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The Porter East Condos are two-bedroom, two bath homes that range from 835 to 905 square feet. When they are for sale, they are listed on the market from $$285,000 to $362,000, which does not include the condo fee. The condo fee of $217 is charged monthly and covers basics like master insurance. The building that houses these condos was built in 1924; however, the it was converted for residential use in 2000.

The floor plans in these homes provide for a spacious kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, and full bathroom on the lower floor, and another bathroom and bedroom upstairs. Hardwood floors abound in these homes, with even the bedrooms having floors made from this material. The kitchen has enough space for a side-by-side refrigerator and comes with a dishwasher, stove and oven, and granite counters. It also has a small area for a breakfast nook.

Also found on the lower floor is a spare room that can be used for a den or library. It has wall-to-wall carpeting and built-in bookshelves. Each condo has two deeded parking spaces assigned to it and is cable-ready. Each home also has recessed lighting and a chandelier in the dining room.

For those looking to live in a comfortable home-style situation, single-bedroom homes aren't the only option. In fact, condominium living is a great choice because the actual properties are maintained by a staff, they are typically much cheaper, and they're great investments. Melrose, Massachusetts, is a great place to look into buying a home, but the town also has its share of great condo opportunities, and Porter East, which is a converted home, is a great best-of-both-worlds condominium living community that is very attractive in this Boston suburb.

To start, all of the units in this condominium are two-bedroom, two bath condos that are very spacious and have well-equipped kitchens and living spaces. The available floor plans that are available vary from 835 to 1,013 square feet, and the prices, especially considering the proximity to Boston, are very reasonable. A prospective owner can expect to spend anywhere from $285,000 to $362,200 for one of these condos, which translates to about $1,350 to $1,725 a month. Like other condos, this property does have an associated homeowner's association fee, which is about $220 per month and will cover maintenance and other basic expenses.

This condominium, having been a residential single-family home, is very spacious. The property itself was initially constructed in 1924 and has been serving as a condominium for almost 20 years. When it comes to amenities, this property really shines due to its homelike styling. Not only does each unit have a fireplace that adds literal and figurative warmth to each unit, but the flooring is a sturdy hardwood that is present in every room.

Each kitchen on the property is equipped with premium appliances; not only are the standard appliances present like a refrigerator and a stove, but the kitchen also features a dishwasher and a microwave. When touring the kitchen, one might also notice that these appliances have also been accessorized to fit the d├ęcor of the room; each device has a stainless steel and black aesthetic that's meant to blend effortlessly with the rest of the kitchen.

The cabinetry is solid oak, and the countertops are granite; many prospective property owners will also be pleased to note that each kitchen unit comes equipped with four outlets, so there'll be no issue finding outlet space for an entire suite of kitchen appliances. The counter space itself is very extensive, and the granite surfaces are durable and germ-resistance, which means that they are perfect for food preparation.

The kitchens also provide ample space for dining due to their open concept nature, and some units come with a breakfast bar area for a single person to dine quickly before work. This niche area also has a few drawers for storage, and some kitchens in the condo also have a wall cutout that allows for a more spacious feeling.

Each room is illuminated via recessed lighting, and there are ample windows throughout each condominium unit. Living spaces are expansive, and each room provides ample space for even larger furniture suites. The bathrooms in each unit are also very stylish; the floors and showers are covered in tile and both bathrooms have a full-bath orientation. Each unit is heated via forced air in the winter and has central cooling in the summer, which provides a comfortable experience year-round.

When it comes to local and community amenities, the condo is well-placed so that it provides easy access to the Orange Line, and it's also near enough to the major highways that a commute to Boston will take only a little more than 20 minutes or so.

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