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660 Washington Street Apartments

  • 660 Washington Street
  • 660 Washington Street
  • 660 Washington Street
  • 660 Washington Street
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660 Washington St.



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If you’re shopping around for a luxury apartment in Boston’s trendy Chinatown neighborhood, 660 Washington Street Apartments is worth a look. This massive luxury apartment development offers a wide array of floorplans, layouts and other options, which makes it easier to find something that really works for you. Still, as competitive as the local real estate market here is, securing a suitable unit is easier said than done—and going it alone is a recipe for disaster. Find what you need more quickly and easily by signing up with Boston City Properties, your trusted source for up-to-the-second Boston apartment and real estate information.

Although this development houses more than 400 luxury apartments, vacancies don’t tend to last long. It’s crucial, therefore, to have access to timely and accurate information. When you sign up with Boston City Properties, you get that and much more. Complete and submit the easy form for immediate, free, unlimited access to our vast online database of searchable MA real estate listings. It includes listings for apartments that are available for rent in this neighborhood and throughout the city. If any units are currently available in this building, they will appear in the listings.

Boston City Properties’ listings are enhanced by a powerful search tool. Access to this search feature is included when you sign up with us, so you can start using it immediately. Find out what is currently available in Chinatown by selecting that neighborhood from the list of locations. Note that you can select more than one Boston neighborhood to broaden your search. There are also filters for things like total beds and baths and price, so you can refine your results even more. In the end, you will get listings for apartments that meet your basic requirements—and your search will be well underway.

660 Washington Street Apartments: The Basics

What can you expect from this popular Chinatown luxury apartment development? Built in 2007, it is still new enough to be in pristine shape, and it was designed with modern, discerning city dwellers in mind. Apartments rent out at prevailing market rates, so expect to pay top dollar to snag a home here. The building stands 28 stories tall and houses 420 luxury units, so great views are available from many apartments. The sheer size of this development means that there are typically at least a few vacancies at any given time. The question, however, is whether any of the offerings suit your requirements.

When stacked up against similar luxury developments in this neighborhood, this building distinguishes itself in many ways. For one thing, it is among the best-known developments of its kind in Chinatown. The address comes with a good amount of prestige, and it feels good to be able to call a high-end place like this home. Thanks to its convenient location in the heart of downtown Boston, it is perfect for professionals who work in the city, for people who want to be near the heart of the action or for those who just crave big-city living.

Building Amenities

Given the steep price that goes along with securing a place here, it comes as no surprise that this building meets and exceeds most apartment hunters’ expectations in terms of community amenities and features. Indeed, a quick glance at the list of available amenities reveals that this building includes some of the most sought-after features in the city; this says a lot in such a competitive market. Although rent prices are high, the building has no trouble staying nearly completely occupied most of the time. That has a lot to do with the amenities, and some of the most notable ones include:

Apartment Options

If the amenities tick most of your boxes, you’re off to a promising start. Still, the real question is whether or not this building has apartments that suit your needs and budget. With everything from studios to three-bedroom, three-bathroom units available, the offerings are pretty eclectic. Still, as mentioned before, rent prices tend to veer toward the more expensive end of the spectrum, so you aren’t going to find anything approaching “cheap” in this development.

With that being said, apartments here offer generous amounts of space. Studio apartments, for example, offer around 550 square feet. Monthly rent currently averages between $2,700 and $3,100. One-bedroom, one-bathroom units, meanwhile, offer around 850 to 1,100 square feet of space. Expect to pay anywhere from $2,700 to $3,800 per month to rent one. Two-bedroom units, which have two bathrooms, offer between 1,050 and 1,150 square feet. Rent for these units averages around $4,200 to $4,900 per month. Finally, a limited number of sprawling three-bedroom, three-bathroom units is available. These units, which are typically penthouse apartments, offer an incredibly spacious 1,550 square feet of space, and monthly rent averages around $6,500. Those units also tend to offer some of the best views.

Apartment Features

If it looks like apartments here offer the kind of space that you need and tend to suit your budget, you may be ready to search Boston City Properties’ listings to see what’s available. Before doing that, though, familiarize yourself with the most common features of these apartments. Keep in mind that while most of the following features are found in these units, you must read individual listings to confirm the specifics. At any rate, here are some of the most common and popular features of the luxury units in this building:

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Knowing what you now do about 660 Washington Street Apartments, you’re probably ready to find a suitable apartment there. Before doing anything else, sign up with Boston City Properties. Complete the quick and easy signup form to get started. You will get immediate, free access to our listings and search tool. Click over to the search feature, select Chinatown from the list and adjust filters to suit your preferences. Your results will be limited to listings for units that meet your requirements. If any apartments that meet your criteria are currently available in this building, they will appear in the listings. Once you’ve zeroed in on some options, contact us for a referral to a local real estate expert who can assist you further. For more information, call Boston City Properties.

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