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Situated in north Boston located close to the heart of the downtown area, Back Bay is an area that is known across the country for its impressive architecture. It is one of the few communities in the Boston area that is officially recognized by the city government as a neighborhood. Many of the area's residential buildings date to the 19th century, and they largely have either been impressively preserved or taken over by infill projects for revitalization. This gives the area a truly historic ambiance despite its ideal location close to the hustle and bustle of the downtown Boston area.

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A Closer Look at the Architecture in Back Bay

While there are numerous communities across Boston and even throughout the United States that have well-preserved buildings with historic architecture, the community of Back Bay is a distinguished area that is known to be historically significant. In fact, the entire community is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Here, you can find truly gorgeous Brownstone homes with Victorian-style architecture. The area was well-planned during its development, and many who visit the area admire the urban design. The originally planning of the area included a number of building requirements, including setback and height requirements, and this has resulted in a uniform and completely appealing design that many cannot help but admire even centuries after the homes were originally constructed.

The Ambiance of Back Bay

Amidst the beautiful residential architecture in Back Bay, you will also find public and commercial buildings that carry the same historical significance. In Back Bay, you will find historic Copley Square, the Old John Hancock Building, the Old South Church, the Boston Public Library and other beautiful and historic structures. While Back Bay truly has a nostalgic ambiance that creates a certain dignified and upscale feel, it also has a modern vibe that you might expect to find in a community that is located within close proximity to the heart of a major metropolitan downtown area. Back Bay is also home to trendy restaurants, boutique retail stores and more. Both the residential and commercial buildings in the area often take advantage of proximity to the river for great waterfront access or water views. Altogether, this is an upscale yet laid back area that many love to live in.

The Homes in Back Bay

This is a community that largely attracts affluent buyers and renters due to the size of the homes and the cost of living in the area. The majority of the homes in Back Bay are between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet, but there is some fluctuation outside of this range. In addition, most of the listings have a multi-million dollar sales price. Even the smallest homes under 2,000 square feet in size generally will sell for more than a million dollars.

Because Back Bay is a trendy, upscale area that offers its residents many conveniences inside the neighborhood and throughout the nearby downtown area, real estate in the area is in high demand. Whether you have plans to make a purchase or to lease a home in this beautiful and historically significant area, you may consider working with a real estate agent as you begin searching for your next home.