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Mount Auburn Hospital Cambridge Area

Welcome to the residents, staff members and patients affiliated with Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge! We know that everyone at Mount Auburn wants to have a place to call home that offers easy access to the medical campus for convenience. Instead of spending hours commuting back and forth to Mount Auburn each week, look through our listings to find a luxury apartment or condo community that features all of the amenities in the right location.

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Getting started with Boston City Properties is as easy as signing up. The quick process gives users access to our comprehensive listings. We are the experts when it comes to apartment and condo rentals and sales in the Mount Auburn area, and our goal is to help our website users connect with a place that they can truly call "home." Here are just a couple of the communities near Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge that we list on our website:

University Park Cambridge

Once the site of crumbling factories that were in need of revitalization, University Park Cambridge was imagined in the 1980s. Replacing an area that was in dire need of renovation, the luxury apartment complex is strategically located to give residents access to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Mount Auburn Hospital. One feature that sets this community apart from the rest is its 1.3-acre outdoor space. Meticulous landscaping and local art makes the common area ideal for residents who would like to take in some fresh air and relax near home.

University Park Cambridge includes four different residential buildings that each provide amenities that cater to unique individuals:

All of our listings come with the information that users need to determine whether the communities will be ideal for them. Contact information is listed for each building to ensure that users are able to schedule a showing and apply for the home that they want to make their own.