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Northampton Tower

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35 Northampton St.


South End

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Renovation of the 165,000 square foot tower at 35 Northampton Street is nearing completion. The building provides 245 apartments. They include a mix of 242 studios, of which 8 will be handicapped accessible, and 3 one-bedroom units, all of which are handicapped accessible. In the 860 Harrison Avenue Tower there will be 102 apartments, including 54 studios, 22 one-bedroom apartments and 26 two-bedroom apartments. A new, 2,700-square-foot connector building is under construction now to provide one entry for both towers. It will house a residential lobby, mailroom, management office and new elevator. No pets allowed.

Details about the Northampton Tower Development

The Northampton Tower is located in Lower Roxbury/South End neighborhood in Boston. It is a part of the Northampton Square, and it currently consists of a mixed-use building with 29 stories for residential units and some for commercial space.

The tower itself is found at 35 Northampton Street, just right beside other developments involved in the Northampton Square project, which includes the Harrison Tower at 860 Harrison Avenue. This particular tower stands proudly with its soaring 165,000 square feet building size. It has a total of 245 apartments with a combination of studios and one-bedroom units.

There are 242 studio apartments in the tower with eight of them offering handicap accessibility. Meanwhile, the remaining three units are one-bedroom apartments that also provide wheelchair access. Compared to the other tower nearby, this one at Northampton Street has more apartments. Harrison Tower only has 102 apartments, although it has two-bedroom units as well. There is a connector building in the area that measures 2,700 square feet, which provides an entry for these two towers. This smaller building includes a mailroom, an elevator, a residential lobby, and a management office.

Renovations were conducted in the towers and the other buildings around the area to update them. These makeovers included new systems for mechanical and electrical wirings in the premises, façade repairs as well as enhancements, a new roof, several modern laundry rooms, better security systems, and elevator upgrades.

The units were also improved to attract more renters. Some of the upgrades included a more appealing kitchen, energy-efficient windows, new blinds for the windows, and plumbing fixtures that are guaranteed to produce low flow.

Beside the tower, another one is under construction right now, which is right at Northampton Street as well and Albany Street. The plan for this building is to have a total of 211 luxury apartments in a building that is 24 stories high. The apartments will consist of 56 studios and 114 one bedroom units. There will also be 41 two-bedrooms to accommodate the growing demand for new housing all over the city of Boston.

In total, the whole project will generate 558 housing units and 65% of them will be below-market and affordable rents.

Parking and Other Features

There is already an existing parking garage that offers 539 spaces for all the occupants of the buildings of the Northampton Square. The Boston Health Commission owns and manages the parking spaces, and the residents, as well as those who are interested in living in the apartment complexes, can seek information from the organization.

Initially, the building for the tower existed from 1969 up to 1973, and it served as the house of the Boston City Hospital School of Nursing. At the beginning of July in 196, the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) purchased the site. It was in 2010 when the BPHC selected the developers of the project to redevelop some components of the space.

The apartments in the tower have many amenities to offer to the residents. Among them include stainless steel appliances found in the kitchen, and some of them are microwave ovens and refrigerators. Laundry is much more accessible in the units because all the residents are given facilities that will help make this job a breeze for them.

The residents also do not have to worry about feeling comfortable while in their living spaces because the units are already equipped with HVAC systems. They are also cable-ready, and there is WiFi connection available as well. For those who want to take a break from their gadgets, they can just walk up to the oversized windows and enjoy the views where downtown can be seen.

The apartment community offers quick access to elevators. Additionally, there is an emergency maintenance crew waiting to provide service for those who may require help in fixing various things in their units. There is also onsite maintenance, which can be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for the tenants. A manager is always in the area and is ready to assist at whatever time of the day.

The rental prices will depend on the type of unit that will be leased, along with other factors. Regardless of the unit and the amount to be paid, the rent already includes the utility bills as well as heating, hot water, and even cooking.

A 12-month period for leasing is available. It is essential that the renters know pets are not allowed in the area. Additionally, those who would like to apply for affordable housing, some income requirements need to be met first. Also, the affordable units are the studio apartments in which the monthly rental is only $988. This price already includes bills, such as electricity, hot water, and heat.

As for the 11 units that include one-bedroom apartments, these living spaces prefer disabled households. There is wheelchair accessibility in all the units, and they started leasing since December 1st in 2014.

The tower has an ideal location, mainly because it is nearby a medical center and a hospital. It is also just half a mile from public transport, particularly those with wheelchair access. There is also a daycare center near the area as well as several houses of worship. Parks and green spaces, along with swimming pools and tennis lawns are also easy to access from outside the tower.

Communication devices for people who have difficulty in hearing, as well as those who are deaf, are also available within the vicinity. Blind and visually impaired individuals are also provided with accessibility features in the building.

The entire Northampton Square that includes the tower has a total development cost of $321 million. The project is expected to be completed in 2020. The tower at 35 Northampton Street is the tallest and the largest out of all the developments in this much-talked-about square. With its 29 stories, the one that comes close to it just has 24 levels.

The tower’s façade is long the Northampton Street, and it consists mainly of the entrance to the garage and concrete walls. The tower comes with a comprehensive vertical concrete column that hangs on either side of the building. The residents in this tower can get access to the Massachusetts Avenue Commercial Space as well as the South End Fitness Center. The Carter Auditorium is also within reach as these two buildings are right at Northampton Street as well.

As a part of the square, the tower, along with the other properties, will have almost 25,000 square feet of open space that also includes landscaped areas surrounding the site.

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