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35 Northampton Street


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Northampton Square is a high-rise apartment complex located in the South End of Boston in the Roxbury neighborhood. This residential apartment community presently consists of an impressive 29-story building on Northampton Street and a 12-story building located on Harrison Avenue. Eventually, the entire Northampton Square project will also include a new 24-story residential tower located at the corner of Albany Street and Northampton Street. Once complete, the Northampton Square project will provide a total of 550 apartment rental units with 360 homes considered as affordable housing.

With the Boston Medical Center and the Boston University Medical Campus only a block away, the original residential complex was built between 1969 and 1973 as housing for the Boston City Hospital School of Nursing, In December of 2010, Trinity Financial was chosen to redevelop and renovate the original two locations. The renovation of the 35 Northampton Street tower has created 245 apartments which are a mix of studio apartments and one bedroom homes.

The Harrison Avenue Tower consists of 102 apartments with a combination of 54 studio apartments, 22 one bedroom units and 26 two bedroom homes. On top of that, a lovely 2,700 square foot connecting entrance for both towers offers one entry point for both residential towers along with a welcoming lobby, the management office and a community mailroom.

Some attractive features of Northampton Square apartments include modern kitchen facilities, unique Lo-Flow plumbing fixtures and energy efficient windows. In addition, utilities such as electricity and heating are included in the rental price and laundry facilities are available for all the residents.

While there is a "no pet" policy in place at Northampton Square, service animals may be allowed. Also, some of the apartment homes have wheelchair accessibility and both of the Northampton Square residential towers have convenient elevators.

With a sizable number of rental units, a well-trained maintenance staff is necessary. Moreover, the residential towers have an on-call 24-hour/7 day a week maintenance service to handle any emergency calls or maintenance issues.

Excellent access to public transportation is another appealing benefit to renting one of these apartments. Whether people need to take the MBTA for work, school, visiting friends or enjoying Boston's many attractions, the close proximity of public transportation makes traveling simpler.

With its prime location in Boston's South End and the design of the high rise towers, most of the apartment homes of Northampton Square offer remarkable city views. With upgraded kitchens, entertaining family and friends can turn into a simple yet luxurious event.

Facts and Features of the Northampton Square

Northampton Square is yet another development in the South End neighborhood of Boston. It is located specifically at 860 Harrison Avenue with a building size of more than 371,000 square feet. The high rise has 313 residential units and comes as a mixed-use building as it also offers some spaces for offices.

The proposal for this project called for the rehabilitation of the current building where 102 units were already up for rent. In its place, a new tower will be built to house a total of 211 units, which will be located at the corner of Northampton and Albany Streets. Its letter of intent was presented to the authorities and later on, the proposal was approved. It gave way to the construction of the property, which is now available for lease.

This project has a budget of $150 million, and the tower has 23 stories. The construction began on July 15th last 2014 and two years later; the additional building was completed. It is still under construction, but most of the parts are already up and running. Today, many residents in the property enjoy how it is like to be in a modern living space.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority accepted the proposal for this project, which is situated in South End’s Roxbury. There are two buildings here today with the first one that was renovated. It has 12 stories and contains 102 units, and beside it, you will also see the 23-story building with over 200 residential units.

When the 12-story midrise building was renovated, it gave way to more amenities on the property. There are now elevator systems, oversized windows, updated electrical systems, and an exterior façade that has been improved to make the building more appealing, especially for the younger generation.

The roofing of the existing building was also strengthened during the renovation, and more additions, such as new kitchens, laundry rooms, and trash chutes were also included in the revamping of the building. Meanwhile, the high rise, which is the new building, has 211 residential units. It is a mixed-use property as it also offers a total of 40,000 square feet of space, which is designed primarily for offices.

The complex also has its own offices of some establishments and businesses, including the South End Fitness Center, BHCC, and the Carter Auditorium. As for parking, the residents will not have a problem with it because there is ample space for all of them. In fact, the parking garage can accommodate up to 538 vehicles in a covered area.

The Plan for the Square

In October of 2013, the developers of the project submitted their proposal to the Boston Redevelopment Authority about their plan for the 3.59-acre site. The entire property is situated within the block of the city at Northampton Street, Massachusetts Avenue, Albany Street, and Harrison Avenue in Boston, Suffolk County.

According to the proposal, the developers wanted to have a 23-story building, along with the existing properties at the site and they would be interlinked in the area. A total of nine buildings are on the superblock enclosed by the mentioned streets and avenues.

First was the Albany Tower, which will be at the corner of Northampton and Albany Streets. Here, the proposed design wanted to complement the existing composition of the surrounding buildings from the density to the height. The plan was to have a total area of 274,857 square feet. The tower will be approximately 255 feet tall, which means that it is lower than the other existing towers, particularly the one at 35 Northampton Street. The height restriction is for it to be consistent with the developments that are approved by the Boston Medical Center.

The second tower consists of the Harrison Tower located at 860 Harrison Avenue, which has 12 stories and a total area of 96,546 square feet. It will have concrete walls with floor-height windows, and the upper levels of the building will have a mix of concrete spans and glass windows. This building features several balconies, particularly on the upper floors.

Meanwhile, the Northampton Tower, which is at 35 Northampton Street, was set to feature 29 stories with a total area of 164,937 square feet. It will face the street where it got its name and will consist mainly of blank walls of concrete as well as a garage entrance. The upper levels will have the residential units, which will stand out because of the walls and the glass windows.

One building connector was also planned by the developers in which it would have one story only and will run between Northampton Street and Harrison Avenue. The floor area was only 1,857 square feet. This part of the plan is not included during the construction process.

The five-story building is called the Miranda Creamer, which is designed for the offices. Supposedly, the structure would have measured over 51,000 square feet, but it was later reduced to 40,000 SF. As for the parking garage, the plan was to have 537 spaces, which would be surrounded by the buildings on all its sides except the ones along the Northampton Street. The roof of the garage was landscaped as planned with plantings, trees, and gardens.

In the neighborhood, there is a two-story store, which runs along Massachusetts Avenue and it was designed primarily for commercial space. The Carter Auditorium and the South End Fitness Center are a part of a multi-level building right at the Northampton Street. This building is 60 feet high, which was like how it was planned by the developers.

The Square Today and In the Future

The high rise apartment’s official address is at 35 Northampton Street where the 29-story building stands. The 12-story building that started it all is situated at Harrison Avenue. There is a new part of the project that is currently under construction, and it will add 24 stories to the total number, and it is found at the corner of Northampton and Albany Streets. As soon as the whole project is completed, there will be 550 apartments on the property with 360 of them deemed as affordable.

The Boston Medical Center, as well as the Boston University Medical Campus, is just one block away from the residential tower. The original complex has been around as early as 1969 and served as the place for the Boston City Hospital School of Nursing.

These days, the apartments at the square come with modern facilities, especially the kitchens where there are stainless steel appliances and elegant plumbing fixtures. The windows have been converted to energy-efficient ones, and all the units are connected to laundry amenities. The property does not accept pets, but service animals are welcome. Rent includes both heating and electricity, which can be convenient for the residents in the apartments.

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