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Alden Park offers beautiful apartments located in a great neighborhood. There are 37 residences in this building. Available in one and two-bedroom floorplans. Units feature air conditioning, cable ready, and carpeting. Extra storage available. Assigned parking for residents. Community amenities include on-site maintenance. Laundry facilities available. Heat and hot water included. No pets allowed.

For those looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live in Norwood, Massachusetts, Alden Park stands out as an excellent option. This property, which was originally built in 1966, has a thriving community, excellent living spaces in 37 apartments, and a convenient location.

All of this on top of being located in beautiful Norwood, Mass, which is a part of the Greater Boston area, Norwood is also the site of a plethora of interesting historical sites due to the fact that the town has a history that dates back to 1672. As a result, tenants that opt to live at this property will have access to a beautiful town with a lot of history and culture.

In addition to this, the town also has plenty of retail and dining options to select from. For those looking to do a little shopping, there are several retail opportunities that include a Kohl's, a Super Wal-Mart, and Savers. Additionally, the area also hosts the Norwood Shopping Center and Norwood Plaza, which have plenty of options for anyone looking for a retail opportunity.

When it comes to dining, there are also more than a few eateries in which to have a delicious meal. These include Conrad's Restaurant, Olivadi Restaurant and Bar, and Café Venice. There are also options for lighter fare, so if residents are looking for fast food, places like Subway and Taco Bell are all within range of the apartments.

Grocery shopping is crucial, so the fact that this area of Norwood has its share of grocers makes it a very convenient place to live. Places like Shaw's and the aforementioned Super Wal-Mart makes for easy food shopping. Both of these choices are in close proximity by car.

Also, Norwood is a beautiful community that's family-friendly, and has more than a few locations that are safe for kids to play and socialize. Living in this apartment property has a lot of benefits, especially for the professional that is intending to get away from the hustle and bustle of Boston after work hours. There's a wide array of commuter options that allows for professionals to commute by rail, bus, or car.

For those communing to and from Boston by car, the immediate area near this property has quick and easy access to I-90, I-93, and I-95. Each of these provides access to Boston and surrounding areas, and typically, a trip to the city can be done in less than an hour dependent on traffic. Additionally, an area like Quincy, which has a beautiful shoreline, is about a half hour away from the property via I-90.

If a resident is not traveling via car, the area also has some excellent mass transit options like the MBTA Forge Park-495 line or the Franklin Line. These are commuter rail lines that offer fast transit to and from Boston. Commuters can also travel via bus using the MBTA bus route 34E.

The area around the property is also highly pedestrian-friendly. In fact, it's been deemed to have a 60 percent walkability score, which means that there are plenty of places well within walking distance of the property. This means that it's also very friendly to commuting by bike as well.

One of the best features of this property is its close proximity to Logan International Airport. If a tenant is looking to take a trip, the airport is only about a 31 minute drive from the property, so getting to a flight is a simple process. The area also has two private schools and five public schools in the area that are well-ranked in Massachusetts.

Apartment Features

The apartments on this property have a wide array of features for anyone considering living on premise. Each apartment is spacious, has numerous amenities, and also comes in either one- or two-bedroom varieties. While each unit was built in 1966, each apartment is equipped with modern conveniences and has been renovated since original construction. The property offers a single style of one-bedroom apartment and two varieties of two-bedroom apartments that each offer an almost luxury level experience.

When it comes to the one-bedroom-style of apartment, the unit offered is very spacious at 710 square feet. This unit has a single bathroom, a spacious bedroom with enough room for king-size beds with an expansive closet, and a large kitchen and dining area.

When it comes to the two-bedroom setups, there are two individual options. For the first type, the dual-bedroom unit has a single bathroom and 880 square feet of floor space. There is also a large kitchen area, a sizeable living room, and a master and a secondary bedroom. The other type of unit has a larger sizing at 950 square feet, and also features one and a half bathrooms – a larger master bathroom with a shower/bathroom combination and a half-bath that doesn't have a shower/bath combo.

Each apartment on this property has some great individualized amenities as well; these include ceramic tile floors, carpeting in certain areas like the bedroom, and expansive windows. In addition to these, each kitchen has appliances like refrigerators, garbage disposals, and a range with an oven as well. The cabinetry is expansive, and each is made of quality wood. These kitchens also feature more than enough counter space atop granite countertops that are strong and also kill germs. Each kitchen also has a half-wall that provides a look into the kitchen as well.

For the comfort of each tenant, the property also has air conditioning, is smoke-free, cable ready, and also is designed for easy access to high-speed internet.

Community Amenities

The community living in and surrounding this property is also very welcoming to tenants and visitors. Each resident is provided with a parking space, and the property is surrounded with enough spaces that there is enough for visitors as well. The style of parking is angle parking and each space is clearly delineated and visible even when the weather is bad.

For the convenience of the tenants, this property also has an on-premise laundromat. This facility is self-service, but has extensive operating hours so that residents can wash their clothes throughout the day. The property also has a professional community team that's there to ensure that the needs of the residents are met and that there are no maintenance issues that go unaddressed.

The surrounding area is also well maintained by property staff. The grass is consistently mowed and there are several trees lining the property that add a sense of nature to the immediate area. During the warmer months, the hedges and bushes in the area are all well-maintained and grow seasonal flowers that add a splash of color to the property.

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