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Methuen has a long history, and as a result, there are more than a few traditional homes that span back well into the 19th century. As a result of the amount of these colonial homes in the area, there have been more than a few condo conversions, and the condominium on 297 Broadway is a great example of a condominium conversion done right. The property itself dates back to 1950, and there are several condo units available for purchase within the colonial era home.

As a result of the units being located in a home from this era, there are a lot of cozy amenities available for anyone looking for a place to live. Not only are the floors made of hardwood and sturdy, but the rooms have wood-framed entryways and the ceilings are vaulted and high. Overall, it's a very pleasant place to stay for just about anyone, and the fact that the units have a few options including one- and three-bedroom setups that are optimal for individuals and families.

The condo itself has a three-story design. The top floor of the unit has an open floor plan and actually incorporates a skylight into the design. The ceilings are cathedral-style, and there is a wealth of storage space. Each unit has access to a private laundry facility in the basement and there is also plenty of shared yard space for the owners.

These are spacious condos. A three-bedroom unit in this converted home provides about 1,195 square feet of living space, and many of the available units feature a one and a half bath design that's very convenient, especially if the owners have a family. Each room is independently heated, which is useful in the winter months, and considering that the condo itself is well-insulated, tenants will appreciate how comfortable this condo can be during the colder months.

For those looking for a good deal, these condo homes are also very reasonably priced; to live in one, an owner can expect to pay as little as $625 per month in mortgage due to the fact that the properties go for about $188,000 per unit. Despite this low cost, the properties have been updated so that kitchens have islands, ceiling fans have been installed, and the units have an adjoined garage that's available for the residents and their guests.

When it comes to property amenities, the property has more than a few features that would certainly be a draw for just about any prospective owner. This includes amazing lighting options like bay windows in the chief living spaces that allow for plenty of sunlight to enter the home, recessed lighting in each room, and the aforementioned ceiling fans that are present in many of the unit's social areas.

As mentioned previously, the kitchens have undergone some updating, and these are often some of the most beautiful areas of the condominium. Not only are they spacious enough to also house a dining room set, but they also are equipped for the convenience of the owner. Like many other condominium units, the kitchen is equipped in such a way as to accessorize with the d├ęcor; each of the condos include a refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher that is colored black so that it goes well with the general aesthetic. Additionally, the kitchens are filled with wooden cabinetry with white fronts, countertops, and some units also feature a wooden bar that can be used as an extra eating space.

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