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10 Farnsworth Street



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10 Farnsworth is an ultra-luxury condo development that features boutique appeal in Fort Point. The initial schedule for completion was in 2016, but there were some setbacks, which resulted in it to adjust the finishing point.

From there, the new target date was November of 2017, but that was not reached again, although the building has completed the construction process. Rest assured that it will soon conclude this 2018. As with the original plan for this development, there will be direct elevator access to all the condo units.

The units will also have Arclinea cabinetry, which is famous in the kitchens of the rich and famous. Home security is a top priority, as well as the units, come with biometric entry. They also use Smart Home technology, which can be customized so that the resident can control the lights, binds, security or entrance, and music based on his or her preferences. All the systems in the building are guaranteed to use cutting edge technology.

The units will also have Arclinea cabinetry, which is popular in the kitchens of the rich and famous. Home security is a top priority, as well as the units, come with biometric entry. They also use Smart Home technology, which can be customized so that the resident can control the lights, binds, security or entry, and music based on his or her preferences. All the systems in the building are guaranteed to use cutting edge technology.

There are also spacious master suites that are expected to contain an expansive wardrobe. Of course, these features are not all because the units also come with a deluxe en-suite bathroom that presents a walk-in shower. In the bathroom, there is also a sculptural freestanding bathtub.

As for the whole building, there will be amenities that will help make the living area comfortable and pleasurable. These facilities include convenient parking spaces for the residents in the building, along with a roof deck that the people who live in the condo units can access. The roof deck itself is quite lavish as it also has an expansion that features dining, living, and kitchen areas.

Real Estate in the Area

10 Farnsworth is in the neighborhood of Seaport with a zip code 02210. The organization and announcement of plans for the building were back in 2012 when there was still another developer. In 2014, a new one took over, along with the granting of approval for the project. After a year in June of 2016, groundbreaking occurred, and construction began. The construction phase of the project was completed in October, or November 2017 and the whole building will reach completion in 2018.

Currently, there are four units that are up for sale out of the nine units in the condo development. The average asking price of the available units in the building is $1,493 per square foot. The unit with the lowest price is called Unit 202, which has three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The price per square foot is $1,247.

The average listing price for this zip code is $2,170,400, which is 22% lower than the asking price of the most affordable 10 Farnsworth unit. The median sale price in the neighborhood is $817,500, which is 71% lower than the cost of the units in the condo development. Meanwhile, the average sale price for every square foot in the area is $842 per square foot, which is about 36% below the average asking price of the condo units.

Compared to the other homes sold in the area, it is without a doubt that 10 Farnsworth is the most expensive in the neighborhood right now. For example, the condo unit, which is just 1.12 miles away from the development as it is in 2 Battery Wharf, asked for $2.3 million, which has two bedrooms and 2.5 baths in a 2,162 square feet building. Another recently sold home in the area measures 1,770 square feet and is located just 0.71 miles away in 55 Commercial Wharf 8 asked for $2,441,487.

Another condo, which is just 0.48 miles from 10 Farnsworth Street measures 757 square feet, and it sold for $1,925,000.

About the Most Affordable Unit #202

Unit 202 is one of the most talked about parts of 10 Farnsworth clearly because it is the most affordable despite being luxurious in itself. It is smaller in size compared to the other units, but it still comes with several features and amenities that make it a top choice for those who want to experience lavish facilities without going above the market rate.

This unit has two full baths with an additional half bath. The bigger bathroom is called its master bathroom. It has access to the city water and sewer and has a parking space as well. The garage for the resident is a garage-under type. Aside from the asking price and the mortgage, the buyer is required to pay the Homeowners Association fee, which amounts to $919.45 and is a monthly payment.

Just like the other units in the building, this cheapest unit comes with glass walls, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and a washer or dryer. It also has central air or heating system and as mentioned above, some luxury finishes. It comes with smart home technology and direct elevator access. This unit, along with the others, is pet-friendly.

This unit measures 2,125 square feet of space and costs $1,247 per square foot.

The Most Expensive Unit in the Building

While there were interested buyers for the most affordable unit in the condo, the most expensive one reaped the most attention. The unit is exceptionally posh with more than 4,300 square feet of space in just one floor of the building. For its price of $7,500,000, it is easy to say the condo unit is costly, but it is certainly worth it.

The buyer will get not only the amenities mentioned above but also a private roof garden spanning more than 1,300 square feet. This roof space has its gas fireplace not to mention the city skyline views whenever the resident steps on it. It comes with a truly unique style as the penthouse has direct access to the elevator. The buyer is also granted access to two parking spaces at the garage.

The unit offers the ultimate privacy and the chance to call 10 Farnsworth home, which is just steps away from Seaport and Fort Point. The developers and the architects have made sure that only the finest materials are included in the design. The detail on this wide open floor plan makes it easy to see that every craftsmanship effort has been put not it to ensure it will look dramatic, stylish, and comfortable.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows surround the entire area. Going to the kitchen, it boasts a so-called chef’s kitchen where there are marble countertops and customized European lacquer cabinets. There are top-of-the-line Gaggenau appliances as well for a beautifully furnished look.

