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Boulevard on the Greenway

  • Boulevard on the Greenway
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110 Broad St.


Financial District

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Are you looking for a luxurious residence by the waterfront? Among Boston’s newest luxury condominiums is Boulevard on the Greenway, a masterpiece of elegance and architectural creativity that’s located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

Boulevard on the Greenway is a gem of luxury situated by the Boston Harbor, the Financial District, and the lovely belt of creatively designed parks known as the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. With 36 units spread over 12 stories, this new development offers a lifestyle of charm and comfort to anyone lucky enough to live in it.

The building’s address, 110 Broad St., was the site of a historic warehouse that has been incorporated into the modern structure. The condominiums offer spacious floor plans, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a variety of luxurious amenities, including marble bathrooms. A technologically advanced garage is another reason this building is a marvel.

Apartment types

Because there are relatively few condominiums on each floor, all the units offer a pleasing amount of space. The open floor plans for the living and dining areas give you room to breathe and the freedom to make use of the space in the ways that best suit you.

There are no studio apartments in this building. Each unit has at least one bedroom, and some of the one-bedroom units come with additional office space that can be converted into an extra bedroom.

The floor plans for each type of apartment vary in layout and in total amount of square footage.

Special artist residences

Five of the apartments have been set aside as mixed working and living spaces for artists. This development is committed to fostering the arts and establishing itself as part of Boston’s rich cultural landscape. Think about how exciting it is to share a building with some of the most promising or successful artists in the city.


A highly developed kitchen is essential for your home. Even if you don’t cook every day, your kitchen is still a source of comfort and an inspiration for culinary creativity. You’ll love making use of the kitchen areas in these condominiums, which include gas cooking, generous cabinet space, and high-quality appliances.

With the open floor plans, the building’s developers have made it possible for you to work in the kitchen while still participating in other activities. You can watch a movie as you work or easily talk to your family and friends. Various features add to the practicality and loveliness of your kitchen space.


The bathrooms in this development are exquisite. Many of them are part of an en-suite arrangement, and this arrangement isn’t limited to master bedrooms; even secondary bedrooms may have an attached bathroom. Furthermore, each apartment has multiple bathrooms. What are the benefits of the number of bathrooms and the way they’re arranged? You, your loved ones, and your guests enjoy a greater degree of privacy. There’s less of a chance that you’ll have to wait impatiently outside the bathroom door or fight over who gets to use the shower first.

For master bathrooms, there’s an extra level of spaciousness and luxury. Marble gives them a palatial atmosphere. Amenities may include a large rain-style shower or a decadent soaking tub where your stress will melt away. Special heating technology in the floor helps keep your feet warm after you bathe. You’ll have a wonderful time attending to your needs and giving your body and mind some extra care.

Even when a bathroom isn’t part of a master suite, it still has an elegant appearance and desirable features. These include large walk-in showers and, in some cases, two sinks or a tub to relax in.

Other condominium features

A historic lobby

Over 200 years ago, Charles Bulfinch designed a warehouse that played a role in the energetic commercial activity along the city’s harbor. The exterior of the warehouse was later declared a landmark, because it was a fine example of Federal architecture, and Bulfinch was a master of the style. The Federal style became popular in the decades following the American Revolution and is associated with the U.S. in its early nationhood.

An enduring portion of the Bulfinch building has been preserved as part of the new condominium development. In a creative fusion of the historic and modern, it has been integrated into the two-story lobby. This way, the neighborhood still keeps a visible record of its unique history, and you get to enjoy a building where the new construction is flavored with a taste of the past.

The lobby is a grand space that leaves residents and visitors impressed. A lovely fireplace and a concierge attendant who greets you on arrival make it especially inviting.

An incredible garage

Boulevard on the Greenway is offering a cutting-edge technological solution to parking. Its underground garage is automated, which means that you won’t need to make the effort of finding your space and parking your car. Instead, you leave your car on a special platform that delivers it to the right space. This technology handles your vehicle with utmost care. The garage can accommodate 48 vehicles.

Other building features

The feeling of belonging to an exclusive club

Because the building doesn’t have many units, residents can feel as if they’re members of a private club. To the degree to which you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to get to know your neighbors. At the same time, you’ll be able to preserve your privacy and quiet. You’ll belong to a small, exclusive community while also remaining connected to a thriving city full of hundreds of thousands of people.

Pet policy

The good news for people who love animals is that the building allows you to keep pets and even offers the use of an on-site pet spa for your beloved companion. However, there are some restrictions on the kinds of pets you can keep. We can help you find out if your pets meet the criteria for becoming building residents.

Additional information

Don’t miss an opportunity to make your home in this stunning new development. The building is a testament to how Boston’s real estate landscape is changing; at the same time, it pays tribute to the city’s history. For more information about specific units and their amenities, be sure to contact us.

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