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Mendon leases

The small town of Mendon is a place known for its deep involvement in the United States Industrial Revolution and these days, this historic town of about 5,800 people is part of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor.

The Worcester County town, settled in 1664, got its start as an eight-by-eight-mile tract of property known as Squinshepauge, and was purchased from the Nipmuc Indians. The town was originally home to 15 families who came from the Weymouth and Braintree regions. This stretch of land, later dubbed "Mother Mendon," would one day break up to also form Millville, Blackstone, Northbridge, Bellingham, Upton and Uxbridge. The people of early Mendon incorporated the town in 1667, but at the start of King Philip's War, the townspeople abandoned Mendon and some settlers lost their lives. Those who remained returned to Mendon following the end of the war in 1676.

About a century later, the surrounding towns broke off, largely due to the lack of a waterway fitting for operating waterwheels used to power textile mills. At this time Mendon was fertile ground for the establishment of boot and shoe shops and other businesses of the like, some of which are still running today. Later, the Blackstone Canal provided Mendon farmers a way to sell their crops in towns alongside the Blackstone River.

By the latter part of the 19th century Mendon and Lake Nipmuc became a popular vacation destination for wealthy residents in surrounding towns and earned the nickname, "Nature's Beauty Spot." Soon Nipmuc Hall was constructed, visitors were invited to enjoy sail and steamboat rides on the lake, and big acts like Stan Laurel performed at the hall. The lake remains a best-loved getaway spot today, and Southwick's Zoo brings more than 200,000 tourists to Mendon every year.

The Mendon of today, a relatively peaceful spot with an array of athletic fields, a veterans' memorial park and the historic town common known as Founder's Park, is also known as the first location where the American rock band Aerosmith performed its first concert in 1970.

This small town has two elementary schools as well as its own middle and high school, elevating this locale's value for anyone looking to make Mendon their new place of residence. Boston is less than an hour's drive from this quaint community, making Mendon a logical pick for those who prefer small town charm but still need to head to the city to conduct business.

A single family three bedroom home with a full bathroom on Blackstone Street offers an idea of what potential renters may find in Mendon. This split-level home is set off the street on a big yard. The interior features hardwood floors, a kitchen with an island and all the necessary appliances, a living room with a fireplace and a large dining area. Rent here includes heat and electricity.

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