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Cambridge Single Family Homes for Sale & Rent

Cambridge may be among the most well-known neighborhoods in the Boston metropolitan area. Home to more than 105,000 and home to two of the most distinguished universities in the country, this is an area that offers its residents charisma and historical distinction just northwest of the downtown area. Because Cambridge is separated geographically from the downtown area by the Charles River Basin, you can enjoy great views of the Boston skyline across the waterway from many areas in Cambridge.

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The History of Cambridge

When Cambridge was first settled by Puritan colonists in 1630, it was located approximately eight miles away from the downtown Boston area. This was a considerable distance to travel by horse or foot. Because of this, Cambridge grew slowly over time, and the majority of its residents lived on small farms or in estate homes. While there were many commoners, there were also a number of wealthy elite individuals who lived in an area that is known as Tory Row today. Two bridges were constructed in the early 19th century that shortened the commute to Boston. This enabled the area to grow more quickly. While Cambridge has always been an agricultural and commercial hub, it also has long been known as an academic and literary hub that has brought some of the most intelligent individuals from across the country and beyond to the area.

The Lifestyle in Cambridge

Because of the presence of both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, the lifestyle in Cambridge today is rather eclectic. The area is also home to a number of technology start-ups that adds to the diversity and that continues to foster and upscale environment in the community. The incredible history and beautiful architecture of Cambridge's older homes is combined with energy brought to the area by the schools and high tech businesses to create a truly distinctive environment for residents to enjoy. In addition to providing residents with a great ambiance full of energy, it also is located just across the river from the downtown area. This makes Cambridge ideal for those who want to commute to downtown Boston.

Real Estate in Cambridge

With the relatively large population and distinctive history of Cambridge, buyers and retners may be pleased to learn that there are a wide range of real estate options available to choose from. There are a number of lovely row houses in a wide range of sizes as well as estate homes and other real estate options to choose from. The median home price in Cambridge is approximately $530,000, and there are typically several dozen listings for home buyers to choose from. There are an additional number of rental listings available. Because there is considerable variation in terms of size, style and age of homes in the area, many who are looking for higher end homes as well as more budget-minded homes may enjoy a great selection in Cambridge.

Whether you want to buy or lease a home close to one of the prestigious schools in Cambridge or you want to take advantage of estate homes on Tory Row or proximity to the downtown Boston area, you will love all that Cambridge has to offer. You can get to know more about Cambridge's distinctive communities as a first step, and you can use the services of a real estate agent to narrow down your options.