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Beacon Hill Single Family Homes for Sale & Rent

Like Back Bay, the Beacon Hill community is an officially recognized historic community in Boston. In fact, the neighborhood, which is located just east of Back Bay, has been listed as a National Historic Landmark since 1962. While this is a popular area for tourists who admire lovely historic architecture to visit, it is also a charming area to call home. Like Beacon Hill, residents here will enjoy waterfront access and views and proximity to the heart of the downtown Boston area.

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The Prominence of Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is a highly affluent area in Boston, and it may be among the most expensive communities to buy or rent real estate in. The area is located on an elevated piece of land in relation to other surrounding communities that gives it a lofty air, and this is combined with the impressive architecture found throughout the neighborhood. Those who initially visit Beacon Hill immediately notice the attention to detail that has gone into the urban planning and design. It has brick-paved sidewalks and gas-lit street lamps that instantly create a sense of charm and historic appeal that is not found in other areas of Boston. This is combined with the lovely rows of three and four-story row houses that line the streets. These have a gorgeous Federal-style architecture that adds classic elegance to the area.

A Closer Look at the Homes in Beacon Hill

While you will instantly notice the beautiful architecture and urban design of the area, a closer look at the homes in the area will reveal if this is the right community for you. As one of the most affluent areas in Boston, it is not surprising to learn that these are larger homes that typically range in size from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet. Some fall outside of this range, including a few that exceed 8,000 square feet. The average home price in this area is more than $2.2 million, and some home prices exceed $5 million. This is notably higher than the average of $1.01 million throughout the entire Boston metropolitan area. In addition, homes in the area are typically in high demand, and there are often fewer than 100 homes listed in Beacon Hill at any given time.

Life in Beacon

If you choose to buy or lease a home in Beacon Hill, you will be within close proximity to many historic structures, including the Charles Street Meeting House, the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial and the Massachusetts State House, to name a few. Amidst the historic architecture of the area, you will also find numerous specialty and boutique shops and trendy restaurants in the area. This adds to the upscale feel in Beacon Hill. With proximity to Interstate 90 and Highways 1 and 28, residents can also enjoy convenient access to other venues throughout the Boston area.

Beacon Hill is undeniably a beautiful area to live. Combining the beauty of the Charles River waterfront with historic architecture that dates back for centuries, the classic elegance and relaxed luxury of the area is easy to fall in love with. Because homes in the area are limited in supply and are in high demand, working with a real estate agent with your home search is a great idea.