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Allston is a charming community that is located in the northwestern section of Boston, and the area is largely mentioned throughout Boston as a combined community with nearby Brighton. However, while Allston-Brighton may be a common way to describe this area, the fact is that Allston is a separate community in its own right, and it is home to approximately 30,000 residents. With a closer look at what this area has to offer, you may find that it appeals to you.

Upper and Lower Allston

When you spend time exploring Allston, you will find that this community is broken up geographically by the Massachusetts Turnpike that runs through the center of the area. The area to the north of the turnpike is called Upper Allston, and it largely features apartment buildings and three-story row houses. To the south of the turnpike, you will find Lower Allston. In Lower Allston, you can find lovely single family homes interspersed with multifamily dwellings. These typically have a Victorian-style architecture, and most were built between 1890 and 1920. The median home price here is around $350,000.

The Charm and Personality of Allston

While Allston is considered part of the Boston metropolitan area, it is largely removed from the area geographically by the Charles River and the community of Brookline. In fact, it may have closer ties to Cambridge, which lies just north of Allston. However, with the Massachusetts Turnpike running through the center of Allston, residents enjoy easy access to the downtown Boston area. In addition to the geographic separation from Boston, Allston is unique from other areas of Boston because of its fresh, upbeat vibe and energy. While you can find numerous historic structures with impressive architectural detail here, the area also is home to many restaurants, shops, bars and other venues. Local sporting venues and even a historic stockyard are located in Allston, and this combination of venues adds to the unique personality of the area.

Why Residents Choose to Live Here

The community of Allston is rather unique in comparison to other areas in and around the Boston area because of its geographic separation from the rest of the city as well as because of its interesting blend of historic architecture and modern conveniences. It has an upscale yet historic ambiance that gives the area a special grace, but it is not mottled down with stodgy sophistication. Many who choose to live here love being close to the downtown area without being immersed in it, and they also love the unique and energetic vibe of the community.

Allston is a rather small section of Boston, and many people actively search for homes to buy or lease in this popular community. Because of this, those who have decided that they want to make Allston their home may consider working with a real estate agent to narrow down their choices and to make a serious selection about their next home.