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If you want to rent, purchase or invest in real estate in Boston's West End, Boston City Properties has you covered. We know this Boston neighborhood like the back of our hand and are pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive databases of listings for this part of the city around. Whether you are looking for houses, commercial space, condos, apartments, lofts or other types of real estate, our team and our listings will help you locate it quickly and effortlessly.

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Boston City Properties' database includes real estate listings for properties throughout the greater Boston area. From this page, you can access listings specifically located in the West End. We also have a powerful search feature that makes it even easier to pinpoint properties that suit your objectives, lifestyle and budget. With virtual tours, tons of photos and in-depth descriptions, these listings are a great first step in the journey toward owning or renting property in the in the neighborhood.

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If you're ready to take a closer look at real estate in the West End, don't go it alone. Instead, contact Boston City Properties. We will put you in touch with experienced real estate experts right in the neighborhood. Their in-depth knowledge of the West End and its rental and real estate markets will go a long way toward helping you purchase or rent properties in this exciting neighborhood.

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An Overview

This small, distinctive enclave stands near one of the oldest parts of the City of Boston. Today West End maintains an estimated semi-permanent population of nearly 4,900 people. This modern, activity-filled zone of towering buildings encompasses an area of mixed commercial and special purpose residential developments.

The modern boundaries of this neighborhood consist of Martha Road on the northeast and north, Staniford Street on the east, Cambridge Street on the south, and the Charles River on the West. It sits entirely within Suffolk County, and includes the Hayden Planitarium and a portion of the Museum of Science, both situated directly over the Charles River along busy Route 28. Charlesbank Park and world famous Massachusetts General Hospital dominate its southwestern quadrant.

This modern urban location lies near the heart of the vibrant City of Boston. It offers immense diversity. Attached residential properties (apartments and condominium developments) exist in close proximity to commercial and institutional premises within this unique setting. The vast majority of housing here serves the hospital. The immediate area offers activities of interest to residents on a 24/7 basis.

Some online sources have awarded this neighborhood an A+ rating for its nightlife based upon its close proximity to Central Boston. Since busy Massachusetts General Hospital functions on an around-the-clock basis, people in this community discover employment opportunities during every hour of the day and night. A variety of support services for hospital staff members, employees, and patients assist residents. This section of Boston, dominated by in-demand medical facilities, never really closes.

Immediately outside this neighborhood, you'll discover a vibrant urban night life. Just east of Staniford Street, professional sporting events, fine restaurants, upscale department stores, and a myriad of boutiques, clubs, and entertainment venues attract visitors. Residents of West End discover numerous attractions within ten miles of this location. They easily access Central Boston and its numerous transportation and communications services and landmarks.

Massachusetts General Hospital maintains a large campus here. The facility includes associated residential accommodations. Blossom Street encircles the perimeter of the land owned by the hospital.

The campus itself encompasses a number of buildings used as classrooms, meeting rooms, and labs. It offers several cafeterias open to the general public. A free shuttle provides transportation to the 30 buildings standing within the extensive hospital grounds. A number of parking garages also operate in this neighborhood; the hospital owns several of these structures, and private companies also maintain and operate some parking facilities here.

Massachusetts General Hospital serves as one of Harvard Medical School's most important and prestigious teaching hospitals. Harvard University stands in nearby Cambridge, just a short drive west across the Charles River. Students undertaking graduate level medical training pursue clinical components of their coursework at the Massachusetts General Hospital campus.

This large Boston hospital provides services to numerous outpatients every year, in addition to caring for hospitalized patients. With a current capacity of 1,011 beds, the hospital performs an estimated 34,000 surgeries annually. Patients enter and leave the facility every day. Massachusetts General Hospital serves as a level one trauma center; this medical center employs thousands of people.

Commercial businesses in this neighborhood include a number of fast food restaurants and some boutiques operating on campus and along the outskirts of this busy center. Several large luxury hotels stand within walking distance of the hospital shuttle service. The Shriners maintain a burn institute just across the street from the campus.

The majority of residential properties in this location lie north and east of Blossom Street. Prospective property seekers will not discover a large number of private properties available for sale or lease here. They will find some apartments for rent in the far northern portion of this district, however. Additionally, some developers have reportedly proposed adding condo communities in this area. Currently, a green belt runs through the upper third of the neighborhood, just a short distance north of the campus.

Due to the limited permanent population here, the neighborhood does not encompass a brick-and-mortar public school system. Youngsters can access private and public schools within a short distance of the immediate area. Additionally, children residing for extended periods in the hospitals here obtain public school services.

Most residential properties in this location serve the needs of local medical facilities. National publications have listed Massachusetts General Hospital as one of the top health care centers in the United States. This acclaimed medical facility conducts a variety of teaching and training programs in several specialized health care fields. Its clinicians serve a frequently changing population of patients and students.

Some Advantages of Residing in This Location

Why do people seek residential properties in this location? By far the strongest reason to relocate here involves living in close proximity to Massachusetts General Hospital. This large institution maintains a thriving campus. It offers a wide array of specialized medical services. The hospital operates on a 24/7/365 schedule. Medical students, nursing students, clinicians, lab technicians, and many people engaged in allied health professions sometimes require living quarters close to these facilities for brief periods of time. Some programs here also depend upon the skills of on-call employees (as well as students). Additionally, patients and their family members sometimes choose to stay in this location for variable lengths of time.

