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Jamaica Plain Real Estate

As one of Boston's most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods, Jamaica Plain offers real estate options for everyone from investors to first-time home buyers. Whether you'd like to rent an apartment in Jamaica Plain or would like to purchase a beautiful home here, do yourself a favor and sign up for free access to Boston City Properties' real estate listings. They include information for Jamaica Plain condos, investment properties, commercial properties, apartments, home and more, and our information is constantly updated to ensure superior accuracy.

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Boston City Properties is thrilled to offer free access to our incredible database of real estate listings, including many prime options right in Jamaica Plain. To gain access, you just have to complete a short, easy signup process. In a matter of seconds, you can start browsing and searching these listings to pinpoint properties that suit your goals, needs and budget. With vivid photos, helpful virtual tours, informative descriptions and more, our listings give you everything you need to hit the ground running.

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Browsing and searching real estate listings provided by Boston City Properties is an excellent first step. Eventually, you'll need to go check out properties in person. Down the line, you'll have to make an offer. Fortunately, we employ experienced real estate experts who are right in Jamaica Plain. They know this neighborhood very well and are extensively familiar with its rental and real estate markets too. Their assistance is sure to be absolutely priceless.

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If you're looking for real estate in Jamaica Plain, chances are you know exactly what you want. Find it more quickly and easily by signing up for access to Boston City Properties' convenient, up-to-the-minute real estate listings. Once you're signed up, you may browse and search to your heart's content. If and when you need further assistance, get in touch. We'll connect you with JP real estate agents whose guidance is sure to make a huge difference.

If you are looking for an interesting place to locate in the Boston suburban area, try Jamaica Plain. The area is as beautiful as its unique name and is home to hundreds of houses, condos, and apartments that you'll find of interest in this area.

Jamaica Plain

Are you looking for a great neighborhood in Boston to live in? How about exploring the possibilities in Jamaica Plain? This is a neighborhood of about 4.4 square miles in the Boston area which was originally founded by the Boston Puritans who were in search of farmland in the south.

It is also in proximity to the Roxbury community that seceded from that area when West Roxbury was founded in 1851. Like many areas of Boston, Jamaica Plain illustrates the strong influence Boston has for the designs of Frederick Law Olmstead. There are plenty of opportunities to find properties in the Jamaica Plain area. Below are some of the available features in that area.

Apartments for Rent in Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain has many different apartments for rent that are notable. Below are some we found that you may want to search for when hunting for real estate property.

224 Hyde Park Avenue, #2

This lovely new condo in the Jamaica Plain area is located on Hyde Park Avenue and features some of the best assets of both an apartment and condo unit. It features full southern exposure that creates a bright and sunny atmosphere that is only a 10-minute stroll to the Forest Hills Station. It's close to the Orange Line, all Boston metro commuter rails, and other locations. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance, and grocery stores are within easy access.

It features new tiled bathrooms, and a brand new modern kitchen all with gorgeous stainless steel appliances and the three bedrooms are all roomy and spacious. There are even double closets in the master bedroom. One extra perk is that there is no broker fee on this property. This is just one example of the excellent properties you can find in the Boston city and suburban area. Take a look at Boston properties yourself to see what you can find. Use our site to filter your searches.

Did we mention the beautiful hardwood floors? You just have to see this location to believe it! It has so many beautiful and modernized features that it's hard to list them all in this article.

Price for this condo/apartment is only $2,300 per month with all gas and utilities included. You'll also like the conveniences involved such as the gas heat and stove, dishwasher and in-unit washer and dryer combination. There is also convenience on-street parking, and pets are allowed with some restrictions. Talk to the manager to find out what they expect regarding pets.

The lease terms are fixed term, and the length is negotiable, so this would be a great location to look at for a traveling business person or someone who is not quite sure how long they'll stay. There is a one-month security deposit and a $125 key fee.

87 Tower St # 1

This location is an apartment rental located in the Forest Hills T station area. It features a vast living room area that is both spacious and bright with new hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances and a separate dining room. This location has been recently renovated, and it has also been recently painted. There is a shared washer and dryer in the basement area and a shared backyard.

Rent is $2,400 per month and pets are negotiable.

162 Boylston St

This location features a nice two-bedroom unit that is located on Boylston Street in the Jamaica Plain area. It's a two bedroom unit with lots of extras, and the price is $2,350 per month.

This reasonably-priced location is fine for the working professional, family person, or anyone who is wanting to find a great deal in the Jamaica Plains location. Try a search for this property when you shop for real estate in this area.

How about a loft?

If you are a Bostonian who longs for the quiet of suburban lifestyle, here is a loft style apartment that is located in the heart of the Jamaica Plain area. The exact location is 251 Heath Street, Apartment 404. Some of the best amenities it offers are listed below:

This location is also close to the Longwood Medical Center, Brookline Village, and the Downtown Boston area including several restaurants and bike or walking paths. This is a loft-style setup, so you'll have all the space you want for storage as well when you choose this beautiful highly-maintained loft in the Jamaica Plain area.

