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50 West Broadway

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50 West Broadway


South Boston

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As one of South Boston's premier apartment communities, 50 West Broadway offers many amenities in a sleek, sophisticated package. This smoke-free community promotes an environmentally friendly outlook. Additionally, many modern features are easy to find in this state-of-the-art building.

Each kitchen at 50 West Broadway is stocked with a granite breakfast bar, perfect for dining on an early meal. The kitchens also offer stainless finish appliances that are modern and ready for use. Granite countertops also add to the elegance of the room. Each appliance in the gourmet kitchen is energy efficient.

Bathrooms in each unit at 50WB offer dual flush toilets, an eco-friendly choice. Some of these units also offer bamboo flooring, a rare luxury in many South Boston apartments. Additionally, 50WB offers large bedrooms with abundant closet space. Studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom options are available.

Every unit is ready to be hooked up to cable television and Internet. A washer and dryer are available in each unit, but that is not the most spectacular offering in each apartment. 50 West Broadway also offers windows that stand floor-to-window, offering gorgeous views of the surroundings. These windows are all energy efficient by allowing in natural light whenever possible. All of this is in addition to 9-foot tall ceilings.

Residents at 50 West Broadway enjoy access to a 24-hour fitness center full of cardio and strength training equipment. The Wi-Fi Cafe also offers a place to work or simply browse the web. The clubroom offers complimentary Wi-Fi and television. The ground's private 9,000-square foot courtyard offers recreational activities, including a bocce ball court and a putting green.

50WB is a pet-friendly community that welcomes dogs and cats. Garage parking is available for the building's residents, and bicycle storage areas are also available. Residents also have access to Emerald Dry Cleaning services. Emergency maintenance is also available 24-hours a day. In fact, the award-winning management team is praised for its efficiency. Some utilities are included in the rent, including electricity and gas. Ultimately, this smoke-free apartment building is designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. With so many different amenities to enjoy, it makes sense that South Boston residents consider 50WB first.

Details about the 50 West Broadway Development in South Boston

Everyone wants to live in a clean place that promotes not only the beauty of the surroundings but also the importance of good health. The development known as 50 West Broadway is more than just your typical apartment. It offers a beautifully-designed building that is packed with amenities that health buffs and those who want to start committing to a healthy lifestyle will love.

The building is for those who wish to live in an area that is entirely smoke-free. It was planned at the time when South Boston was still considered up and coming. The development is engineered to meet the requirements of the residents and has efficiency in mind. Style and comfort are guaranteed to anyone who wants to call 50WB their home.

An Overview of What the Property Offers

Aside from making sure the whole building is 100% smoke-free, it also comes with a spacious fitness center where the residents can take some time off of their hectic schedules and exercise. There are yoga classes as well and other fitness instructors who can be contacted to start a healthier path than before. The fitness room is open for 24 hours, and the residents can access it anytime.

Additionally, the security of the residents is one of the priorities in the building. If there are any issues or complaints, a round-the-clock team of professionals is always ready to respond to emergency situations. Every floor in the building promotes recycling, and there is also a community room where TV and WiFi are available. It is a favorite spot for the residents since they get to hang out with the other people in the building.

Apart from the mentioned amenities, there is also storage for bikes and an outdoor courtyard for some of the units in the property. Speaking of the units, each of them has ample space for living. All the apartments have oversized closets and tall ceilings that tower almost ten feet in height. The massive area is partnered with enormous windows to let more natural light indoors.

The list of amenities does not stop here as there are also energy-efficient kitchens, private patios for some of the units, and en-suite laundry. For anyone who has a pet, the property allows the residents to let the animals live with them, but there are a few simple restrictions, including the breed.

This property is just a few minutes from the Red Line stop and offers quick and direct access to the highway.

Short Info on the History of the Development

The locals in South Boston were mostly happy with the project. In fact, during the meeting for the proposal, the residents greeted the ideas for the residential development with enthusiasm. It was almost a stress-free night until parking became the subject of the conference.

The proposal was for the building located at 22-26 West Broadway. The residents liked the design and even the addition of ground-floor retail space. They did not oppose anything else aside from the parking issue because they believed it was not enough space.

It was estimated that the project would amount to $13 million and the proposal included a six-story building that would have 31 units for rent. Unfortunately, it would only have seven parking spaces within the building. There would be 12 more, also for lease, in a garage at 50 WB. The developers defended their idea by saying that the lot has a unique shape so it would be impossible for them to add more spaces.

Although there were many people against the lack of parking, some were also happy about it. In fact, some residents believed the issue was not that bad, especially compared to the other walkable areas in the city.

The Property Today

In 2008, groundbreaking for the project commenced. What was first thought to be a small development turned out to be a huge one when the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the proposal. The property amounted to $61 million and became a luxury condo with over 150 parking spaces. The building is now one of the giant ones in the South Boston neighborhood.

The city officials and the developers attended the groundbreaking ceremony to start the construction of the project officially. Today, it is a transit-oriented property just nearby the Broadway MBTA station and houses almost 140 residential units. Some of the units are studio apartments while the one and two bedroom units are designed like townhouses.

As for the rental prices, they vary depending on the floor plan of the unit. However, they range from $1,800 up to $3,600. Although the units and the building itself are considered luxurious, the prices are quite affordable, especially if you compare it to the other developments in the nearby areas.

The building was formerly the site of the Cardinal Cushing High School that closed in 1992. Since then, the place was underutilized until the developers stepped in. Today, 20% of the apartments are deemed affordable, and there is a total of 3,500 square feet of space for ground-floor retail. New open space also exists and measures 9,000 square feet.

The six-story building was funded by the development authority of the state, along with the developers. The location of the property is also quite convenient for the residents, and the goal of this residential building is to improve the traffic in this part of South Boston.

Many of the units were leased right away when the construction finished. Today, some of the renters have moved out, but there is always a limited spot for new residents. Every year, an opportunity opens for a new lessee to enjoy hardwood flooring in the living spaces, along with extensive walk-in closets and track lighting.

The future residents of the available units are granted access to the 24-hour fitness center that comes with equipment for strength and cardio training. Meanwhile, a few of the units have a private courtyard with a turf strip, which is a great spot for golfers or those interested in a game of bocce.

Some units allow up to two pets, but they have additional rental fees of $35 and $60 for cats and dogs respectively. Other amenities that the residents will surely love include washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher, garbage disposal, elevator, and stunning views of the city. Kitchens have stainless steel appliances, and parking is in a covered space. All units have air conditioning systems and are cable TV ready.

A manager and other staff members of the apartment are always on the property to take care of problems if they arise. For those who work in the city, this is an excellent place to consider.

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