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East Boston Single Family Homes

Originally comprised of six individual islands just east of Boston, East Boston today is a single land mass. It was annexed by the city of Boston in 1836, and it currently is home to approximately 40,000 residents. Many who choose to live here love the proximity to the downtown area, the Logan International Airport and the coast. By spending time learning more about what East Boston has to offer its residents, you may decide that this is the right community for you to choose to live in.

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Blending Old and New

While many of the neighborhoods in the Boston area were settled in the early to mid 1600s, East Boston uniquely was not. Because the six islands that originally comprised East Boston were not attached to the mainland, the area remained relatively undeveloped until the mid 1800s. Several transportation solutions were suggested, including establishing a ferry system between the mainland and islands. However, ultimately, the city decided use landfill to combine the islands with the mainland. Notably, East Boston is also home to the Kennedy family, and it has a strong history as being home to immigrants from many countries over the decades. More recently, professionals have started moving into renovated communities and homes located along waterfront areas such as Eagle Hill, Jeffries Point and Maverick Square.

A Relaxed Urban Lifestyle

With its proximity to downtown Boston and the airport, East Boston has a distinctively urban feel. However, the area is also marked by an expansive coastline with the harbor and marinas. In East Boston, residents will enjoy proximity to Piers Park, the North End, the Financial District, Suffolk Downs, the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation and Fredericks Park. Because of this unique combination of attractions and points of interest, East Boston has a uniquely relaxed urban lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of residents. It is among the less densely populated neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, but there are still numerous housing options available for you to choose from when in the market to buy or lease a home.

Great Housing Options

If you are searching for a place to live in East Boston, you may be delighted to learn that there are both older and newer options available for you to consider. A large portion of the community is taken up by the airport, and there area is also broken up into smaller communities like Lower and Central Eagle Hill, Jeffries Point , Orient Heights and Lower Orient Heights. There are some historic homes that date back for centuries, and there are also more modern structures that have been built within the last decade or two. In addition, there has been a recent revitalization effort that has resulted in the modernization of many single family homes and condo communities. The average home price in East Boston is $338,000, and there are typically less than a hundred listings at any given time in this community.

For those who want to enjoy proximity to downtown Boston and the airport without being immersed in a heavily urban environment, East Boston is a great option. You can spend more time exploring the fabulous housing options in the area and getting to know the different neighborhoods in East Boston. When you are ready to narrow down your options and begin touring homes to find the right option to buy or lease, you can work with a local real estate agent.