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The Benefits of Using a Boston Apartment Broker

In the world of apartment rentals, the law of supply and demand plays a critical role. In cities where the supply of apartments is higher than the demand, finding a rental is easy. For example, in other American cities, the Sunday newspaper and a telephone is about all that is required to compile an impressive list of possibilities. In Boston, apartment seekers face a very different situation.

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Real estate agents often evaluate the ratio of supply to demand by examining the occupancy rate. If every apartment in the city is available, the occupancy rate would be 0 percent; if every apartment is rented, the occupancy rate would be 100 percent. Boston apartment occupancy rates typically range between 97.7 to 99.3 percent, depending on the time of year and neighborhood.

With so few apartments available, potential renters sometimes feel that they are on a never-ending journey. They read an ad in the newspaper and respond immediately, only to discover that the apartment was just rented. The bedroom in the "spacious flat" turns out to be eight feet by nine feet. The fitness room at the complex contains little more than a stationary bike and a treadmill. This frustrating, energy draining quest can continue for weeks, consuming all of the apartment seeker's "free time."

When the apartment rental market is tight -- as it is in Boston -- enlisting the services of an apartment broker can simplify the search for a great apartment.

In Boston, the rental apartment market moves very fast. Vacant apartments do not stay empty for long. Brokers often get first notice of available units. In turn, they can notify their clients that a terrific apartment has just become available before the complex can have an ad printed in the newspaper.

Brokers know the properties, and they can match available apartments to clients' preferences. For example, if a client an amateur competitive swimmer, the broker knows which properties have Olympic-sized pools. If the client is a gourmet cook, units that have limited workspace in the kitchen may go to the end of the list. This knowledge extends to the different neighborhoods, each of which has its own "personality," charm and drawbacks. Therefore, a broker can be a valuable source of information on the different areas, which can be especially important for those who might be new to Boston.

Each apartment complex can have different rules. One property might not allow pets or may restrict the size of dogs permitted, while another complex might be much more pet-friendly. Brokers know the rules at each complex and can recommend only those that have policies that match the client's needs. Visit our page on pet friendly apartments for more information on developments that allow pets.

Some of the apartments in Boston are not offered directly to the public -- owners choose to rent only through brokers. This means that, without a broker, apartment seekers will likely never know when a unit becomes available in a particular complex or building.

Some apartments may or may not have a broker fee for tenants. Many listings we have usually have a broker fee equal to one month's rent. We also have no fee listings, and refer to our no fee apartments page for a list of current apartments with no broker fee

Finding a great apartment in Boston to rent is much more difficult without an experienced broker. The MLS statistics for the years 2010 through 2014 have shown that Boston City Properties is #1 in Massachusetts for the volume of apartment rentals. We are a top real estate agency in Boston, and we are ready to help you find the best apartment for your needs. Contact us today to learn about rental apartments that are currently available.