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Pet Friendly Apartments

Anyone who has looked for a pet-friendly apartment in Boston knows that these units are hard to come by. It takes diligence to find a living space that allows a wide range of pets. Many apartments in Boston have restrictions on the number, size and types of pets you can keep.

We have dog & and cat friendly listings in literally every neighborhood in the Downtown Boston area. Click the link below to search 100's of up to the minute apartments that meet your criteria.

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Tips for Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

Pets are part of the family, and the thought of having to give one up when moving can be heartbreaking. With that in mind, it's important to cover all the bases when looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Boston. Try these tips to simplify your search:

  1. Exclude all "no pets" listings from your apartment hunt. Ask those listed as pet-friendly what kinds of pets they accept to make sure you can bring your furry friend.
  2. Use every resource that you can. Searching online helps to narrow down the selection while working one-on-one with a realtor can take some of the pressure off you as you search. Choose a rental agent who also loves animals! They will be sympathetic to your difficulties and more likely to put in the effort necessary to find an apartment that meets your needs.
  3. When you find a prospective apartment, be up front with the landlord about your pets. Tell them the number, breed and size of the pets that you have. If necessary, arrange a time to have the landlord meet your pet or pets in person. This can help diffuse any reservations about having your pet living in the apartment complex by showing your pet's disposition and how well he or she listens to you.
  4. Come prepared with a letter of reference from your vet showing that your pet's medical needs are up to date and including a record of any training your pet has had. It's also a good idea to have some reference letters for yourself from previous landlords to affirm that you take good care of your pets and that they're well-behaved. Your status as a responsible pet owner can be a good selling point, as it shows that you're on the ball with important details. Responsibility is a key trait of a good renter and will make your landlord less skittish about letting an apartment to someone with a pet.

Pet Friendly Living Spaces in Boston

Fortunately, you can find many pet-friendly apartments in the Boston area. There are options in every neighborhood for a nice place for you and your best four-legged friend to settle down. Colonnade Residences, One Back Bay and Mezzo Design Lofts are just a few of the upscale, comfortable complexes where you can take your pets.

When looking at pet-friendly condos, be sure to check if pet accommodations cost more. Some complexes require an extra fee and have no restriction on breed or weight. Others have restrictions and fees, while certain condos have restrictions with no fees. The key to finding just the right living space is to do your homework and make sure that Fido or Fluffy will be welcomed by your prospective landlord and your neighbors. Ironing out all the details beforehand ensures that you and your pet will be happy in your new apartment and able to enjoy all that Boston has to offer.