The living room is equipped with gas fireplace and flooring features wide plank European oak. There are also built in wardrobes as the central air conditioning system completes the magnificent home. The price per square foot is $1,739, which covers three and a half baths and three beds.

The Other Units in the Building and More Facts

A unit worth $2,795,000 is also available. It is the smallest regarding square feet space since it only measures 2,113 square feet. The other open for sale unit costs $2,995,000, which is equivalent to $1,409 per square foot. Both units have three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

The Seaport District is slowly becoming one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Boston that continues to grow. Several projects have taken place over the past few years, especially since 2015. While 10 Farnsworth was targeted for completion back in 2017 and is now pushed to 2018, nothing is stopping it from becoming a celebrated construction that has the town abuzz.

The entire building features a façade of glass and steel, and all the nine units have floor-to-ceiling windows. However, as eight of the condos span approximately 2,100 square feet, the penthouse takes more than 4,300 square feet of space and comes with its private roof deck. The other units though also have this kind of amenity, although the roof deck is shared with the other residents.

Nevertheless, all homes have direct access to the elevator and parking spaces. This specific building is making history in the popular neighborhood of Seaport District called Fort Point. For one, it is the first and only boutique luxury construction in the area.

While the building is enough to draw in buyers because of its authentic stylishness and magnificence, another important reason why it is a talked about structure is that it is incredibly accessible to significant transportation points, particularly in Downtown Boston. The building is only a few steps from South Station, which serves as a leading intermodal domestic transportation center that services the Greater Boston region as well as the Northeast and the Midwest.

The residents who will purchase any of the units of 10 Farnsworth will get to enjoy the best things that only the Seaport District can offer. This community is home to the best restaurants in Boston, including Sam’s Sportello, Row 34, and Strega Waterfront. It is also the fastest growing area in the city because there have been many residential developments in the neighborhood, including those at 49 Melcher, Parklane, Waterside Place, 100 Pier, D, and at 315 on A.

There are already several warehouses, railroad tracks, and shipping piers at the Seaport District as it gradually takes shape and creates an environment of authenticity when it comes to industries, luxury residences, and lofts.

All About the Construction and Other Major Project Details

10 Farnsworth is expected to a prime spot in the landscape in the city of Boston. Residents can stroll along the nearby artist studios, signature restaurants, Boston Children’s Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

The structure has offered their floor plans, which the public can view freely and it can be witnessed that they are all open and dramatic. The layouts are complemented by the enormous windows that allow the homes to be drenched in sunlight as the residents can take in the unmatched views of the city. Central air, along with gas fireplaces and polished flooring ensure residents are comfortable all year round.

The total dollar volume of this project is $27 million, and the whole building spans 30,000 square feet with both housing and retail offers. It has six stories that allow it to reach 69 feet. Construction officially began on the first of June, and the target date for the completion of the structure is at the beginning of October 2017. Most of the building is done with just some interior touches to be performed in the coming months.

As new construction, the mixed-use building was among the most popular residential developments in the area. It is configured with one, two, and three bedrooms, with each residence having a generously open-floor design. The units also have state of the art appliances and finishes with a 1,765 square foot shared roof terrace for the residents to enjoy the sweeping views of the city skyline.

Aside from the residential units in the building, 10 Farnsworth will also have about 1,400 square feet of retail space. There will also be a garage, which will have 12 parking spaces in total and they will be located on the ground floor of the building.

History and Development of the Project

10 Farnsworth began as 338 Congress, which is situated at the corner of Farnsworth Street and Congress Street in Fort Point of the Seaport District. 338 Congress was later renamed with its current name right now. The project moved forward by April 2016 where the construction was planned to begin in June of the same year.

The Fort Point Neighborhood Association held a meeting with the developers of the project as the latter provided an update regarding 10 Farnsworth. It was later revealed that the building would have nine units and the presales would start almost after the groundbreaking. It was also announced that the starting price is $2.5 million for the units.

The developers purchased 338 Congress for lower than $6 million last September 2015. The former developer of the project guided the new ones as it received approval from the Boston Redevelopment Authority in January 2014.

After the sale, 10 Farnsworth did not undergo many changes, particularly in design. There were just a few minor adjustments, such as unlocking the façade, which will be used as retail space at the Congress and Farnsworth streets junction. The opening was performed to get rid of blind spots. At the moment, there is still no decision regarding the retail space though it is possible it will be occupied by a bank.

The construction of the foundation of the building required more or less 50 micropiles, which were drilled and caused some noticeable vibration in the community. However, it was less vibration compared to pile driving. Drilling began before September ended and it finished almost after a month. Work took place from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening on weekdays. There was some occasional construction on Saturdays.

The development was built with the use of cast in place concrete, and its structure was completed before the end of 2017. However, it is still not finished as some installations in the area are still in process. 10 Farnsworth condo superstructure is now on the rise, starting in January last year when the third floor of the building was almost completed, although it did enter its completion stage by April. A month later, the top of the building was constructed and was followed by weatherproofing and some finishing of the exteriors of the building.

10 Farnsworth has not opened yet, but potential buyers and residents are already excited to live in the space. Those who are interested in witnessing the beauty and luxury of the units and the whole property can schedule a tour. In September of 2017, curtain wall installation was performed, and interior finishing is already underway, so the building is expected to open in 2018.

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