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Boston Single Families

Boston City Properties is Boston's single family home sale experts. Our website is connected to the largest real estate database in Massachusetts and literally every single family house for sale in the Boston area should be listed on the system. We also have listings for Boston singlefamilies for rent. Click the "Search Sales" and "Search Rentals" buttons above to see up to the minute listings in the Greater Boston area.

Different Styles of Homes

Boston notably is the oldest city in the country, and it has the stunning architecture to show for it. In many of the neighborhoods that are located closer to the downtown Boston area, you will find historic single family structures with a wide range of styles. Many have been impeccably preserved through great care over the years, and others have been impressively restored. Some of the oldest homes that were constructed before 1930 have a Georgian or Federal style. Homes built after this period have revival, Greek revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Romanesque, Gothic, high Gothic revival and later Gothic revival. In addition, you can also find homes that have a Queen Anne, stick style, shingle style, exotic revival, colonial revival or other styles throughout the area. In addition, there are numerous neighborhoods largely on out outskirts of the metropolitan area that have been constructed in the last few decades that have a more modern or contemporary feel to them.

Selecting Your Neighborhood

There are more than two dozen distinctive neighborhoods that are spread throughout the Boston metropolitan area. These include some of the earliest settled communities in Boston to more modern areas. Each has a certain vibe or feel that appeals to different home buyers and renters, and some people find that they instantly fall in love with a specific community after visiting it. You may consider driving through some of the different areas of Boston to acclimate yourself to the different personalities in each neighborhood as a first step if you are not familiar with the area. As you do, pay attention to other factors that are important to a buying or renting decision, such as proximity to your workplace or major thoroughfares, shopping venues, medical centers, parks, schools and other venues that are important to you.

Choosing Your Home

Many home buyers and renters will be able to narrow down their options to a handful of neighborhoods after taking this step. The next step is to select the perfect home for your needs and budget. In many communities, you may find a great mix of homes available at a range of prices and sizes, and this makes it easier for you to find the ideal home in the area of Boston where you choose to live. A real estate agent may provide you with greater assistance as you narrow down your choices to the specific home that you ultimately decide to purchase or lease.

While Boston is a large area that spans across 4,500 square miles, you can easily narrow down your home choices by selecting a lovely neighborhood or community to search for a home in as a first step. There are often hundreds of single family homes for sale and rent throughout the area at any given time, providing you with many options to choose from. This database includes listings in all neighborhoods in Boston and the surrounding area including:

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