Quayside Arms
93 Falmouth Heights Rd, Falmouth MA
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Property: Quayside Arms

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93 Falmouth Heights Rd, Falmouth MA






Head over to Quayside Arms in Falmouth if you're in the market for waterfront living for under $270,000. Two bed, two bath plans make your life much easier and give you the space that you need. This attached condo unit dates back to 1973 but has modern amenities that are well worth the price. A covered porch is the perfect place for a breath of fresh air while watching boats, a popular activity in this neck of the woods. Boat owners will have dock access if they want it, and this dock is big enough to accommodate yachts.

A split-level floor plan is ideal for your lifestyle, and the touches that come with this design are a lot of fun. In addition to two large bedrooms, this condo boasts an in-unit laundry area. Both bedrooms, a bath, and the laundry room occupy positions on the lower level. One cool feature you'll find is the storage underneath your front porch. There is plenty of room for bikes, beach chairs, or kayaks. You will enjoy having access to what you need for outdoor adventures, without having to use storage in another location.

One feature of the upper level is the fact that your open kitchen/dining/living area is up here. This arrangement makes it easier for visitors to enjoy being entertained while having a place to rest that is separate from the main living area. The second of the full baths is on this level of the home. Everyone who is in your home at any given time will have easy access to a restroom when they need it. The bath on the first floor features a shower with ceramic tiles. You'll like the beautiful sea views that the windows on the second story provide, along with the great sunrise views.

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