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Methuen is a Boston suburb that has plenty going for it, and if someone is planning on moving into the area, there are plenty of properties to purchase or rent in order to set down roots. While this is a prime area for single-family homes, the town also has its share of condominiums for sale that is very convenient to live in as well. Condos are often valued for their price, convenience, and amenities, and the condos that are present on this town's Phillips Street are no exception to this rule.

Each of these units is different; some of the condos in the area have been built as single-family homes as early as the middle of the 19th century, and some of the properties have been in the area for only about 30 years or so. In just about every situation, these condominiums are converted homes, which means that residents can have the comfort and coziness of the single-family experience and also have the convenience and upkeep that comes with condo life. Due to this, many of the condos have either garages or parking spaces, which make the living experience very convenient and easy for car owners.

In fact, many of the condos in this area of town have amenities like fitness rooms and various activities that the owners can engage in throughout the community, but all have maintenance staff on-hand that will take care of repairs, property cleaning, and upkeep, and will ensure that the owner's needs are met. As with anywhere, these features are usually funded by a homeowner aassociation fee, and in many situations, this fee will also cover incidentals like heating and cooling as well.

When it comes to the condo varieties, the Dutch Colonial style of home is prevalent in the area, and when it comes to spaciousness, 1,300-plus square feet is relatively common. Also, while there are three-bedroom, two-bathroom units available, there are some units on the market that have more rooms and more bathrooms for larger families. Condo homes in the area typically sell around $189,000 to $250,000, which is certainly very reasonable considering the relative proximity to Boston.

Living in a condominium can be typically very rewarding, even when compared to outright purchasing a standard single-bedroom home. In fact, typically, a condo is a cheaper and simply more convenient purchasing option. For example, with a home in Massachusetts, a homeowner is certainly going to have to deal with snow removal, which can be a true hassle for anyone that works a full-time job. With a condominium like the ones on this street, there's a maintenance staff whose job it is to take care of things like snow removal and property upkeep.

Also, condos in this area have enclosed pools and private hardwood decks for the use of the condo owners, which provides a major advantage to living in one of these communities. When it comes to in-unit features, the properties also have some truly luxurious features that serve as major incentives to living in the condo community. This includes expansive kitchens with accessorized appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, hardwood flooring that's durable and dust-resistant, and vaulted ceilings that provide a sensation of expansiveness and comfort. When living in a condo, sometimes basement levels aren't an option, but in these properties, unfinished basements are common, and some even feature laundry rooms for the usage of the owners.

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