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Medical Office Space

Boston City Properties has 100's of listings for rent and sale throughout the Greater Boston area. Fill out the form above to receive today's updated list of medical office space in your criteria. Long-term leases may be available to cater to the unique needs of a medical practice. While medical professionals typically stay in one office over the long term, practices may move from locations near a hospital to more convenient offices for the benefit of patients. It may even be possible for practices to open a second location to serve a wider geographic area, and getting the office space that is needed is often more plausible when offices are leased.

Using a brokerage with experience in the medical office space area is the best way to find a Boston office location that can work for medical professionals and their patients. Defining needs and understanding challenges that relate to medical office space in Boston can help practices navigate the rental listings to find the right space for their unique needs.

Accommodating Special Needs

One issue that medical practices encounter when trying to find an office for lease that will meet their needs is the fact that specialized medical equipment may be used in the office. The use of X-ray machines, CT scanners and other machines that produce radiation must be done in a certain type of setting, so medical practices will need to discuss whether it is acceptable to use these machines in the office.

The fact that all medical practices collect and dispose of medical waste also means that tenants will need to discuss whether hazardous materials can be present in the office. While property owners who are leasing medical office space are aware of the presence of hazardous materials in the office, it is still a good idea to review disposal plans with the property owner for reassurance that waste will not affect the property.

Utility Use

Depending on how the utilities are accounted for in a building, medical office space tenants may need to handle utility payments on their own. This is primarily due to the fact that medical offices that provide emergency care services are using utilities at all times. Other tenants may only be using utilities during normal business hours, so the added use of electricity, heating and cooling, water and other utilities may need to be billed separately to ensure that medical offices are paying their fair share.

Accommodating Patients

Since medical practices may see patients who have injuries or long-term disabilities, it is essential that medical office space in Boston complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA accessibility is required for medical practices, so it is essential for these practices to ask about accessibility before signing a lease.

Lease Term

As mentioned above, medical offices tend to have a longer lease term than general offices. This is intended to benefit both the property owner and the medical practice. Longer lease terms let medical practices ensure that they will be able to provide services to their patients without having to move locations, and the long lease terms also allow property owners to avoid the struggles of finding a new tenant. General offices spaces tend to have leases that range between three and five years, while medical office spaces tend to have leases that range between five and seven years.

Making Improvements to a Medical Office Space in Boston

Medical practices may want to add custom touches to an office space in order to reflect the goals of the practice while making patients feel more comfortable. While minor changes like painting the walls are typically allowed under lease agreements, it is a good idea to talk about any changes to the property with the property owner. Medical practices may even want to reconfigure the space in order to create separate spaces for exam rooms, rooms with specialized equipment and waiting rooms, and any changes that could seriously alter the space need to be approved by the company or individual that owns the property. It may be a requirement that the medical practice reverse any changes that were made to the space if they decide to move to a new location after the lease is up.

Finding Medical Office Space in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Understanding the unique needs of a medical practice and how spaces for lease should cater to these needs is just the first step when it comes to finding an ideal location. Medical practices that want to lease a new office to better serve patients can benefit from conducting their search through Boston City Properties.

Boston City Properties is an experienced real estate brokerage located on Boylston Street. As a brokerage that has been helping tenants find the right space for their needs for years, Boston City Properties understands the unique requirements associated with a medical office space. Representatives are able to gather information about medical practices and their needs when it comes to the size, configuration and location of an office to match these practices up with a property that fits the bill.

Agents are available seven days a week for the convenience of future tenants who choose to use Boston City Properties to make their search for a medical office space easier. Properties that can accommodate medical offices are available in the busiest, most vibrant neighborhoods in Boston to allow medical practices to serve the residents of these bustling areas.