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The Echelon is a formidable structure that represents a new level of development activity taking place in Boston. Settling into a comfortable apartment or luxury condominium means taking advantage of the very best that the Seaport District has to offer. With an unparalleled level of quality in the construction process, this building is designed for energy efficiency, comfort and convenience. Select a luxury condominium from the dedicated building, or find an apartment in one of the mixed-purpose towers. A lifestyle of enjoyment and convenience awaits every resident of The Echelon.

The Echelon has already passed the pre-construction state, and it moved into the full construction phase on schedule. The confidence in the project is high, and it is based on current evaluations of the work already completed. The final completion date for the project is in 2020, and regular updates about the status of the construction will be made available to the public. The first units will be available on a pre-sale basis beginning in the first quarter of 2018. Early reservation is also a wise investment strategy because the demand for these spaces is expected to be intense. Once the value begins to increase, reselling will be the natural outcome for those who do not have a long-term plan for their investment. For tenants who are purchasing the property for personal use, the early reservation is the best way to make sure that you get the perfect space for your needs.

About The Echelon

The Echelon, once completed, will consist of three towers that total 1.3 million square feet in size. The available apartments and condominiums are situated along some of the main streets in the area. Residents will have easy access to Seaport Boulevard and Congress St., for example. The three building complexes are divided into segments, and each space is placed above the business centers below. This project is already generating interest from many industries. The retail and restaurant sector will be well-represented in the completed project. The designers of the building also accounted for the immediate needs of the residents. The ability to find a quick bite to eat without commuting or traveling very far is a significant benefit for tenants, for example. Once the project is done, it will be the largest site for luxury condominiums in the Seaport District. News about the available spaces is already beginning to spread online, and interest is being generated all around the world.

Prospective tenants may want to consider relocating to this area for work, retirement or education. There are already publications that compare the Echelon Seaport block to the prestigious Fifth Avenue area of New York. This type of public perception can affect real estate prices even before the construction on The Echelon is completed.

Since the construction began in the first quarter of 2017, the additional work performed has already added to the attraction of the facility. The amenities offered at The Echelon contribute to the quality of life for residents, but they can also affect the value of each condominium as well. Resellers will want to keep a close eye on this trend, for these properties are projected to rise in value over time. In addition, the general housing market in Seaport stands to benefit from the increased value for these types of properties. An additional boost to the local economy is also expected, and many businesses end up making critical decisions based on these projections. The structure of The Echelon meets the highest building standards, and the design maximizes every square foot of space. This project is widely recognized as significant to the real estate sector, but it also promises to have a substantial impact on other aspects of the local economy as well. This type of development is known to bring a wide range of business activity into the area, and this has a significant impact on the daily life of the residents of The Echelon as well.

Apartments and Condos at The Echelon

The Echelon contains a large quantity of available housing units upon completion. Each apartment is spacious and fully equipped with all of the conveniences of modern living. Each condominium or apartment is designed to maximize the comfort while providing easy access to a variety of shopping and entertainment options. Buyer’s lists are now forming to reserve a unit at what promises to be one of the most desirable residential buildings in the Seaport area of Boston. They are classified as mixed-use spaces, and there are spaces available for retail stores, restaurants and other businesses on the location. Two of the three towers have a modular construction, and this design allows for fast access to pedestrian walkways. The Echelon was designed in a manner that encourages engagement with the adjacent spaces. Residents will enjoy the human scale of the additions, for the architects carefully crafted a space that encourages access to the network of activities taking place inside and around The Echelon. The vibrant and energetic bustling taking place in the business quarters of The Echelon contrast nicely with the cozy and relaxing interiors of each residential living space.

The exterior of the development is a spectacle in architectural achievement, and this adds to the daily quality of life. The amenities of the building are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of resident and visitors. The comfortable living quarters were designed with the concept of branding the luxurious lifestyle into the daily fabric of each space at The Echelon. Each room features a floor plan that maximizes the use of the available space. The kitchen area contains all of the necessary appliances, which are professionally maintained by the onsite management team. Residents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of their household appliances and equipment will be working properly. The building is being developed on a plot that is 33 acres in size, and the construction project is projected to reach completion within a five-year period of time.

Living in The Echelon

The Echelon promises to become the leading brand for living a lifestyle of enjoyment and comfort in the Seaport District of Boston. The buildings are designed to maximize space in a concentrated city block. It will be an ideal environment for living and working. The site offers a unique lifestyle that will attract many residents from around the world. This construction project is already making headlines in major newspapers and magazines, and it will create a ripple effect on the local economy for many years into the future. The land value of this location is considered to be prime real estate space. The entire development will cover around four acres of land in a central location to all the major transportation hubs and cultural sites.

About The Echelon

With 21 floors for residential use, you can find the perfect luxury apartment or condominium for your specific lifestyle. Some prospective buyers elect to use a real estate agent to navigate through the large inventory of apartments and condominiums. One of the three towers is dedicated to luxury apartments. The other two towers are considered to be mixed purpose, and they contain different types of living spaces. There are multiple floor plans for studios, or you can select a unit that has one to three bedrooms. Two of the three towers consist of 21 stories, and there is concierge service available to residents, visitors and guests.

