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The Piano Factory

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791 Tremont St


South End

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Situated off of Mass Ave, the Piano Craft Guild offers countless amenities, and some of these include a sizable theater, a well-equipped laundry room, a courtyard with an extensive garden, a coffee shop and many storage units. Guests are also able to utilize free Wi-Fi and to visit an on-site art gallery.

The Structure's History

The building was constructed during 1899, and the structure contained a busy factory for many years. During the 1970s, the building became an apartment complex. The facility currently has five floors and 177 suites.

High-Quality Features

Many of the units contain walls that consist of historic brick. The especially large windows are surrounded by wooden trim that matches the color of the brick, and some of the floors are made of high-quality bamboo. With a height of more than 10 feet, the ceilings of certain suites are equipped with thick beams that consist of wood.

Each unit features an entirely unique design, and certain suites have numerous levels. Furthermore, some of the apartments are connected to large balconies and lounges that are positioned on the rooftop.

The Kitchens

The kitchens have countertops that are made of granite and cabinets with a particularly modern design. The appliances consist of stainless steel, and most of the devices have been approved by Energy Star.

The Bathrooms

The restrooms of some suites feature vanities with countertops that are made of quartz. The bathrooms also contain certain products that have been manufactured by Symmons. Furthermore, many restrooms feature showerheads and faucets that generate an especially low flow of water.

Recycling Programs

The property management company has placed recycling bins in the suites and the hallways. Some communal rooms also have signs that encourage residents to recycle.

The Lounge and the Coffee Shop

The lobby features an especially modern design, and this sizable space contains a popular cafe. The coffee shop also offers many types of bakery. Guests frequently relax in the well-equipped lounge, which has comfortable couches, a fireplace, an especially sizable television and a pool table. Residents may also visit a second lounge that contains a large amount of computers.

Distinctive Art

The building has an extensive gallery with paintings and drawings that were created by tenants. Every year, the art gallery is displayed during South End Open Studios, which is an event that is typically managed by more than 300 artists.

Visiting the Theater

This facility frequently hosts concerts, plays and comedic events. Guests may give presentations in the theater, and speeches and conferences commonly take place in the facility.

Additional Services

The property management company provides 24/7 assistance for residents. The apartment complex also offers dry cleaning services, and every unit contains a washer and a dryer. Furthermore, the business manages a workshop that may be used by all residents.

Moving Into the Apartment Complex

The structure features a sizable loading dock and a freight elevator. Moreover, the building has another elevator for residents.


Inhabitants may own cats of all types; however, residents with pets will have to pay a monthly fee. Currently, the property management company does not allow guests to have dogs.

The Prices

Generally, the cost of renting a studio is slightly more than $2,250 per month, and the price for a one-bedroom suite is between $2,500 and $2,900. If you lease an apartment with three bedrooms, you will likely pay rent of at least $3,000.

The largest suites have an area of approximately 1,900 square feet. The rent for these apartments is typically more than $3,500. The costs of utilities are usually included in the monthly price.

Paying Rent and Learning Vital Information

Residents are able to make payments on the apartment complex's website. The property management company also lets tenants use software that was created by BuildingLink, and this program provides notifications about the property, copies of documents and a schedule of events.

Choosing a Suite

For up to the minute availability in the apartment complex, fill out the form above. You will also be able to view many photographs and analyze the floor plans of the apartments.

Stylish Loft Apartments at The Piano Factory

The Piano Factory, which is more known as the Piano Craft Guild, is located in the Boston neighborhood called South End, precisely at 791 Tremont Street. The building features a few studio apartments, along with one to three bedroom units. Some of the units have one bathroom, but there are some that include up to three baths. Some apartments measure almost 2,000 square feet, and each of them accepts pets. Unfortunately, there is no parking area for the residents, although it does not stop the residents from choosing this place over the other developments in the neighborhood.

The Craft Guild building is just a few minutes away from the world-famous theater and music stage. It is also where you can find diverse dining options as well as superb shopping centers. The Fenway Park is also right around the corner, which some people may have already dubbed as the favorite ballpark of America.

The apartments offer spacious areas for living with modern amenities despite the history-rich building. All the units are complete with convenience, comfort, and security of the residents in mind. Additionally, all the lofts and the apartments are designed to be unique, unlike the other developments that will make you feel like you have the same space as the rest of the residents in the building.

In this property, you will find that the apartment units are different from one another, which provides the renters a varied way of experiencing how it is like to live in the city of Boston – as if they have built the unit for themselves. Plus, the rentals are generally expansive and open with vast spaces for additional items and belongings that the owners would like to add. The rental apartments look like studio apartments but with more class.

The units are not always available though. In fact, it is hard to find an open slot because many people are on the waiting list. If you have set your eyes on this apartment, you should be able to follow the openings so that you can automatically be informed of the availability of the units.

The rental prices will, of course, depend on the unit you would like to lease. The studio apartments are almost always full because they provide more space and convenience. Plus, they are also the cheapest choice available in the building. One of the studios that offer a lot of space for the potential resident is priced at $2,700 per month.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a one bedroom and one bath unit, you will not be disappointed with the choices in this property. They have at least 25 units that are open for lease, and most of them are priced just right. The cost begins at $2,400 for the smallest sized unit. For those who want two beds and one bath, there are more than ten choices available, and the rental prices begin at $2,900. If you have a growing family or you want more space than just two beds, you can check out the three beds and two baths in the property, which can cost you $4,700 per month in rent.

Note that the mentioned prices, as well as the floor plan availability, are subject to change. You may want to contact a representative of the building to get the accurate information regarding the units that are currently up for lease.

If you choose this building as your next home, you will be glad to know that there are significant features in each unit and the whole apartment community that wait for you. Among them is quick and easy elevator access that is open to everyone in the building. You can get to your unit or go to any floor without too much hassle.

There is also a gym on site, which is helpful for those who are new to the area and do not want to look for a gym where they can be a member. You also do not have to go out of the property since this particular fitness center is right in the guild building itself. For your online browsing needs, the property offers free Internet to all the residents in the area.

The development also includes a pool as well as a laundry facility onsite, which you will share with the other tenants. If you are a pet owner, you will also be pleased to know that both cats and dogs are accepted. Dogs, on the other hand, have size restrictions but all small dogs are allowed.

In 2014, the Piano Craft Gallery merged with the guild so that the lovers of art will not find it difficult to look for what they want to see. The gallery opened in May of the mentioned year in which the Portraits of Boston featuring street photography of a famed artist was the highlight of the event. The gallery is right at the building itself in 793 Tremont Street. The entrance to this particular art gallery is to the left of the property’s main entrance.

The building has been around since 1972, which is also the year when it was established. It is one of the most important art spaces in the state as well as in the country. Aside from holding arts, there were also concerts and conferences that took place in the building. Even today, these events still happen, and some artists take up residency in the guild building. Most of them rent a bigger space, including a two to three bedroom unit, in which the additional space is used as their studio.

The combination of the gallery and the guild building is actually a result of the collaboration between the owner of the property and the Boston Redevelopment Authority, along with the community leaders. This partnership has been going on for more than 20 years now, and they aim to provide an affordable space for the artists who would like to showcase their talents. The people who would want to witness the works of the pros can take advantage of the opportunity anytime they wish for free.

As for the units, there are kitchens, just like with the other apartments in the area, along with a property management company that is always ready to assist the residents 24/7. Paying the rent should no longer be a problem, even for the busiest persons because they can set up an account with the property and enroll their credit card for automatic payments.

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