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Chestnut Village

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20 Westgate Rd



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Chestnut Village is one of the oldest Boston condo communities, originally built in 1965. In recent years, it has seen renovations that have put it up to the same standards as many newer communities. The location is convenient if you'd like to see what this building offers in the $150,000 range. You'll have off-street parking for two cars, an excellent option in this area where enough spaces are in short supply and high demand.

An updated galley kitchen has new appliances while offering the space that made up the original design. New appliances that feature stainless steel will perform as you expect, with easy cleanup when needed. One of the newer additions is a dishwasher that cleans your dishes with maximum efficiency. Your cabinets feature an attractive design that is consistent with the upgraded appliances and helps you maximize your storage space.

Newer tile in the bathroom also helps make things better. The beautiful dove-gray tile is not only used on the floor, but also on the walls. There will be far less effort required to keep your bathroom clean with these tiles. The overall look from the addition of the tile has resulted in the room looking spacious. A full-size, attractive bathtub and white sink cabinet nicely finish off the look of this bathroom. You can store cleaning supplies and other items under the sink without interfering with access to the pipes.

Your bedrooms and living area have classic overhead light fixtures in a flush mount style that give you plenty of light during the nighttime hours or when it's overcast outside. Because all these rooms have real hardwood flooring, they will be very easy to keep clean and allergen-free. Baseboard heating provides efficient heat during the winter months. Higher windows with Venetian blinds help give you greater privacy, regardless of what you choose for curtains or drapes.

Originally constructed in 1965, this entire property was completely renovated in 1985. Located at 20 Westgate Road, these condominiums were one of the first condo buildings in the entire area. Over the years, the property has been completely renovated so that it has finishes and amenities similar to modern condominiums.

Within the unassuming brick exterior, residents will find condos that truly shine. Many of the condos boast of updated kitchens and bathrooms. Other than typical appliances like refrigerators and stoves, residents can also enjoy having dishwashers and microwaves.

Residents can enjoy having tasteful renovations at their home. Many of the condos boast of off-street parking for two cars. Unlike other properties in the area, these homes can often be found for around $150,000. Recent condos have sold for $200,000 to $250,000, so prospective buyers should move quickly to invest in this one-of-a-kind property.

Amenities at the Complex

One of the biggest reasons why tenants choose to live at this condominium is because of the location. From this property, residents can easily reach all of the restaurants, shops and transportation options that Boston has to offer. Plus, commuters can enjoy the convenience of having off-street parking for two vehicles. In an area where parking is hard to find, this amenity alone makes these apartments well-worth the price.

After entering the spacious units, residents will quickly notice the lovely kitchens. Updated to have a galley-like style, these kitchens are outfitted with all of the latest appliances. Many of the condos boast of stainless steel appliances that are sleek in appearance and easy for cleaning. Plus, the addition of a new dishwasher in the units makes like even more convenient at the property. All of the kitchens retain the original, spacious design that was created in the original layouts. As an added benefit, plenty of cabinet space makes storing items easy.

The same attention to detail extends to the living area and bedrooms. In these spaces, residents will discover classic light fixtures placed overhead. These use the flush-mount style so that you always have plenty of light for working or entertaining in the evening. Heat at the property is provided through baseboard heating that is perfect for warming up in the wintertime. Meanwhile, the higher windows are outfitted with Venetian blinds that help to boost privacy and the overall ambiance.

Throughout the bedrooms and living spaces, residents will discover gorgeous, real hardwood flooring. Because these floors use actual hardwood, they are great for anyone who suffers from allergies. In the spacious bathrooms, residents will find new, dove-gray tile on the walls and floors. Because of the pretty tiling, residents can easily clean up their bathroom in just a moment. Plus, this bathroom space is equipped with a white sink cabinet and a full-sized bathtub.

While it may have been designed decades ago, these units have triumphed over the years with an effortless grace and dignity. They boast of well-maintained interiors and a classic layout. These condos are especially great for first-time buyers who want a home in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. With open layouts and clean interiors, the possibilities are endless for prospective residents.

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