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Massachusetts Condo Developments

There are 100's of condo developments in the Greater Boston area. Click the links below for more information on each development and sign up for free to view current availability in each! This database is linked to the largest real estate database in Massachusetts and includes the address, unit #'s, photos, virtual tours, and other information. The system is also updated daily. For a Google Map of Boston's luxury condo developments click here. There are also many new construction and pre construction developments underway. Stay tuned with Boston City Properties for up to the minute information on the sales and progress of each new development.

Condo Amenities

The amenities offered by condo developments around Massachusetts vary depending on factors like location, construction year and proximity to public transportation. Mid- and high-rise buildings in densely populated areas like Boston tend to offer the most, while smaller complexes in less-populated areas tend to offer fewer.

Some of today's most popular amenities, typically seen in new construction and luxury condo developments, include: