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Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation Services by Boston City Properties

If you’re looking to lease commercial real estate space in Boston, you’re going to want all of the help that you can get. Although handling it yourself may sound doable, the reality is that it exposes you to properties that are being marketed by landlord representatives. These professionals act in the best interests of landlords – not tenants – and therefore often aren’t concerned about ensuring that you get something suitable and for a fair price. With tenant representation services by Boston City Properties, you gain a powerful ally in your search for suitable commercial space; read on to learn how they can help.

They Work For You

Our tenant reps work in the best interests of the people who they represent: tenants like you. Rather than helping landlords to fill space as quickly and profitably as possible, they assist clients with finding properties that align with their actual needs. Your tenant rep will also work to ensure that you get the fairest price and best terms possible.

They Help You Save Time and Money

Locating commercial space for lease in Boston on your own is a massive undertaking. Unless you are experienced regarding such transactions – you can waste huge amounts of time looking at properties that were never suitable for you in the first place. Furthermore, our reps know the commercial real estate market in Boston inside and out and therefore know fair lease prices for various buildings and neighborhoods, allowing you to get the best deal.

Connect You with More Options

In a fiercely competitive commercial real estate market like Boston’s, many properties are leased out before ever being advertised. A skilled tenant rep has invaluable insider knowledge that allows you to connect with properties that you otherwise never would have known about. They can direct you toward commercial space that’s not being marketed anywhere but that is available for lease, allowing you to swoop in and snag great opportunities like an expert.

Help Boost Your Negotiating Power

Business owners like you don’t tend to engage in intense commercial real estate negotiations very often. As a result, it is easy for you to miss out big-time during such transactions. Boston City Properties’ tenant representatives understand the intricacies of filling commercial leases, so they are invaluable allies during negotiations. Your rep will advocate for you during the process, ensuring that your best interests are protected every step of the way.

Knowing What You Need

You may think that you know your requirements for commercial space, but chances are that you are underestimating or overestimating various things. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, our tenant representatives can help you to understand your actual space requirements and the types of amenities that you really need. They can point out things that never would have occurred to you, allowing you to find commercial space that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.


Acquiring new commercial space for a business is a major undertaking, and securing and leasing the space is just the first step. Boston City Properties’ commercial real estate tenant reps have connections with professionals of all kinds, and we can help you to find the services that you need quickly. From contractors to real estate attorneys, your rep can recommend knowledgeable and reliable professionals to assist you with every aspect of leasing commercial space in the city.

Our tenant reps are ready to help you find the Boston commercial space that you need, so contact us today for more information!