and then contact Boston City Properties for a referral to a local real estate agent who specializes in apartment rentals. This professional can assist you in many ways and eventually guide you through to signing a lease on a new place. For more information, please call Boston City Properties.

Our agents are on call 7 days a week to show apartments & condos from 8am-7pm. Some of the luxury apartment buildings close at 6pm, and the last showings are usually done around 5:15pm. Boston is home to some of the most luxurious apartment buildings. Contact one of our apartment brokers for up to the minute availability. Many of these developments are new construction, and feature amenities such as a fitness center, pool, concierge, indoor parking, movie theatres, and more.

E-mail us or call 617-247-1933 with any questions & to schedule a showing!

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