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Massachusetts Multi-family Properties for Sale

Whether you are already well-versed regarding property investing or are just getting started, odds are that you primarily focus on single-family properties for generating rental income. In a hot market like Boston’s, it certainly pays to include plenty of such properties in your portfolio. If you really want to maximize your potential returns, however, it’s probably time to invest in some multifamily properties too. That’s especially true in Boston, as the vast majority of rental properties are units that are located within multifamily buildings and developments. With all of that being said, however, investing in multifamily housing is a whole different ball game, and it pays to have all of the help that you can get. Rest assured of that by connecting with Boston City Properties.

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Perhaps you already own rental properties in outlying Boston suburbs and are ready to move inward more toward downtown, where some real money can be made. It is easy to feel like you can’t hope to compete with more seasoned investors, as they typically swoop in and tend to have immense resources, but the truth is that you can access all of the same information as them—and there’s no reason that you can’t use it to your advantage to break into this exciting form of property investing.

On the other hand, maybe you are completely new to property investing and have simply decided to focus on multifamily housing because it is the most ubiquitous type of property in the most densely populated parts of the city. The good news is that you absolutely don’t need experience in single-family properties to make a go of it in this department. However, as competitive as the market is for multifamily housing investment opportunities, it is especially crucial to arm yourself with all of the resources that you can—and Boston City Properties should be your first stop.

While Boston City Properties focuses more on real estate as opposed to property investing, we are an important resource for anyone who wants to successfully invest in Boston real estate. That is because we offer a wealth of resources that make it a lot easier to find promising options. In particular, we maintain one of the largest and most comprehensive online databases of MA real estate listings around. You can get immediate, free access right now simply by completing the easy signup form. In seconds, you’ll be on your way to zeroing in on great listings.

By availing yourself of our convenient search tool, you’ll quickly amass a list of listings to examine more carefully later. You can then contact Boston City Properties for more in-depth information regarding various properties on your list. Our team can also get answers to any questions that you may have about listings in your results. When you are ready, we can refer you to a local real estate agent who specializes in multifamily properties and investing, so you can start visiting properties and become that much closer to finding exactly what you need.

Investing in Massachusetts

Regardless of your previous property investing experience, the idea of purchasing an entire building of rental units can be pretty intimidating. After all, isn’t that kind of thing strictly reserved for heavy-hitting investors? Not so fast. In reality, investors of all stripes, experience levels and resources do well by investing in multifamily buildings not only in Boston but across the state. While the steps involved in buying such properties tend to be different and more involved than in buying single-family properties, owning and managing such properties tends to be a lot simpler in the long run.

When purchasing investment properties in Massachusetts, it helps to start by zeroing in on a specific geographic location. Even if you are literally okay with owning a property anywhere in the state, your search will be a lot more productive when you limit it to specific cities, towns or Boston neighborhoods. The great thing about Boston City Properties’ search tool is that it allows you to search by city/town, Boston neighborhood or even by zip code. Having the ability to be so specific about where you’re looking for investment properties makes it a lot easier to find something suitable.

Besides location, many additional variables affect the viability of any investment opportunity. Needless to say, for example, you want to get a good price for the property. After all, you won’t just be collecting rental income; at some point, you’d probably like to sell the property for a profit. For that to happen, you need to negotiate your way to the fairest price. Boston City Properties can refer you to a local agent who can assist you during these negotiations, which can often be stressful and confusing. From assessing the overall value of a property to determining its income potential, your agent will help you to get off to a great start.

The Massachusetts Housing Market

With demand for housing higher than ever in Boston and growing steadily throughout many metro areas across the state, now is a terrific time to break into multifamily property investing. Over the last several years, construction of multifamily housing has exploded across the city of Boston and in many parts of the state. Needless to say, large investment groups get in on the new, shiny, soaring properties; for the little guys, there are still plenty of options, though.

To put this into perspective a little, let’s look at some data from the last few years. For the 12 months leading up to July 2016, approximately 5,400 new multifamily units were being developed across the city of Boston. This represents an increase of around 10 percent over the preceding 12 months. While many of these new units were apartments—especially luxury apartments—more of them were condos. Around 1,350 new condos were being developed in 2016, and that is only in Boston. For the 12 months prior to July 2016, only around 350 new condos were built, so it is safe to say that construction continues to be on an upswing.

What does this uptick in construction mean for investors like you? Boston City Properties can help you to assess the current state of the market to determine the best course of action. Some investors fear that the market will become oversaturated and that asking rents will start to fall. That is always a legitimate concern, of course, but with property values so high in Boston and appreciation rates steady just about everywhere, you should still do okay even if rents drop because the property that you now own will gain more and more value over time.

While Boston’s market is dominated by high-rises and other large buildings containing dozens or even hundreds of units, it is possible to find buildings of virtually any imaginable configuration for your investment needs. In various neighborhoods and in communities across the state, you can take your pick from properties as small as duplexes or as complex as complete luxury developments. Niches within the field are worth exploring too; for example, senior housing is a good area to consider. Boston City Properties will refer you to an agent who knows the local market well and who can help you identify promising niches.

Benefits of Buying

Whether you are seasoned regarding single-family property investing or are going to start investing in real estate for the first time, you may be on the fence about plunging into the world of multifamily housing. All too often, investors are so intimidated by the very idea of moving over to multifamily that they refuse to leave their comfort zones and miss out on incredible opportunities. Before making your decision, then, make sure that you are aware of the considerable benefits of owning multifamily properties. These include:

Tips for Buying Properties in Massachusetts

By now, you have hopefully given plenty of thought to the matter and have decided to go ahead and take the plunge. There are so many advantages to investing in multifamily that anyone who invests in MA real estate should at least consider doing so. Should you decide to proceed, however, take some time beforehand to learn the basics. Start now by reviewing the following tips and considerations to keep in mind when buying and investing in multifamily real estate in Massachusetts. By doing so, you won’t feel nearly as overwhelmed:

How Boston City Properties Can Help

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain when trying to break into the world of property investing. That’s true whether you already have property investing experience or not. The matter is compounded by the fact that different markets have different offerings, and navigating various markets can be tricky. Given that Boston City Properties are the experts when it comes to MA real estate, it makes sense to connect with us for all of the help that you could possibly need to find great multifamily property investment opportunities.

Some of the ways in which Boston City Properties can help during this endeavor include:

Are you ready to find out what all of the fuss is about regarding investing in real estate? Opportunities abound across the state of Massachusetts, and investors from all walks of life stand to do quite well. The trick, however, is finding properties that are really worth your while—and that largely depends on having access to timely and accurate information. When you connect with Boston City Properties, you get that and a lot more. Don’t wait another minute to begin your new investment journey; call Boston City Properties today for more information.

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