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Edwards Harborview

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45 Rantoul St.



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Edwards Harborview is located a short distance from the ocean. There are 342 residences in this complex. Units feature open floorplan and walk-in closets. Washer and dryer hookups available. Two deeded parking spaces and extra storage available. Short distance to numerous parks, beaches, shops and restaurants. Close to public transportation.

For those that like to live by the water, one of the town's best condominiums rests a stone's throw from the ocean. Edward's Harborview is a condominium that was originally built in 1912 and currently is home to 342 residences. These well-equipped units have attractive features like walk-in closets, hardwood floors, and some truly unique décor designs. In addition, the commute to Boston is about 30 minutes, whether traveling by train or by car, which means that the condo is a great location for anyone who needs to commute to the city on a daily basis.

Located at 45 Rantoul Street, this condominium has several two-bedroom, two and a half bathroom units that can come in a few different sizes including one that's 1,393 square feet and another two-bedroom unit that provides 1,234 square feet of space. Both of these condominium options typically fall under $400,000, and the estimated mortgage will cost a little over $1,400 for most owners. For these units, the homeowner's fee is roughly around $400 per month, which still provides quite a reasonable monthly cost for such an expansive two-floor space.

One of the most attractive rooms in the condo is the kitchen. Not only is the kitchen spacious, but it is also outfitted with beautiful cabinets that are constructed of oak. These oak cabinets have flat fronts and mesh beautifully with the stainless steel appliance that can be found in the space. These appliances fit well with the overall décor, and this modern looking kitchen is further enhanced by granite countertops that are strong and also inhibit bacterial growth.

Finishing up the overall visual aesthetic of the kitchen is a tiled backsplash and a lighter-colored hardwood on the floors. The aforementioned stainless steel appliances include a dishwasher, gas range and oven, a microwave, and a large refrigerator. The sink has a two-chambered design, and behind it is a large window with a large recess that can be used as additional storage space. This area also has high ceilings as well as both pendant and recessed lighting.

Directly adjoining the kitchen is a large dining area that provides significant room; in fact, with such a spacious area, most owners will find that they have enough room for a larger six-chair table. The living room is directly connected to this space as well and provides plenty of room for furniture; it even has a fireplace for the owners to relax and watch television by.

The units at this property are dual level, and the stairways are one of the most beautiful parts of the layout; each has wooden stairs with white balusters and oak handrails. The bathrooms on the property are also well-equipped and have striking décor. For example, the cabinetry is white-colored wood, and each bathroom has two basins for multiple people to wash their hands together before eating meals. Additionally, each basin is surrounded by a granite countertop. The full-sized bathrooms each have a bath/shower combination that has tile interiors and glass shower doors.

The four bedrooms at this property are all very large, and each is equipped with a ceiling fan that will help the room have excellent air circulation. Additionally, the rooms all have ventilation via ceiling air ducts, and the condos are all very warm in the winter thanks to forced air and excellent insulation. The master bedroom also includes a walk-in closet, which is a feature that is very in-demand in the area.

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