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Off-Campus Apartments Near New England College of Optometry

If you are in the market for off-campus apartments near New England College of Optometry, you're in luck. Boston City Properties routinely helps students who attend this prestigious school with finding ideal housing situations not far from campus. Thanks to its location in Boston's popular Back Bay neighborhood, New England College of Optometry – or NECO, as it's more commonly known – is close to a vast array of off-campus lofts, studios, condos, apartments, rowhouses and more. Of course, zeroing in on the right place is easier said than done. It doesn't just need to be within reasonable proximity of NECO; it needs to fit into your price range and should include the amenities and features you want too. With help from Boston City Properties, finding the right option is a whole lot easier.

About New England College of Optometry

Founded in 1894, the New England College of Optometry is the oldest continually operating college of optometry in the United States. As a result, it's among the best known options for people who plan to become optometrists or otherwise plan to work in the optometry field. Whether you're from the Boston area or are coming from elsewhere in the country or world, you're sure to be thrilled to have been admitted to this prestigious school. NECO is located at 424 Beacon Street in the Back Bay and offers Doctor of Optometry and Master of Science in Vision Science degrees. Whichever route you're pursuing, you're going to want to line up suitable off-campus housing near NECO as quickly as possible, and that's where Boston City Properties comes in.

Back Bay Off-Campus Apartments Near NECO

If you're not familiar with Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, you're in for a treat. It's among the best areas to find off-campus housing while attending NECO, and Boston City Properties can help you determine the best areas and options to consider. With its rows of lovely Victorian brownstone homes and remarkable 19th-century design features, the Back Bay is among the most charming parts of the city. It's home to a number of important landmarks, including the Boston Public Library. From superior shopping at Copley Place to the historical landmarks of neighboring Beacon Hill, the Back Bay is unlike anyplace else on earth. What's even better is it's studded with great off-campus housing for NECO students like you.

NECO Off-Campus Apartments: Amenities and Features

As with most areas in Boston, the average going rate for a studio apartment in the Back Bay starts at around $1,300 per month. When you work with Boston City Properties, we will take your budgetary needs into consideration to help you find someplace that's affordable and convenient. Just tell us the amenities and features you can't live without, and we'll scour the literally hundreds of listings to help you identify the most viable options. Depending on your situation, you may be in a bit of a rush to secure a suitable home before classes begin. Don't worry! We are skilled at helping NECO students find and lease excellent off-campus apartments in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill and other desirable and convenient neighborhoods near the school. We're ready when you are, so get started today!

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