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3, 7, 11 & 15 Carol Avenue



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Renowned for its immaculate common areas and outstanding apartment homes, Carol Avenue offers fine rental units to meet many different needs. This Brighton, MA, community, which consists of 3, 7, 11 and 15 Carol Avenue, has the desirable amenities and updated apartments that discerning residents are searching for.

Choose from among several one- and two-bedroom units for lease and enjoy newly renovated apartment homes. These floorplans feature hardwood flooring and modern kitchens with a full range of appliances including garbage disposals, dishwashers, ranges, microwaves and refrigerators. Each rental unit is cable ready so that residents can get their TV and high speed Internet hooked up right away after they move in. The on-site, fully automated laundry room means that residents do not have to travel to the local laundromat when it is time to do the chores. Water, sewer, and trash removal are all included in the monthly rent, and there is designated parking available for an affordable extra fee.

One of the most prized features of these Carol Avenue apartments in Brighton is the fact that these rental units include balconies from which residents can enjoy a view of the neighborhood. When residents want to enjoy comfortable temperatures and good airflow inside, all they need to do is turn on the ceiling fans that are included in every unit.

Brighton residents must act quickly in order to secure a Carol Avenue apartment, for when one comes up for lease, it is sure to be snapped up almost immediately. Stay up to date on the Carol Avenue rental community by filling out the form on this page for Today's Availability List, which will also give prospective renters additional information about this development such as floorplans, photos and virtual tours.

If you are moving to or from the city of Boston, pack your bags and relocate to the Carol Avenue apartments. This address provides a distinguished residence for busy renters. One and two bedroom flats are available for rent at this Washington Street location for those with a taste for quality living.

This is a perfect locality for on the go individuals. It takes time to drive into the city and more time to find parking. Those with an apartment in this building can practically skip out the door and be in the city in no time.

Each season offers a different mood in the city with shopping and events that draw business and entertainment to the city. With an apartment in one of the main areas of activity, you will be in the center of Boston activity. Get together with friends and enjoy the best the city has to offer while living only steps from home.

This building combines simplicity and luxury. Tenants may go for days without thinking about the things offered in a rental. Yet, when they are needed, or not there at all, they matter a great deal, this is why it is important to choose the right location.

These residences provide heat and hot water for tenants and collect a small charge for off parking privileges. The kitchens are newly tiled, with fresh appliances throughout. Apartments have the Internet to accommodate guest so going to internet cafes is a choice, not a necessity.

The bathrooms in the apartment facility are revitalized with decorative tile and stainless fixtures. It is easy to love the fresh look of thee apartments. The floors give a homey look and each one can be transformed into a personal space. Use rugs, lamps, and pillows to transform one of these lovely apartments into a home.

Whether you work, study, or entertain, you will find these apartments a great place to live. Bright overhead lighting is only one of the amenities that make these apartments so appealing to tenants. Comfortable bedrooms, sunny windows, and clean well-designed atmosphere helps to make tenants feel welcome.

When searching for an apartment it is easy to get confused. The wonder, which should I take. They are all so nice. Fortunately, this building stands out as it blends into the motion of the city and there are so many floor plans to choose. Rental agents are more than happy to assist you with your rental needs.

Finding a home takes time. This is something many people do not have. Work, school, or business travel takes up many waking hours. Therefore, when you have great apartments to look at, the search is easier.

Accepting mediocrity is tempting when you are busy. Therefore, once a distinguished property is presented, there is no question of which building sets the standards for your residential living experience.

Searching the listings of apartment magazines may lead you to hundreds of properties. However, if you make these apartments your first top you will not be disappointed. You will find a great location and facilities that will make your stay more than amicable.

The innovative designers of this apartment have thought of practically everything. If you are a pet lover you will find cats are allowed in this building. No outside laundry required. Tenants could do laundry onsite at the laundry located on premises.

The lease for this residential building last 12 months, conveniently providing a once a year renewal, transform your living environment by stepping up to convenient luxury.

Home construction that meets the needs of homebuyers in the area is limited.

However, these apartments are more than enough to cover some tenants searching for a nice place to live. In addition, look at floor plan before renting. This helps tenants decide on exactly how much apartment they need. Visualize your furnishings in the apartment or future purchases.

The apartment is on the main route of Boston transportation, the Brookline. Close to shopping and eateries, this building is within easy reach of dozen of Boston’s important services.

Many buildings look good but never live up to the hype. The maintenance crew looks after this location 24 hour a day. It is well lighted with floors, cabinetry, and appliances that are pristine.

This apartment has the location, amenities, and efficiency an apartment dweller needs. Move into one of the city’s finest residences by making a phone call or go online. This is a practical solution to living with an upscale twist.

From this building, you may only be a short walk home from school or work. Some prefer to bike. With this location, transportation expense practically does not exist. Think of the money you will save on petrol.

After visiting, other places this unit will stand out from the rest. Smart people are not waiting around. They are renting these apartments quickly.

There are so many details a renter thinks about when looking for an apartment. It is good to know that the rental property has given each detail of the property careful thought. This helps a tenant find the comfortable surrounding s they desire.

No matter how hard you look, it will be very difficult to find something better in an apartment building. Owners have gone to extensive effort to create a setting that is not only a beautiful place to live but also a home. Absorb the atmosphere of a lovely apartment. Hardwood flooring is a precious amenity in any home.

When making the decision to rent an apartment every little detail is taken into consideration, the located, the reputation of an owner and how they treat tenants, the condition of the building, what it has to offer for the money and the cost of services.

Fortunately, this rental company understands and addresses your concerns long before you step into the door, customers given the best in consideration. This is obvious when you look at the property. Therefore, when in search of a great residence this is one to place at the top of your list for a serious look.

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