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Charlestown Single Family Homes for Sale & Rent

Settled in 1628, Charlestown has the distinction of being the oldest community in the Boston metro area. Its popularity as a residential community has increased over the years due to its proximity to the downtown area as well as its extensive coastline along both Boston Harbor and the Mystic River. The area has an energetic urban and eclectic vibe that is combined with its lovely historic architecture to give residents much to love. By learning more about Charlestown, you may decide that this is the ideal location for you to live.

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A Community With a Rich History

When Charlestown was originally established by Puritan colonists, the area was also inhabited by a Native American tribe. The original site of the founder's home remains as a historical landmark in the center of Charlestown. During the American Revolution, the famous Battle of Bunker Hill took place close to the heart of Charlestown, and there is currently a monument that stands as a reminder of the battle. Between the 1960s and 1990s, a large number of the historic homes that stood in the area were renovated during a large scale urban renewal project.

What to Expect From Life in Charlestown

While some of the historic structures remain, others have been erected to mimic the historic architecture from the area's earlier days. In addition, there are a number of modern structures interspersed throughout the area. The majority of the homes appeal to the middle and upper-middle classes, and many enjoy the easy commute across the river to jobs in the downtown Boston area. With its large waterfront, many in Charlestown enjoy sailing, boating or fishing from time to time. There are also numerous shops, parks and other venues that add to the relaxed lifestyle in this community. Residents here are also close to points of interest like Winthrop Square, Soldiers Monument, the USS Constitution, Freedom Trail and others.

Real Estate in Charlestown

Whether you choose to rent or to buy a home in Charlestown, you will have plenty of options available to choose from. The median home price is approximately $788,000. However, with the limited number of listings in the community, the average and median home prices vary considerably from time to time depending on the size of the homes that are on the market at the time. While real estate sales in the area are limited, there are often more than 100 different rental options available at any given time in the community. These options include single family homes for rent as well as condos, apartments and other options. Generally, the prices for home sales and rental options are below the average for the entire metropolitan area, and this makes Charlestown a rather affordable and desirable area to live in due to its central location.

While many of the communities that are located within close proximity to downtown Boston have a high cost, Charlestown is a notable exception. Whether you are looking for the most affordable home available or you want a home with a view of the water or the Boston skyline, you will have many great options to choose from. You can begin learning more about the options by exploring the listings online, and you can meet with a real estate agent to tour the homes that most closely meet your needs.