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One of the more interesting areas of Methuen, Massachusetts, is Armstrong Avenue. This avenue is home to a wide variety of condominiums that provide a suburban getaway for those that work in or near the Boston area. In fact, the town is an excellent choice for those that want to get away from the big city; it's only about 44 minutes from town, which means that it's well in range of a daily commute. The properties on this avenue were designed specifically with condo living in mind, and as a result, prospective owners will find that these are good options for anyone that doesn't want to consider traditional home ownership.

Many of the homes in town have construction dates that go back as far as the early 19th century, which means that this is definitely a great place for anyone that wants to experience a bit of the town's history. That being said, the homes on this avenue are actually relatively new; construction began in 2007, but they still have designs that call into memory the colonial homes throughout the town. As a result, these offer some of the most comfortable types of living arrangements, which is why converted condos like these are so highly in demand in the area.

For this reason, fireplaces are very common and having one of these home features opens up a plethora of possibilities for both socialization and warmth during colder Massachusetts nights. Additionally, many of the condo homes in this area also feature wooden beams throughout the structures; these structural concessions not only provide a high degree of stability, but they also add a sense of coziness to the homes that make the whole unit feel nostalgic.

Hardwood floors are also present throughout the condos on this avenue, and these types of floors provide benefits like better air quality because they trap less dust and pollen. Additionally, these floors are some of the most durable out there; while they may scratch, it typically takes a lot of effort to do noticeable damage. These are also oftentimes the easiest type of flooring to maintain; an owner won't have to do much to keep the floor looking neat and clean.

When it comes to floor plans, the homes on this avenue have a significant amount of space. It's not uncommon for a condo home of this type to have over 1,500 square feet of total space, and when considering that property values in town are relatively low considering that they are so close to Boston, it becomes quickly apparent that this is certainly a housing market to look into. In fact, the majority of the condos in the area hover around $280,000, which means that they are relatively easy to pay off, and can be great investments, especially considering how much neighboring Boston is growing.

Prospective condo owners will find that the majority of the condo units in the area are two-story converted homes. Since the majority of these were constructed in the last decade, there are also some nice modern amenities in these condos. Each of the homes feature some stylish internal concessions like painted molding, recessed lighting, and large windows. As is common with condos, the kitchen is fully-equipped. Each unit has an electric range, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher. When it's time to wash clothes, each of the condos has a basement washing room for the owners to use at their convenience.

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