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The Factory at 46 Wareham

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46 Wareham Street


South End

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Boston's South End has seen a boom in development in the last several years. Things have reached a fever pitch of late, and the completion of The Factory at 46 Wareham, a highly anticipated new luxury loft/apartment development, is a prime example. The new development isn't slated to open its doors until the Fall of 2016, but people are already eagerly waiting for the day when units become available for rent. If you're interested in securing a spacious apartment in what's sure to become one of the hottest addresses in SoWa -- Boston's South of Washington neighborhood - Boston City Properties can help.

What We Know About The Factory at 46 Wareham

Despite all the buzz about the new development, very few details have been released so far. However, the team at Boston City Properties constantly stays abreast of the latest news about the new luxury apartment community, so you can count on us for the most up-to-date information. The developer has released the basic construction plans, and construction is beginning, but specific information about the kinds of amenities that will be offered hasn't been made available to the public yet.

For many years, 46 Wareham Street was the site of a warehouse. If you've been in Boston for a while, you know how popular it is for old buildings -- warehouses, in particular -- to be renovated and repurposed into trendy loft-style apartments and condos. The developer starting laying the groundwork for the new community a few years ago, and the plan was always to transform the spacious yet old warehouse into an upscale residential building. However, it was unclear for a while whether the building would offer apartments or condos. Now that specific details about the layout of the building have been released, we can confirm that the building will be made up of 42 apartment homes.

The six-story, 62,215-square-foot building that will house The Factory at 46 Wareham is slated to be made up of 42 distinct residential units. Boston City Properties has even more information, so you can start making plans as early as possible. According to the developer, there will be 23 one-bedroom loft-style apartments, 17 two-bedroom apartments and two three-bedroom units. One-bedroom units will offer around 780 square feet of space. Two-bedroom apartments will offer around 1,150 square feet of space, and three-bedroom units will offer more than 1,500 square feet. It is not clear yet whether the larger apartments will have two or more baths, but it's safe to assume this will be the case.

About the Building

As scant as details regarding The Factory at 46 Wareham may be, Boston City Properties has already compiled a lot of information about the upcoming luxury apartment development. The 19th-century warehouse is being completely transformed. At least two facades are being entirely revamped, but the developer is taking steps to preserve as many attractive historical details as possible. Presumably, apartment homes will retain many of these features too. Throughout most of its history, the building was four stories high. Once the work is complete, however, it will rise nearly 70 feet up and will include six stories.

The Factory at 46 Wareham is slated to be a part of a mixed-use building. As such, the lower level -- or street level -- will be made up of retail establishments. Plans also call for an art gallery or two to be included on the main floor, so residents of the development will have easy access to locally made works of art. The presence of an art gallery in the building will also raise its overall value and should keep it at the front of the action.


No official word has been made yet regarding the kinds of amenities that residents of The Factory at 46 Wareham will enjoy. However, based on what's happening at similar developments in the South End and elsewhere in the city, Boston City Properties can make some educated guesses. First, it appears that the roof of the building is slated to be largely flat and empty. This leaves open the possibility of a rooftop deck or terrace, which are both popular additions to other desirable apartment communities in the city. Such terraces sometimes strictly offer a small area for people to take in the view, but others include comfortable seating, lounge areas, pools, bars, outdoor kitchens and more.

Given that nearly every luxury apartment development in Boston has its own fitness center, there's little doubt that The Factory at 46 Wareham will have one too. It's also safe to assume that there will be some sort of Wi-Fi lounge or cafe for residents to enjoy.

The Factory at 46 Wareham will definitely offer garage parking for residents. The developer's plans show a basement level that includes an underground parking garage. The garage is expected to have upwards of 50 parking spaces, which means there would be at least one space available per unit. Whether these spaces will be included with the monthly rent or cost extra is unknown at this time.

If you have pets, you will have to stay tuned to find out what kind of pet policy The Factory at 46 Wareham will have. The vast majority of upscale apartment developments in Boston accept pets. More accept cats than accept dogs, but several properties cater extensively to dog owners. If pets are allowed, chances are that extra pet rent will apply.

Stay Up to Date on The Factory at 46 Wareham with Boston City Properties

It may be a while before The Factory at 46 Wareham "opens for business," but it's never too soon to start preparing for a new luxury apartment home in Boston's trendy South End. Units here are sure to be leased quickly, so it's crucial to stay in the loop about this upcoming development. Boston City Properties is the best source for information about The Factory at 46 Wareham, so check back often or get in touch with us today to learn more.

