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If you want to have that ideal condo in Barnstable, Wianno Knoll is one of the places that you've been waiting for all along. There are both one and two-level floor plans that will suit your preferences. By paying a low condo association fee, you'll have the perfect assurance that everything maintenance-related is well taken care of. The condo association provides extra storage for your fee. Pets can share your life with you at the condo, and you also have both assigned and guest parking that come in handy when you invite people over.

The homes in this community are priced from $215,000 - $400,000. A sunroom is a great place to enjoy reading your morning paper or setting up a spot with all your favorite plants. Hang out in a spacious living room complete with cathedral ceilings. A wood-burning fireplace helps give you that cozy feel during cold winters days and helps keep a substantial part of your condo warm. When you combine having the fireplace with the updated heating system, you'll never have to feel chilly during the winter again. Beautiful kitchen floors and all-new appliances are ideal for casual meals and special meals for guests alike.

The dining area also has enough space to keep all your guests happy. Enjoy the option of using a formal dining set that will make every meal served in your home even more special. One of the best places to come back to in your condo is the spacious master bedroom. Your private bath attached to this bedroom gives you the extra privacy that you want and having additional bathrooms is always a convenient feature that people appreciate. This community is an excellent choice for anyone who values having a lot of options, as well as good privacy and a lot of space.

Built in 1980, this 32 unit complex on Main Street in Osterville, Massachusetts has two stories and is embedded both literally and figuratively into the community: a stone retaining wall holds back a mound of earth against the northern end of the complex, which is partially obscured by the soil. The complex is also located within the heart of the village, with easy access to a number of different amenities. The typical size of these units is 500 to 1,360 square feet, and the average price ranges between $180,000 and $330,000. Depending on the specific unit, there may be between one to four bedrooms, and one to two and a half baths. The monthly association fee here ranges from roughly $140 to $500.

With a tan and sometimes mauve clapboard cladding, the exterior features banks of windows ornamented by blue storm shutters. The front door to the condos is sometimes located off a shallow concrete stairway that has an iron gate lining the front slab and the steps leading to it. In other parts of the complex, white crosshatch fencing demarcates the boundary of the yards, creating a feeling of privacy and seclusion. Stone walls are a theme; other portions of the complex are accessed by climbing up stairways that have been seemingly cut out of the surrounding walls, while brick pathways connect the stairways at the street level. Still other portions of the complex emphasize a prominent green front lawn, ornamented with manicured bushes and trees. The front door is tucked into the side of a massive window punched facade, which features an extruding bank of rectangular windows framed by a massive half circular pane that recalls an old fashioned navigation wheel aboard a ship. Years of meticulous gardening and landscaping have created pockets of quiet, nature-bound privacy; hand laid flagstones wind pathways through the grassy back yards, which are more often than not festooned with seasonal flower blooms.

The interiors are a marvel of unique, clever planning. In one unit upon entry, a great room sprawls out in front of the visitor. In the center of the room, a fireplace with a small side wall creates a pocket for huddling around the fire while leaning one’s elbows on the adjacent wall. On either side of the fireplace are a hallway and the dining room, which leads into the kitchen and other bedrooms. The balcony is directly across from the fireplace, and is accessed through a set of sliding glass doors. The dining room, which is demarcated by an elegant chandelier-like lighting fixture, leads into a hallway and a bedroom beyond that. Tasteful white carpet is underfoot in almost every room, save for the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen is an expansive, enormous space with an elongated counter that stretches out from the sink, providing ample room for preparing a great feast. A bank of windows is located above the sink, providing views of the nearby trees and back yard. This endless white counter top eventually terminates in a small room with an oval window, perfect for laundry or storage. Recessed lighting illuminates the kitchen.

The exterior patio is partly glassed in; a variety of sliding doors on the patio itself allow the occupants to open the patio to the air outside. In less warm weather it is possible to sit out on the patio and enjoy the view, providing the exterior doors are closed. The master bedroom is enormous, and features an enormous walk in closet to match. With a private bathroom, this masterful suite also features white walls to match the carpet. The back yard, meanwhile, has a flagstone path surrounded by white crosshatch fencing. A wooden staircase leads down from the small oval room off the kitchen to the back yard.

In another unit, the floors are hardwood. An entry vestibule with a circular window leads into a living room that is bounded on one end by the fireplace and on the other by a bank of windows perfect for a dining room. A loft can be accessed by a retractable wooden staircase that folds down about a dozen feet from the fireplace. The staircase leads to an attic-like space that features a dramatically sloping ceiling with skylights. A small room with its own wooden door and two wood framed windows takes up the remainder of the loft space, which has a small wooden guardrail at the end that overlooks the room with the fireplace. The kitchen, meanwhile, does not have any windows, but instead features two distinct counter top areas anchored by an enormous stainless steel fridge. A gleaming stove and microwave oven fill out the space. The unit features both hardwood floors and carpets in the bedrooms.

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