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The Villages at Monument Place

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The Villages at Monument Place offers condo living for under $500,000. Built in 2011, the condo is part of a mixed community that includes both houses and condos. One of the things that attracts people to this community the most is its beautiful landscaping, combined with scenic woodland views. When you're outside, you'll enjoy a nice, neighborhood atmosphere and have a chance of meeting a lot of friendly people. The condos in this community blend in nicely with the homes, creating a unique residential atmosphere. Every fits together seamlessly for a look that you'll be proud of when you show your new home off to everyone.

The 2,347 sq. ft. floor plan offers generous space, no matter how much time you spend at home. There are three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and one partial bath. A total of six rooms helps you enjoy life in your condo to the fullest. If you frequently entertain guests, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will make everything much easier. Your rooms are on two floors, helping you to make the most of your space. There is energy-efficient air conditioning, along with a forced air heating system.

Several parks are near your condo, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy watching the birds at Nashoba Brook, swim at Nara Park, or play some golf at Quail Ridge Country Club. There are also several great dining and drinking opportunities in the area. See what the area's best chefs have at local gastropubs, or take part in a microbrewery experience at English-style taverns with a great selection. There are also several historical attractions within a few minutes' drive, with many in Concord. One of the top historic attractions that is worth the drive is Colonel James Barrett Farm.

What is Special about The Villages at Monument Place in Acton?

If you find your current living space short of its promises of being a luxury residence, it is perhaps time to transfer to a much better option. The Villages at Monument Place in the town of Acton may just be what you are searching for, especially if you have grown weary of the claims of landlords about their property.

The Villages in this neighborhood features condos that are around $500,000 but you can also find units that are much lower than the mentioned amount. The building was built in 2011, which means that it is one of the newly constructed condo communities in this part of Acton. The whole community actually features not just condos but also single-family homes.

Monument Place offers many reasons for you to love the area. However, if you appreciate the beauty of nature, you will certainly adore the beautiful landscaping here. Inside some of the condos, there are private decks that provide scenic views of the woodland beyond the area. If your unit does not have a deck, you can still enjoy those views, thanks to the huge windows that are found in most of the units.

Another reason why you will love your stay here is that the people are quite friendly. Over the years that the condo has been a part of the village, the other residents in the area are welcoming. They make sure that the individuals who have decided to live in the condo community will not only have a stress-free time there but will also see the area as their real home.

The condos may be different from the single-family homes in terms of the design and exterior appearance but they do blend well. The result is a homey atmosphere that is quite rare in a village with diverse culture.

If you take a look at the floor plan of the condos, you will see that the residents here are awarded generous space. In fact, there is a unit here that offers just a little bit more than 2,340 square feet of space but comes with three spacious bedrooms, along with two bathrooms and another half bath. There are a total of six rooms in the condo unit that will allow you to benefit from a luxury condo.

The condos are designed well and can be suitable for any kind of lifestyle. For instance, if you are one of those who loves to invite and entertain guests, you can make the most out of the space provided for you. Some parts of the condo can even be customized in such a way that you will have a huge room for your guests. Note that the rooms are located on two floors, so you can accommodate your guests as you see fit.

As for those who are supportive of the environment, the village also promotes power efficiency in the area. In fact, the windows, along with air conditioning systems that are energy efficient are used in the building. There is also a forced air heating unit that helps in reducing the power consumption in the condo.

When it comes to the attractions in the area, you will find that there are many things to do here, including some parks where you can take a stroll. The Nara Park is just nearby in which there is a lake where you can enjoy swimming with your friends. Nashoba Brook is also close to the village, which is one of the popular Acton trails. It is a conservation land with more than 500 acres of protected space for nature. In this area, you will find a few restaurants, bakeries, and cafes where you can relax and enjoy good food and drink.

For those looking to unwind by playing a round of golf, the Quail Ridge Country Club is just close to the village. It is a highly rated club for golfers in Acton that features a nine-hole course.

Whether you just want to relax in your condo or you want to experience how it is like in this town, The Villages at Monument Place is worth checking as you search for your new home in Acton.

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