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If you would like a current list of proposed and in progess luxury condo developments in the Boston area, E-mail us or call 617-247-1933 anytime from 8am to 11pm 7 days a week! We have presales condo experts on call and can send you proposed photos, floorplans, and more.

Boston City Properties has sale & rental listings in literally every single new construction luxury development in Boston! Be sure to visit our Map of Boston Condo Developments for general information on each property.

Also, to view current available units listed for sale & rent in Boston, click the sales & rentals buttons below. This system includes 100's of up-to-the-minute listings from the largest real estate agencies in the Downtown Boston Area. UPDATED DAILY!!!!!

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Current Developments Approved by Boston Redevelopment Authority:

Benefits of Buying Pre-Construction Condos

If you're looking for a solid real estate investment in Boston, pre-construction condos are worth your consideration. Like many investors, you may generally focus on existing, resale real estate in the city. It pays to diversify, however, and pre-construction condo developments let you do that while enjoying a wide range of exciting benefits. With the real estate market picking up steam throughout the city, this is the best time in recent memory to get in on the ground floor of condos that will be in high demand. With help from Boston City Properties, you can identify the most promising pre-construction condos in Boston to maximize your long-term ROI.

What makes pre-construction condos such great investment opportunities? Consider these benefits:

While investing in pre-construction condos brings many benefits to the table, it is crucial to be discerning. Which condo developments will bring you the best return on your investment? With help from Boston City Properties, you can zero in on such properties quickly to ensure the best and most immediate ROI.

Benefits of Investing in New Construction Condos

By cutting out the middleman and buying new condo developments directly from the builder or developer, Boston real estate investors can avail themselves of a compelling array of advantages. Like many investors in the area, you may typically limit yourself to resale properties. This is most likely because you don't have experience in investing in new construction real estate. That's where Boston City Properties comes in. We have extensive experience in the new construction condo market in Boston and can help you pinpoint the most viable opportunities.

Does the idea of investing in new construction condos take you out of your comfort zone? You're sure to feel a lot more optimistic about the idea after considering these benefits:

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of investing in new construction condos in Boston? Boston City Properties is ready to help. We understand the new construction condo market and know how to help investors like you make the most of it.

Why Choose Boston City Properties?

Looking for a buyer's agent for your Boston real estate purchasing and investment activities? You can't do better than Boston City Properties. Our experts understand the finer nuances of investing in various types of property throughout the city, and we can help you identify the most exciting opportunities in new construction and pre-construction condos. Similarly, if you are looking for a seller's agent to assist you in listing developments for maximum effect, we have you covered there too.

Why should you team up with Boston City Properties when selling or buying pre-construction and new construction condos in Boston? For one thing, we know these markets better than anyone in the city. With more than 70 websites dedicated to Boston real estate, we offer the greatest exposure for those who are selling and the best variety of options for those who are buying. What's more is that thanks to our knowledge, experience and connections, we're able to help investors and buyers secure the most competitive prices for these types of properties throughout the city of Boston.

The most successful real estate investors, buyers and sellers in Boston have one critical trick up their sleeves: They are teamed up with savvy seller's and buyer's agents with unbeatable insider knowledge. When you work with Boston City Properties, you will enjoy all of that and more. Your success is our success, and we will help you identify the pre-construction and new construction condo developments that will deliver the highest returns on your investment. If you're looking to sell, our extensive network of websites and proven track record will get you where you need to be in no time. We're ready when you are, so contact Boston City Properties today.