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The Town of Newbury contains Newbury Center, also commonly referred to as Old Town, Byfield and Plum Island, all of which have independent voting districts, commercial areas and municipal offices. Newbury has a population of about 6,600 citizens and has a reputation as a year-round beach community.

Settled and incorporated in 1635 and named for the town in Berkshire, England, Newbury was previously home to the hunters, fishermen and farmers of the Pawtucket Indian Tribe. The early settlers here would engage in the same activities as well, with townspeople owning a collective 3,000 heads of cattle by the late 1700s. Trades such as shipbuilding and tanning were also among the ways settlers of Newbury maintained employment.

Newbury had its share of historical firsts, beginning in 1636, when the first water-powered mill opened at the site of the Byfield waterfall, followed by the start-up of the Bay State's inaugural textile mill. It was also the place where the nation's first preparatory school was established in 1763, with the opening of what became known as Dummer Academy. The first female seminary was founded in Newbury in the early 1800s.

Today Newbury has a town library, and businesses here have the support of the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce. The Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport is within a stone's throw from town and serves the health needs of Newbury citizens, while volunteer undertakings like the Byfield Community Arts Center boost community connections and feed the spirit through the promotion and sharing of the arts.

The 4,700-acres Park River National Wildlife Refuge is another draw for the area, where visitors and residents alike can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities while checking out the sand dunes, cranberry bogs, freshwater marsh and the migratory birds this place was established to protect. Another local highlight includes the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm, a National Historic Landmark on 230 acres that raises a variety of farm animals and offers hands-on opportunities to learn about farm life. A system of nature trails invites locals and visitors to spend a day outdoors and take in a picnic lunch at the base of one of the long-standing maple trees.

Newbury is part of the Triton Regional School District, which additionally serves students residing in the neighboring locales of Rowley and Salisbury.

Those looking to live in Newbury may enjoy a recently advertised two-bedroom, single bathroom beach house. This year-round rental is just a few steps away from the water's edge. The home features an open kitchen and living room and a spacious deck at the back of the house, and it is near the local commuter rail station, Route 95 and the neighboring locality of Newburyport.