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If you'd like to buy or rent a luxury condo in Boston, there's the easy way and the hard way. The hard way is going it alone; the easy way is enlisting the help of Boston City Properties. That's because we maintain one of the largest, most comprehensive online Boston real estate databases out there, and it's updated continually to ensure that you always have the latest and best information. It includes up-to-the-second listings for luxury condos for sale and for rent in all Boston neighborhoods and communities, allowing you to zero in on viable options in a heartbeat.

About Boston's Luxury Condo Market

Boston's luxury condo market is more competitive than ever. Even though new developments are opening all the time, vacancies fill quickly. That's especially true for condo buildings in thriving neighborhoods like Midtown, Fenway and the Back Bay. Regardless of where you're looking, you face something of an uphill battle. It pays to be armed with the best information, and that's what you'll get with Boston City Properties. What's more is that we have agents in all areas who can assist you further with your search.

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Investing in Boston Luxury Condos

There are many perks associated with living in Boston, including easy access to all of the finest things that the city has to offer. However, it is important to carefully consider what type of real estate makes the most sense for you. Additionally, if you are a real estate investor, you want to ensure that you put your money into property that is desirable and highly likely to appreciate quickly. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by purchasing a luxury condo in the city or within the surrounding suburbs.

What Makes a Luxury Condo Such a Great Choice?

Many people dream about buying the perfect house, but they fail to consider everything that a home actually requires. For example, it is necessary for you to maintain the interior and exterior portions of the property, and this can become very difficult during the winter. Instead of dealing with all of this, you can save a lot of time, money and aggravation by selecting a luxury condo in place of a traditional house. Doing this will give you snow removal services included in the purchase price, and some communities have on-site management and maintenance to assist you with other issues.

Luxury condos in Boston typically come with a long list of amenities that will make your life much easier. In fact, many of them are full service buildings that include features such as a concierge, an intercom system, a fitness center and free on-site parking. Another major benefit of purchasing a condo is that you will have the ability to live right in the downtown area, and this could even enable you to be close enough to your workplace to walk every day.

Condominiums often have modern kitchens, hardwood floors or plush wall-to-wall carpeting and come fully equipped with appliances. On the other hand, houses generally do not include appliances, and they are more likely to need repairs or upgrades. Another prime aspect of many of the luxury condo buildings in Boston is a shared rooftop area that will provide you with a stunning view of the city.

Many condo buildings have ornate and architecturally intriguing exteriors because they have been built into historically significant areas, but the inside is still completely modern. A good example of this can be found in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Condos in Beacon Hill are located inside of stunningly gorgeous historic buildings, and the units have been completely renovated to offer all of the luxury and convenience that you would expect from high-class living.

The Perks of Mixed Usage Condo Buildings

Another huge benefit that exists within many of the luxury condos in Boston is a retail area where you can get some shopping done without needing to go outside. In most cases, these areas include a few stores and maybe a restaurant or two, but there are some glorious exceptions for people who love shopping, including Nouvelle at Natick in the suburbs. This particular building features 215 units, and it is built on top of a shopping mall that has 270 stores, restaurants and services. Additionally, most mixed usage buildings have some office spaces, so it is possible to run your own small business and have a home in the same place without having to give up a lot of personal space.

What Makes These Condos Such a Great Investment?

Boston is currently experiencing a population boom, and this makes homes of all types very popular. However, there are certain real estate investments within the city and the surrounding area that are always in high demand, regardless of other market factors. Luxury condos are much scarcer than houses, and certain neighborhoods have way more demand than supply such as Beacon Hill. With this in mind, purchasing condos in Boston will give you the opportunity to add desirable units to your real estate portfolio.

You can also get a nice return on your investment if you choose to utilize these condos as short or long-term rental properties instead of selling them. There is a big market for condo rentals, especially in neighborhoods that have a very high price tag. Vacation rentals are another popular usage for condominium units, and there are many owners throughout the city who are already taking advantage of this opportunity. The reality is that many people prefer not to stay in a hotel because they want to be able to experience the area like a local. Renting a luxury condo for a few days allows them to live out this dream, and it gives people who could not afford to buy this type of real estate a taste of luxury that they are virtually certain to want to experience again during their next vacation.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in condos in and around the city is their tendency to appreciate quickly. Although there are never any guarantees, there are many neighborhoods that have seen a large increase in condo sales prices since December 2013. To make things even better, there are no indicators that this quick rate of appreciation is going to slow down anytime soon. Instead, the continual population rise in Boston makes existing luxury properties more valuable every day. It is also a good idea to consider investing in some of the new developments that will be opening during the next few years. For example, the Nashua Street Residences will be completed in 2017, and they are already in high demand.

Live in Luxury for Less

Did you know that the size of a condo will typically be to your advantage from a financial perspective? In fact, a 1,500 square foot condo is generally cheaper to ensure than a home of the same size because you will not be responsible for the property that it sits on.

According to Boston Magazine, you can also purchase a condo for approximately 41 percent less than the cost of renting in the city. This might sound contradictory based on our previous statement about turning a condo into a nice source of income as a rental unit, but the sad fact is that many people are unable to come up with enough money up front to buy real estate. This costs them a lot of money in the long run, so it would be wise for future homeowners and investors to put their money into a down payment instead of wasting it on exorbitantly high monthly rental fees.

Condos are Convenient

As previously mentioned, owning a condominium is quite simply more convenient than having a house. This goes much further than simply avoiding tasks such as shoveling snow. Condos are perfect for people who have a busy lifestyle because they will remove the need to do a long list of other typical home ownership chores, including mowing your lawn, pulling weeds and fixing your garage. You will also have fewer maintenance needs because you will be dealing with a smaller space. As an added bonus, a full-service condo building can dramatically reduce the amount of time that you need to spend on upkeep and repairs.

Benefits for Your Family

In 2012, Massachusetts students in the eighth grade took an exam that focused on science and math, and the results blew away the rest of the U.S. and many other nations. In the math category, Massachusetts students had a higher average score than the rest of the country by 52 points, and the state placed second worldwide behind only Singapore in science. These are the type of scores that can give your children a real advantage in life, and owning a condo in the Boston area will give you access to the schools that helped make these results possible.

Another huge perk of maintaining residency within the state is that will it will allow your children to be eligible for tuition discounts when they are ready to attend college. Having an established residency can also improve their odds of being accepted to one of the many prestigious universities that are located within the state.

Do not forget that Boston is also the home of many cultural opportunities such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Children's Museum and Symphony Hall. Additionally, your family can enjoy outings to Fenway Park, the New England Aquarium, Boston Common and TD Garden. Many luxury condos are located near prime attractions and public transportation, and this will remove the hassle of needing to drive into the city each time you want to do something fun or educational.

Buying a Condo in Boston

Boston City Properties gives you the ability to easily sort through all of the current listings within your desired neighborhoods and price range. Our skilled and experienced buyer's agents live in some of the finest areas of Boston, including Beacon Hill, and this gives us an advantage when it comes to helping you find the right condo for your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of choosing luxury for your next home or real estate investment.