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The Lofts at Clarks Pond

  • The Lofts at Clarks Pond
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25 Cedar St.



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You'll love The Lofts at Clark's Pond if you're looking for an Amesbury condo that offers you maximum convenience for under $200,000. People who love entertaining will enjoy their open floor plan that combines the kitchen and living room into one large space. The hardwood floors, exposed brick, and high ceilings help show off this building's unique early 1900's design.

An office/study area off the living room is a nice, quiet place to set up a computer or perform other tasks. This area has carpeting, is spacious enough for the furniture you need, and also has good closet space. You will appreciate having the extra space to utilize as you please.

The kitchen is oversized, with attractive cabinets and granite countertops. Recessed lighting under the cabinets provides the extra lighting that you need when you're creating that perfect culinary masterpiece. Because the floor plan is open, you can make the rounds between the kitchen and guests gathered in the living or dining room very easily. You will want to use the extra space that your bedroom offers, along with the other touches like exposed brick found in other rooms, and a bathroom with a new vanity. This building has a lot of character, and you'll be glad you decided to call it home. Other amenities include in-building laundry, a dog-friendly policy, and great common areas to enjoy with other residents.

This community is close to the T station, allowing you to make use of the area's extensive public transit system. One of the nicest places within easy driving distance is Hampton Beach. This beach sees a lot of tourist activity during the summer. You're also within a fairly easy driving distance of Salem, with its many attractions related to the Salem Witch Trials. Salem's 13 Ghosts and the Salem Wax Museum are worth your time.

Why You will Love The Lofts at Clark’s Pond

For under $200,000, you will find a condo at The Loft’s at Clark’s Pond, which is just right at 25 Cedar Street in the town of Amesbury. The layout of the place is quite unique as it provides more space for the residents by combining the living room and kitchen in just one area. You may think it will not work but it is actually quite a clever idea, especially if you always have some guests visiting you.

If you plan to have parties and even simple get-togethers, you will truly appreciate this distinct floor plan at The Lofts at Clark’s Pond. You have one large space where you can entertain your guests and everyone can converse and eat in one massive area.

Meanwhile, even if you are not a party person and you do not like inviting other people to your loft, you will still find the layout quite helpful. If you have been craving for a condo that gives you ample space that you can use for your work or studies, you will definitely find this place useful. You can modify it in such a way that it will give you more functionality based on what you need. For example, you can arrange the parts of the condo that you do not need and you can place them in the storage area. In exchange for them, you can replace them with something useful for your work, such as more tables and chairs.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a study area in the living room. It has been set up and is secluded from the other parts of this section. It is indeed nice and quiet and you can put your laptop here or another gadget or anything where you can perform your tasks. The living room is fully carpeted and the study or the work area is padded so that you can focus on what you are doing. Also, it is spacious so you do not have to worry about adding more furniture in this area. You will also find a closet space where you can keep your books and other resources if you like.

Additionally, the hardwood flooring in the condo frees up the residents from doing several household chores. You will find this useful especially if you are a busy individual who needs to take care of work or your exams even during the weekends. This type of flooring is not as demanding as the others and you do not have to keep sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to keep it clean.

The high ceilings will make you feel as if you have plenty of space as well. They are styled based on cathedral ceiling with an early 1900s structure. It is as if you are in a property that combines modern living with a retro design. You have plenty of storage space, too. You can use it to your advantage, especially if you have a ton of items that need to be stored and locked away for safety while they are not in use. The good news is that you can utilize the extra space in the attic or even the basement as you please.

At the other side of the living area, you will find the oversized kitchen, which is easily recognizable because of the granite countertops and the appealing cabinets that have been updated to match the tastes of the residents. Since the kitchen area is quite spacious, you can divide it and place the dining spot here.

Aside from the kitchen and the living room, let us not forget about the bedrooms where there are exposed brick as well, just like with the other parts of the house. The bathroom has a massive vanity that has been updated as well. The Lofts at Clark’s Pond is dog-friendly and offers common areas where you can keep up with the other residents at the building.

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