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Situated just south of Interstate 90 in the heart of the Boston metropolitan area, the South End is a beautiful and historic area that provides its residents with a unique, urban lifestyle. This area is located just south of Boston and close to Back Bay, Roxbury, Dorchester and Bay Village. While it is located within close proximity to the skyscrapers in the downtown area, the South End is largely dictated by row houses and lower commercial areas. Many who work in the downtown area choose to live in the South End because of its convenient location and wonderful amenities and commercial venues like shops and restaurants.

How the South End Has Developed

While many areas in the metropolitan area were settled by Puritan colonists in the 1600s, the South End did not experience this type of settlement. Originally, the area was a marshland that could not be inhabited, but this changed when fill was brought into the area between 1830 and 1870. This enabled residential buildings to be constructed close to the downtown area, and many of the existing structures today carry architecture styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These include styles like Greek Revival and Renaissance Revival, to name a few. By the time the residential development started in the area, commuting transportation systems were already in use in other areas throughout the Boston area. These were quickly introduced to the South End, and this resulted the rapid development and growth of the South End.

A Closer Look at the South End

If you have not yet toured the South End, you may want to include this beautiful community in your list of areas to consider for your home search. The majority of the streets in the South End were built in the mid to late 19th century, and they are row-style homes that may be as tall as five stories in height. Many have beautiful stonework featuring slate, granite, limestone or other decorative stones. The entire community is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and it is known as the largest historic district of its kind on the continent. The area also features many park and community garden areas and smaller commercial developments to add to the convenience of its residents. This truly is a district that you must visit in person in order to fully appreciate.

Real Estate in the South End

As you might expect, the revitalization of historic homes and the proximity to the downtown area has made the South End among the most coveted areas to live in the South End. While this is not the most expensive area of Boston, many of the homes have a sales price that exceeds $1 million. The average listing price for the South End is $995,000. In addition to the row-style single family homes available for sale or lease, there are also condos, town homes and other living options available at various price points.

After you learn more about the benefits of the area and the charming homes available for sale and for lease in the South End, you may decide that this is the area of Boston that you want to live in. When making a real estate decision, you may consider seeking assistance from a local real estate agent who has personal knowledge of homes in the area.

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