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You'll find garden-style condo living at its finest for under $120,000 in Acton, MA. Two bedrooms and one bath are just what you need to enjoy a comfortable, convenient lifestyle. One of the best things about living here is its easy walking distance to shopping and restaurants in town. Many people prefer Acton as a town to call home, and you'll like the extra convenience that comes with living within walking distance of so many things to see and do. If you're heading out to nearby cities or towns, Route 2 or 495 are both nearby, allowing you to spend less time while traveling.

One of the advantages of living here is that you know your condo fee is put to good use. This community has undergone several important upgrades in recent years that make it nicer to live in than ever before, and you'll be pleased with the positive way that these updates will affect your life. A new boiler helps keep everyone in the building comfortable during even the coldest winters. New gutters help ensure that the building is safe from possible rain damage, and the new roofing provides even greater protection.

Your living room features wall-to-wall carpeting that compliments the condo's overall look very nicely. There is enough space for your chairs, bookcases or entertainment centers so that you never feel cramped by any means. The kitchen features a dining area, along with a full set of appliances and lots of storage space. Both bedrooms have wall-to-wall carpeting, and the carpeting is very soft underfoot. Even though your condo has a lot of space, everyone needs some extra storage sometimes. You have an extra storage cage in the building available for your personal use, which will make you feel relived knowing that you can get to whatever items are stored whenever you need them. There is also a coin-operated laundry inside the building. Make sure that you have a good place to park at all times with two reserved parking spaces.

MeadowBrook for Green Condo Living

Some condo dwellers prefer that they have plenty of space not only for their things but also for greenery and sustainability measures. With the proliferation of high-rise buildings and expensive homes, it is easy to forget about the environment. Thankfully, there are properties such as MeadowBrook that still care for nature with its garden-style condos.

MeadowBrook is a property located at 10 Meadow Brook Road in Acton, Massachusetts. Not only do these condos offer comfortable living but they are also well-priced. You can have a condo unit for just $120,000 and below. There are also luxurious spaces that you can purchase at a higher price but rest assured that they are worth every penny you spend.

For instance, MeadowBrook is proud to present the four-bedroom and three-bathroom unit that is worth more than $690,500. It can be rented or purchased depending on the new owner. If the prospect chooses to rent it out, it will cost around $2,900 per month. The huge unit measures over 3,000 square feet and is conveniently situated nearby the Acton Center with other perks in the neighborhood. It is a much-loved property that is great for families and features an open floor layout.

The building has lots of glass and welcomes natural light as part of promoting sustainability in the property. It enables the residents to save on the monthly bills as the windows invite more light and wind than smaller ones in the other apartments. Plus, the soaring ceilings will provide the residents with a sense of space and it is like living in a cathedral. It is just perfect for an entertainment venue, especially because the whole area is wide and can easily be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the residents.

Whether the new residents would like to add bookcases, chairs, or even a huge entertainment center, they will not run out of space because it is indeed as expansive as ever. The kitchen has a dining area with the needed appliances and even a storage space for utensils, cutlery, and the like. The bedrooms also feature wall-to-wall carpeting, which you can expect to be extra soft when you walk around with your bare feet.

If you still need storage, you can rent more space, which is available in the building for personal use. You are guaranteed all your belongings are safe and protected. You can also get them whenever you want to use the items.

After some repairs and modifications, the sellers made sure that the entire building showcases attention to detail when it comes to styling. Many updates are scattered all throughout the property and the green features of the condos are updated as well. These features now include a furnace with higher energy efficiency compared to the original one. With problems connected to the environment, diminishing resources, and sky-high bills for energy, the owners decided it was time to use a better furnace that the new residents will certainly appreciate.

Aside from that, the windows were also upgraded to thermopane, which is why they now fill the rooms with beautiful natural light without requiring you to up your heating bills. The new windows are more energy efficient than ever because they have an airtight seal in between their panes. Extra insulation is also a part of the renovation process, along with a hot water tank that uses solar energy. With all these new features, you can never go wrong with a garden-style condo like MeadowBrook.

The property is good for those who regularly commute to their workplaces simply because it provides access to Route 2 and 495. Also, you can get to the library, playground, and arboretum by simply walking for a few minutes. This property was built in 1983 and is situated in a one-acre lot.

It is situated in a neighborhood that is predicted to rise in home values up to 3.4% this year compared to the increase in Acton, which will be around 3.2%. This property vs. the other properties in the neighborhood is at least 26% higher than the median home price. However, it asks for 14% less than the average price per square foot.

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