Another reason to search for a home in this neighborhood relates to the area's close proximity to Central Boston and its numerous landmarks. As one of the most historic locations in Massachusetts, Central Boston offers a rich variety of tourist attractions. History buffs can spend many happy hours visiting unique locations in this vibrant part of the city, which played such an important role in events leading up to the Revolutionary War. From the West End neighborhood, residents easily access historic landmarks in nearby Central Boston. They also enjoy a dizzying array of commercial services. (Some people likely consider residing here simply in order to take full advantage of nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities.)

Frequently, people who relocate to this unique neighborhood appreciate owning or leasing realty in one of Boston's most historic locations. Although comparatively recent urban renewal efforts have eliminated most traces of earlier developments here, this neighborhood does remain an historically significant urban center. The value of land in this location has risen during recent decades, in part due to the expansion of the hospital and its teaching facilities.

Rely on Boston City Properties

When you seek to list, purchase, or lease real properties in this one-of-a-kind Boston neighborhood, we hope you'll think of Boston City Properties as a resource. We serve residents of this diverse community by providing conscientious, knowledgeable real estate services. We'll do our best to help you accomplish your goals as you explore residential properties in this location.

If you cannot find the types of properties you desire within the immediate neighborhood, ask us to help you locate homes meeting your requirements in nearby residential areas across the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. We offer valuable assistance to property owners and prospective property seekers. Our staff will try and help you meet your real estate goals.

For example, if you do find yourself in the position to place a home in this neighborhood on the real estate market, you may wish to consult with Boston City Properties first. Ask us to prepare a neighborhood marketing report for you detailing key property sales trends. While not an appraisal, this study may offer some assistance to you as you seek to determine a competitive price for a listing in this specialized neighborhood.

In general, home sellers who price their properties too low sometimes sacrifice some level of equity they have already acquired in the realty. Yet overpricing a listing also holds undesirable consequences. It may cause a property to remain on the market for an extended period of time, for instance. Boston City Properties seeks to supply valuable assistance to realty sellers as they prepare to place homes on the sales market. Our services prove especially valuable for property sellers and landlords in this one-of-a-kind locale. (If you plan on listing properties near this location soon, we can also help you!)

Additionally, our services offer great value for anyone searching for realty in this community. We seek to help both home seekers and full-time investors. If you've hunted for a way to enhance a real estate portfolio, then you may want to consider touring available income producing properties in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. Properties don't reach the realty marketplace in some locations here with great frequency; yet you can rely upon Boston City Properties to help alert you to new listings in the neighborhoods you designate. We'd like to assist you in optimizing the time you spend searching for your next home in this part of Massachusetts.

Popular Home Styles

This urban location offers opportunities for people seeking apartments and condos for sale or lease. Whether you choose to move to a renovated structure, or you'd like to help establish a new development, we want to assist you in creating the home of your dreams in this remarkable community. This location so close to the heart of Boston holds allure for many people today.

Types of Real Estate in This Marketplace

Some online sources estimated the median value of homes in this neighborhood in early 2018 at slightly over $465,000. Gross median rents during the same period stood at $2,228. Property marketers and prospective purchasers should appreciate property listing prices in this market fluctuate over time, based upon a variety of supply and demand factors.

In locations with comparatively small numbers of residents, property transactions involving very high end or very low end listings may significantly impact the reported median price levels. While realty has often appreciated in this location during recent years, prices might fall in the future. Property seekers should always exercise diligence in researching lots and homes of interest to them.


Due to the limited availability of land in this neighborhood, and the importance of the established medical infrastructure in the local area, developers enjoy comparatively few opportunities to acquire tracts for new residential communities here. However, from time to time, tracts zoned for residential uses may reach the marketplace. Consider asking Boston City Properties to notify you if and when land becomes available for sale in this location.


In the distant past, standalone houses predominated in this market. However, urban renewal has largely eliminated this category of real estate as an option here. High land prices and a dense population contribute to the immense popularity of other types of housing in this part of the City of Boston.

Attached Dwellings

In some cases, residents of this area discover attached dwellings available for sale or lease. Many residential properties in this location remain under the ownership of medical facilities and private universities. They frequently serve as special use residences for a transient or semi-permanent population. However, some privately owned commercial businesses do operate within this revitalized district.


You will discover some private apartments available for rent in this neighborhood. While not extensive, this category of housing currently enjoys a high demand. If you plan to relocate here, it makes sense to begin your property search as soon as possible. In general, far more single bedroom apartments exist in this market than other types. Prospective buyers seeking multi-bedroom and multi-bath units will need to hunt diligently in order to find accommodations. If you need to obtain a residence within a narrow time frame, it may prove helpful to expand your search area to encompass some adjoining neighborhoods.

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Boston City Properties specializes in real estate in the dynamic Greater Boston Metropolitan Area. We offer a range of helpful services for prospective investors, property seekers, home sellers, and landlords. Contact us to learn more about our company. We frequently help people relocate into this community from distant locales. Ask us to assist you in identifying properties of most interest to you.

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