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Office Buildings for Sale

Among seasoned property investors, the general consensus seems to be that investing in commercial real estate--especially office space--is a risky endeavor. While this certainly holds true in many markets, the exact opposite can be said about Boston these days. With some of the lowest office vacancy rates in decades, now is a terrific time to invest in office space in the city and outlying areas. Whether you have invested in commercial real estate before or are breaking into it for the first time, Boston City Properties can help. First, get the lay of the land regarding Boston area office buildings for sale, including the pros and cons of investing in them, by reading on below.

Current Market Conditions

Before attempting to invest in office buildings in the city, it is helpful to understand how the market is currently doing. Put simply, it is on fire. As with residential real estate, office space is at a premium in most parts of the city and surrounding areas. It is especially sparse in the Central Business District and in Cambridge. Meanwhile, the Seaport District is quickly becoming a new hot-spot for commercial real estate, so it is well worth it to set your sights in that area as well.

Collier's third-quarter report for 2016 regarding commercial real estate in Boston offers a lot of eye-opening information, including:

Office Building Classifications

For the purposes of commercial real estate, there is a classification system for different types of office space. The system categorizes office space and office buildings based on their amenities, age, infrastructure and aesthetics. It is much easier to make sense of listings for office buildings for sale when you have a firm grasp of what the different classifications mean. Most investors naturally prefer Class A space, but the truth is that there is money to be made across all classes--especially in a hot real estate market like Boston's.

Here's a quick rundown of the three main office space classifications:

The Benefits of Investing in Office Buildings

Before investing in any type of real estate, it is crucial to be aware of the pros and cons of doing so. Conventional wisdom regarding commercial real estate investment isn't overwhelmingly positive, but it's important to remember that Boston really is special. If there's any city in the world where investors can reap the benefits of investing in office space, it's Boston.

A few especially compelling reasons to invest in office buildings include:

Potential Drawbacks to Keep in Mind

Investing in office buildings in Boston right now is a winning proposition. Still, nothing is perfect. While odds are that you will have a positive experience, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls. When you consider the potential return that you will enjoy from investing in commercial space, you will most likely decide that the benefits far outweigh the risk. These pros and cons also vary depending on the property in question, as some buildings--particular Class A buildings downtown or in the Seaport--are among the safest bets around.

A few potential drawbacks of investing in office space include:

Should You Invest in Boston Office Buildings?

At this point, you may already know for sure whether or not investing in office space in Boston is right for you. If you're still on the fence, it may help to talk to someone who has experience in this area. Boston City Properties can connect you with experienced and talented real estate professionals in the neighborhood where you are looking to invest. We can put you in touch with someone who has in-depth knowledge regarding office space investing in the city. With their insights, you will have a much easier time making an informed decision.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Navigating your way around Boston's complex commercial real estate market can be overwhelming even for seasoned investors. If you are new or somewhat new to this type of investing, it can be downright impossible. The first step in doing so successfully is arming yourself with the right help and the right information. You will get all of that and more by connecting with Boston City Properties. We understand the city's real estate markets well and have tools and connections that will benefit you enormously during your endeavors.

A few ways in which Boston City Properties can help include:

For many reasons, investing in office buildings in the city of Boston is the thing to do in a hot commercial real estate market like Boston's. By getting in on the action now, you could reap the benefits for many years to come. Experts predict that rental rates will continue to rise for the next 12 to 24 months or even longer, so this is a great time to secure a terrific office building somewhere in the city. Boston City Properties has tools, experts and resources that can help enormously, so give us a call today.