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Lately in Boston, it seems like you can’t walk a block or two without seeing a new condo or apartment building under construction. Despite the massive uptick in the construction of these luxury buildings, however, pickings remain slim. Even though tons of projects are constantly in the works, some attract more attention than others—and Port 45 is a prime example. Slated to be a high-end luxury condo development that includes an array of upscale amenities and services, the new development is currently under construction in South Boston. As always, Boston City Properties is keeping tabs on this project, and we will keep you in the loop as it progresses.

Before delving into what the development is expected to offer, do yourself a favor and sign up right now to search Boston City Properties’ listings if you are currently looking for a new home. While units in this development won’t be available for some time yet, many have already been reserved and are essentially sold. In other words, if you want a shot at snagging a stunning condo in this building, time is of the essence. By signing up to search our listings right now, you can quickly zero in on promising options in what’s sure to be one of the hottest new luxury condo buildings in the city.

The Basics

As mentioned earlier, Port 45, which is currently still in the final phases of construction, is an upcoming mixed-use luxury condo building in South Boston. With its location on West 3rd Street, the building is situated within close proximity of the South End and the Seaport District, putting it in one of the most central and desirable areas in the city. The L-shaped building includes five stories, and they house 105 luxury condominiums ranging from one-bedroom units to townhomes with three-plus bedrooms and private entrances.

Upon completion, this development will offer around 144,500 square feet of residential space. In addition, there will be approximately 3,400 square feet of retail space along the ground floor of the building. Approximately 16 of the units in this building will incorporate its two courtyards into their outdoor space, producing a cohesive and elegant ambiance. Most other units will include some sort of private outdoor space, whether in the form of a balcony, a terrace or a patio. A soaring two-story glass lobby will welcome those who enter, providing an upscale first impression.

Units are Selling Fast

As of January 2018, nearly 80 percent of the 105 condos that were originally up for grabs in this building had been pre-sold. Although the development isn’t expected to officially open until May 2018, it appears that every unit will be spoken for by that time. If you have your heart set on owning a condo in this spectacular building, now is the time to act. Take the first step right this instant by signing up to search Boston City Properties’ listings. Alternatively, contact us for a referral to a local agent who can assist you with securing a home in this building.

Compared with the construction of many other luxury residential buildings in the city lately, the Port 45 project has unfolded without any complications. The projected opening date was pushed back a few times, but that is par for the course with these kinds of things. The first step in the process happened in July 2015, when the city officially approved the developers’ plans for the building. The developers acquired the land for the project in April 2016, paying around $17.25 million to procure it.

When construction began on the Port 45 development, developers expected it to be wrapped up by Fall 2017. As often happens with large projects like these, however, the timeline got pushed back a bit due to minor setbacks. All the while, however, the management company has been actively pre-selling units. As a result, this quickly emerged as the fastest selling condo development in Southie. Fewer than 20 percent of units are left, and the best way to see which layouts and options are available is by signing up to search Boston City Properties’ listings. In a flash, you can check current availability for luxury condos in this highly anticipated new development.

About the Condos

One of the first things to establish when seeking to buy a new condo is what kind of budget you are dealing with. Because Port 45 is a luxury condo building in an incredibly prime location, units here sell for a pretty penny. Fortunately, there are multiple layouts and sizes, so finding something in your budget may be doable depending on the circumstances.

Incredibly, some of the units in this building have been selling for upwards of $900 per square foot. Note that units here range in size from around 600 square feet to more than 1,500 square feet. Although floor plans have not been released, Boston City Properties has basic information about the types of condos that are available; how many of each are available; and roughly how much they are listing for on the market:

Condo Amenities

Should you be fortunate enough to secure a condo, you can be certain of enjoying an array of exceptional features and amenities within whatever unit you purchase. Although the developer has not yet released interior photos of these units, mockups are readily available. Many details have emerged about the amenities and features that will be offered, and they include:

Amenities and Services

There should be no doubt in your mind about the quality and style of the luxury condos at the complex. Based on everything that we know so far, we are certain that condos in this building will be regarded as among the best in not only Southie but in the Seaport and the South End too. What’s inside the condos themselves is impressive, to be sure, but the building itself is also bursting with notable amenities, features and services. If you are interested in buying a home here, Boston City Properties can connect you with an experienced real estate agent in Southie who can assist you and fill you in on the details. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of some of the most notable features of this development:

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Like many who keep an eye on new residential construction projects in the city, you may have had your eye on the development for some time already. With the opening of this development finally on the horizon—it is projected to happen in May 2018—it is time to get moving if you want to have a chance to snag a place here. If you are reading this, you are already off to a great start. On this page, you can sign up to gain access to Boston City Properties’ considerable resources, and these will help you find what you need much more quickly and easily.

Boston City Properties maintains one of the largest and most comprehensive online databases of searchable MA real estate listings around. While many assume that these are strictly listings for single-family homes for sale, our database includes listings for condos for sale, apartments for rent and much more. Once you sign up for access by completing a simple form, you can start searching immediately. Our convenient search tool lets you search listings by neighborhood, and you can use filters to refine your results even more.

If you are interested in buying a unit at the luxury complex, your first step should be performing a quick search of our listings. That way, you can see what kinds of options are currently available in this highly anticipated new development. Listings include in-depth information about the properties in question, and there are typically lots of photos as well.

There is more to buying a condo in a hot market like Boston’s than finding a listing for one, unfortunately. As competitive and fast-paced as the market is—especially for luxury condos downtown—it is crucial to get all of the help that you can get. Boston City Properties can help you in that regard too, as we have connections with experienced and skilled real estate agents in neighborhoods across the city.

When you are ready to move forward with buying a condo in the building or another building, contact our team. We will refer you to an agent who knows the development well and who can line up tours of units for you. Your agent will be able to walk you through the buying process, ensuring that you are protected every step of the way. Before you know it, you will be closing on a stunning new luxury condo in one of the hottest areas in Boston.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling on purchasing a condo at the upcoming development in South Boston? Boston City Properties has you covered. First, sign up to search our listings for free. After checking availability and narrowing things down, contact us for a referral to a local agent. In no time, you will be on your way to living in what’s sure to be one of the hottest luxury condo buildings in the city. For more information, call Boston City Properties.

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