What kind of property should I choose?

Real estate is alive and well in the Boston area. There are about as many kinds of features as there are locations! But it's also fun to consider the different types of real estate that you can rent and think about the day when you may be able even to purchase your own home.

When deciding whether or not to purchase or rent a home or condo, think about what you can get out of it in the long run. Do you plan to live in the unit yourself or rent it out to others? Condos are an excellent investment for people wanting to invest in real estate properties that they want to make a passive income from. When you invest in a condo, you'll be able to charge whatever you want for rent to someone else, as long as you keep the condo up to standards and maintain it well.

Many condo owners stay in the condo themselves most of the year, then rent it out to others during the summer or vacation seasons.

Apartments are best for anyone who does not know how long they want to stay in a given area or if they are unsure how long they'll stay. Traveling is a factor, too. Apartments are often located close to bus and rail terminals, as well as local airports, so they seem to be more fitting for those who travel a lot or who need to be able to leave quickly.

If this fits you or you just prefer renting over purchasing, it's probably best to choose an apartment rental. When you rent an apartment, you are not tied down to a house payment or a mortgage. You can enjoy your space without worrying about any upkeep on a more extensive house space. Plus, in most cases, you may not even be responsible for mowing the lawn or doing any maintenance on the grounds since the landlords usually do this.

Ready to buy a house?

The biggest plus for purchasing a house is that you will own something of your own. You can count your house as part of your assets. You can write off some of your house upkeep off of your income taxes. If you own a business, you can also write off much of your rent from your business income taxes if you use your home for business.

Additionally, houses usually increase in value in many cases, as long as they are kept in the best possible condition and updated as needed to keep the modern amenities such as on-site security systems, garage doors, and such like up-to-date.

How to Sell a House in Jamaica Plain

If you are looking to sell a house rather than purchase one, you should consider the same types of issues in making your decision on how to deal with marketing agents, potential buyers, and so forth, that you would do if you were buying. In other words, you should focus on getting the best real estate professional possible that will represent you in the best way and find you the best buyer.

Many people are trying to sell their house to purchase another one. In this case, it is even more critical that you focus on finding the most efficient team and doing your due diligence to make your transaction successful.

If you want to find out what your competition is, it's a great idea to search for listings that most closely represent the type of property you have and compare prices. Also look at how your home compares to others in your neighborhood. Comparing your house to others outside of your community is not as helpful as comparing within your district. A real estate agent can better explain why this is the case. But it is just more logical to compare to homes that the same people might be looking for that are looking at your house.

Remember that you are listing your house in the same market that people are looking for apartments in your price range. Make your price as competitive as possible while still offering the best deal to the potential buyer and getting you the best deal, as well.

How much did you invest in your home?

One factor to keep in mind when you own your own home is how much to spend on home upkeep and improvements. There is a strong argument for updating your house and improving upon it to increase the market value. This is a good idea if your goal is to find a buyer who will appreciate the extra amount you have put into it by improving and remodeling your home.

Things like roof repair and foundation repair are essential whether you plan on selling your house eventually or not. This is just regular upkeep that needs to be done to take care of your home and keep it up to standards. But redoing a bathroom or a bedroom, adding new coats of paint to a hallway, or revising your kitchen cabinets all raise the value (and thus, the asking price) of your home.

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Jamaica Plain

If you need to know how to find a good real estate agent, there are a few things you should do to get started finding one. You need to think about all of these factors when deciding what real estate agency or agent you'll use. It's too important of a decision to leave it to chance when listing your property.

  1. Talk with clients who have recently dealt with the agent or agency.- By talking with people who have dealt with the agent, you'll get an idea of how well they go out of their way to help their customers.
  2. Find an agent that has a good reputation for pleasing their clients.- Good agents leave their clients happy. Whether it's a buying or selling situation, you need to know that your agent will go out of their way to help you have a successful real estate transaction.
  3. Look at their current listings to see if the listings are similar to the one you hope to list with them.- Checking their current listings will give you an idea of the types of real estate they handle and the styles of homes and other factors that may affect your experience.
  4. Pick an agent who knows their territory and neighborhood.- One of the most important things you can do when dealing with a real estate agent or agency is to choose an agent who truly knows the lay of the land, so to speak. They need to have a working knowledge of which properties are likely to become available, how much people typically pay for certain types of properties and other issues.
  5. Ask about other properties that are on sale that you'll be competing with.- Know your market and know your competition. This step will help you to truly understand who you are competing with and know what to do to have the best chances of success.

Whether you work with a real estate agent, broker, or bank, or sell your home yourself, it would help you to prepare by doing your due diligence. Know your market. Know what your competition is, and plan your sales or buying strategy.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, start with a search on our site to see what the market is and do your homework by searching for specific properties that meet your needs.

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