The Factory at 46 Wareham: Know What the Buzz is About

By the time the Factory at 46 Wareham was announced, many people had started talking about it. From the media to the residents in South End neighborhood, the lofts have been a hot topic ever since the beginning. The developers’ proposal for this project was approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority in 2015 and just a few months after, its construction phase started.

The building is located precisely at the street address in the project’s name and takes 16,555 square feet of land. The size of the building is 64,530 square feet and will remain the same despite the revisions to the project. The property was scheduled to be completed last 2017, but due to the changes requested by the authorities, it is still under construction right now.

The overall floor area of the building remains unchanged, while the revisions included the removal of about half of the commercial or office space. Initially, the project was a mixed-use building that would have retail and office space, along with the residential units. However, the modifications led to the addition of almost 20 residential units. The remaining half of the retail or office space will still be on the property.

The Origin of the Project

In 2014, the developers expressed their willingness to renovate the existing warehouse with the addition of a new building, which was to be integrated with the current one. In the first proposal, the developers mentioned including 45 residential units, which would be complemented with almost 10,000 square feet of an art gallery, along with accessory parking and office space.

When the proposal was submitted, the authorities required all the latest buildings to conform to the new climate change policies. Updates were made to the procedures in 2011, and in 2013, new construction, including the factory should be prepared for the changes. In response to the modifications, the developers chose wood frame as the principal type of construction material for the project over concrete, masonry, and steel frame.

The developers described the building to have a total site area of 16,752 square feet, while the building area is 62,215 square feet. The height of the building was expected to reach 69 feet and nine inches with seven stories. The first-floor elevation for the construction of the base of Boston City is 17.25 feet. The plan was to have one below-grade space in the property, which would be used for parking.

The developers also aimed for the building to be LEED certified and expected for the property to have at least 50 years despite extreme weather conditions. They also planned to have a high-performance HVAC equipment, lighting and controls, building envelop, and EnergyStar appliances to help in reducing the energy consumption in the area.

Changes in the Plans

Just this 2016 in July, the developers had to submit a Notice of Project Change or NPC to the authorities under the Boston Zoning Code. The project was already approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority on April 16, 2015, after reviewing the elements of the proposal.

In the approved version of the proposal, the project will have a total of four floors that would be used for office or commercial space, and it would also include a street level restaurant or retail use. There would also be two floors that would comprise of a total of 16 residential units, which would stay at the top levels of the property. Two affordable units for artists where they could live and work were supposed to be built as well. This part of the proposal was in according to the Inclusionary Development Policy of the city.

Three stories were supposed to be added to the construction, which would expand the current three-story building at that time, along with the underground parking garage. The garage would have its automated parking system. All in all, the building would have six stories that would rise almost 70 feet in height.

In 2015, it was decided that the residential component should be eliminated because of the strong demand for commercial and office spaces at that time. Therefore, the building would become a complete commercial property, although the authorities did not require zoning relief since the proposal mentioned that the top two floors of the building would become an “allowed use” from a “conditional use.”

The BRA approved of the changes in August of the same year. However, one year later, the developers decided once again to make further modifications, but most of it would resemble the original project, which was approved back in 2015.

In the new proposal, the building will still be of mixed-use and will comprise of 32,875 square feet for the commercial retail space. It means that the building will remain to have 51% of the business or office space. However, the addition of 18 units for residential use is indeed a big change as it indicates that the building will be comprised of 49% rental units.

The gross floor area, which is 64,530 square feet, will remain and the residential units were already approved back in the original proposal. Therefore, the developers did not have to seek new acceptance and review from the Board. However, the residential units will be up for rent yet there will be new condos that will be for sale for ownership.

The proposed change will mean a decrease of about 20% decrease in retail space while increasing the residential area up to 20% as well. The developers believed that the modification is necessary based on the conditions they have discovered during the stage of construction. One crucial factor included the repair and preservation of the masonry walls of the current warehouse. The existing foundation was found to have worse conditions that initially thought.

The structural issues caused the increase in costs of the construction as well as delays to the timeline of the project. Additionally, the prospective tenants were lost because of the late occupancy date. Turning to residential can help the developers mitigate their losses, especially since many people are heading to Boston to look for housing.

Amenities of the Building and Units

Today, the factory is still under construction, but when finished, it will include 18 luxury condo units. There will also be ground floor retail, along with two floors for office use. The residents can have a space for their vehicles in the spacious garage that can accommodate up to 66 cars. An art gallery is also available for the local artists.

The units in the building will vary from two to three bedroom condominiums, along with a penthouse. Like the original proposal, it will have a total of six stories but will be as high as 87 feet.

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