The Echelon offers a unique living environment that enhances every aspect of daily life. This facility is organized in a way that enhances the daily experience for every resident. The amenities and quality of the service in the space contribute to an entire lifestyle of luxury and convenience. Enjoy recreational activities without traveling or commuting. Everything you need is located on the property, and you can enjoy the benefits of living, dining and relaxing without traveling at all. Walk on foot to the relaxing outdoor pool, or enjoy some time working out in the fitness center. There are many restaurants to visit, and you can spend years exploring the various menu options at the finest restaurants in the Seaport District.

The Echelon, Construction

The project of constructing The Echelon is currently valued at around $900 million. This amount represents a significant level of confidence in the valuation of the property over time. Some buyers are interested in reselling their property after the value increases, and timing is critical when investing in an apartment or condo at The Echelon. Since this construction is currently deemed to be one of the largest of its kind in the Seaport District, the property values in the area will be affected over time. Real estate buyers will now find this single block of housing to be the largest of its kind in the entire area. The quantity of housing for sale in The Echelon complex is expected to have a significant impact on the resell value of each apartment or luxury condominium within the three towers. Since two of them are mixed, the availability rate of these housing units is expected to be extremely competitive.

This impressive building will facilitate the quality of life of every resident through a combination of amenities, prime location, comfort and luxury. Once completed, the building will have 733 units available for residents. A total of 448 of these units will be condominiums, which will be available for purchase. In addition to these units, at least another 285 units will be added to the complex during the expansion phase. The entire Seaport project is projected to take up 1.3 million square feet, and The Echelon alone will contain 125,000 square feet of boutique stores and fine dining restaurants.

Inside The Echelon

Approaching The Echelon is an entire experience, which can be savored. Visitors will enjoy their first moments as they approach the front doors. Just outside of this entrance is an expansive and bustling plaza space that allows visitors and residents to mingle and socialize in a landscaped environment. There is seating available, and Once inside, the spacious ceilings and tasteful décor greet each visitor with a stunning display of design. The interior of this luxury building immediately captures the imagination of anyone who enters. Once you are inside of the building, you can absorb the atmosphere that continues throughout the building. The most tasteful designers were hired to place the lighting and furnishings in a way that encourages socializing and relaxation in the lounge areas.

On the first two floors of the building, you can quickly find anything you need. These two floors contain 125,000 square feet of space dedicated to fine dining restaurants and a wide variety of boutique retail stores. The boutique retail stores within the complex will make it easy for residents to acquire everything they need without extensive amounts of commuting. With the fine dining restaurants also onsite, living in one of these condominiums or apartments also means fast access to the best culinary experiences in the region. Daily life at The Echelon is enhanced by a variety of amenities that await your experience. The neat landscapes, outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa are just a few of the luxuries that are available to the residents of this amazing residential living space.

Life at The Echelon

This building is fully equipped with a variety of amenities for the convenience of residents. Included in the space is a full-service wellness center, for example. Residents will enjoy the ability to access the latest wellness treatments within a short distance from their condominium or apartment. In addition, spa treatments are available at the onsite spa. This includes hydrotherapy, sauna, massage therapy and other beauty services. The fitness center is fully equipped with the industry standard in exercise equipment. Residents can get assistance from one of the knowledgeable staff members at any time. Staying fit is as easy as a short walk to the gym, which provides a variety of therapeutic and training modalities. For additional relaxation, residents can also enjoy the benefits of swimming in the rooftop pool. This is a great way to unwind after a hard day at work, and sunbathers will appreciate the unique location for their tanning hours. These amenities add value to the prospect of owning, renting or leasing a luxury condominium or apartment at The Echelon.

The interior of each living unit is fully equipped with the finest materials including hardwood flooring and stainless steel kitchen equipment. There is a plaza on the site that is fully landscaped, and it is 19,000 square feet in size. This provides plenty of space for residents to relax and unwind. Enjoy the green outdoor spaces, or lounge by the sparkling swimming pool. The landscape is suitable for a variety of purposes, and there are trees lining the edges of the outdoor swimming pool to provide shade from the sun. The building is only a short walk away, so you can quickly grab some food or beverages at any time from one of the convenient stores or restaurants located on the premises. After enjoying an afternoon or weekend by the pool, you may decide to get some supplies for the next week. Fortunately, The Echelon provides residents with a variety of shopping and dining options. Everything you need will be within a short walk from your luxury apartment or condominium at The Echelon.

Additional Amenities

The Echelon was carefully designed to enhance every aspect of life for each resident. This includes the building’s proximity to access points, which is critical for commuters. The building itself is located in the busy Seaport District of Boston, which provides residents access to all of the local attractions and transportation hubs. Residents will enjoy access to the Financial District as well as the nearby Boston Harbor. The location of this building was selected for the convenience of the residents. Access the nearby Logan Airport or South Station, and remain connected to the world. The Echelon offers a combination of luxurious interior décor, quality structure of construction and access to all of the area’s major lines of transportation. Boston Magazine named this area of the Seaport District as the hottest area in town in their 2012 publication. As the construction continues on the project, these projections about the value of the new development are already becoming visible.

For residents who use a vehicle for their traveling needs, there are at least 560 available parking spaces available in the garage located on the property. The underground parking garage is quickly accessible, and commuters will appreciate the convenience of having the option of traveling by car. Avoid the hassle of finding a coveted parking space on the street. Simply use the underground parking garage, which is always available to the residents of The Echelon. The added benefits contribute to the sense of luxurious comfort that this brand is known to provide to every resident.

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