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Off-Campus Apartments Near Massachusetts College of Art and Design

As one of the oldest art schools in the United States, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, which is more commonly referred to as MassArt, is among the best places to receive a higher education in the arts. Indeed, the school routinely appears near the top of the list of top arts colleges in the country, so it's a great place to consider if you're interested in pursuing a career in this field. If you'll be attending MassArt, you're probably looking for off-campus apartments in or near Boston's Longwood Medical and Academic Area, or LMA/Longwood, which is where the main campus is located. Boston City Properties can help you identify lofts, condos, studios and apartments that suit your budgetary and lifestyle needs, so you can hit the ground running as a student at MassArt.

About MassArt

The MassArt campus is very compact and mostly consists of six interconnected buildings that are situated within a trapezoid-shaped block in the Longwood, or LMA, neighborhood of the city. In this same very compact area, you'll find prestigious universities and colleges, including Harvard Medical School, so there is always high demand for off-campus housing. MassArt was founded way back in 1873 and continues to be considered one of the best art colleges in the world. Although it features three residence halls, the majority of students opt for off-campus apartments, lofts, studios and similar accommodations. Wading through all the options can be confusing and overwhelming, and that's why it pays to work with Boston City Properties.

Off-Campus Housing Options in Longwood/LMA

There's no pressing need to be just a stone's throw away from the MassArt campus, of course, but it's nice to have a reasonable commute to and from school. With that in mind, some of the best MassArt off-campus apartments are located in or near the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, which is more commonly referred to as LMA or just Longwood. The area is roughly bordered by Beacon Street, Kent Street and the river, and a variety of housing options are located within its boundaries. Boston City Properties can help you locate off-campus lofts, studios, condos and apartments within easy walking distance of Huntington Avenue, which is otherwise known as The Avenue of the Arts. Not surprisingly, many MassArt students live within close proximity of this vibrant thoroughfare.

Amenities and Features of Off-Campus Apartments Near MassArt

As with off-campus apartments anywhere in Boston, options in the Longwood neighborhood near MassArt span a wide range of prices, features, floor plans and amenities. The cheapest options are generally studio apartments, and the monthly rent begins around $1,200. Many old, well-preserved homes, townhomes and rowhouses have been converted into off-campus apartments and lofts, so you can take your pick from an eclectic array of options. With help from the friendly professionals at Boston City Properties, you will be able to zero in on an affordable and practical place to live while attending MassArt in no time.

Instead of wading through the literally hundreds of listings for off-campus apartments near MassArt, turn to the experts at Boston City Properties. We will take note of your budgetary and lifestyle requirements and use the information to narrow things down to a more manageable list of options. From luxury apartments in high-rise buildings to simpler lofts in converted rowhouses, our team can point you in the direction of options that suit your needs to a T. Before you know it, you'll be situated in a lovely Longwood apartment, attending MassArt and having the time of your life. Get started today!

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