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Everett Single Family Homes

Situated north of downtown Boston and northwest of Chelsea, Everett is a small community that is removed from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Nonetheless, this is a very developed area that is home to more than 41,000 residents. For those who are looking for a community close to Boston that offers all of the comforts of modern city life without immersing them directly in the urban landscape, Everett may be the ideal community to consider.

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The Early Days in Everett

Like many of the communities in the Boston metropolitan area, Everett is a community that was originally settled in 1630. It actually was included as part of both Charlestown and Malden before it broke away and became its own city. Uniquely, the city is the only one left in the United States that has a bicameral legislature. Population growth in Everett has largely mirrored that of the surrounding areas, and the majority of the growth occurred between 1890 and 1920. While there are many historic homes available for lease or purchase in Everett, some of the areas have been developed more recently or revitalized with urban renewal projects. Because of this, there is a mix of older and newer construction in the area.

Life in Everett

Everett is conveniently located close to Highway 99, Highway 16 and the Adamski Memorial Highway. Because of this, it is relatively easy for local residents to commute to other areas throughout the community. Everett is farther north from the downtown area than many other neighborhoods and communities that buyers and renters may choose to live in. However, there are numerous job opportunities in Everett as well as in surrounding communities like Revere and Chelsea, to name a few. Many who live in Everett enjoy being close to attractions such as the Mystic River and Glendale Park. There are also numerous shopping and dining venues in the area.

Homes in Everett

If you make the decision to buy or lease a home in Everett, you will be pleased to learn that real estate is relatively affordable in this community. The median home price for the last quarter in 2014 was $315,000, and this is considerably lower than the average throughout the Boston metropolitan area. Rental rates for single family homes and other types of housing options are also comparatively affordably. Some of the homes in the community are small, with only one or two bedrooms. However, there are older homes that have as many as six or eight bedrooms or more. While some of the homes have retained a historic charm, others have newer construction or have been recently renovated. These may have a more modern appearance inside and out.

Everett is a lovely community that you must visit to appreciate. It is ideal for home buyers and renters who want to be close enough to Boston to enjoy all that it offers without being surrounded by tall urban structures. You can spend time today learning more about the real estate options available for sale and for rent, and you can explore some of the smaller neighborhoods located within Everett. When you are ready to tour a home or if you have questions about the community, contact a real estate agent for further assistance.