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Whether you are looking to invest or planning out a location for a new custom-designed home, buying land in Massachusetts isn’t easy. The land sales market differs considerably from the typical residential and commercial property markets, and getting your bearings can be a tall order. Regardless of your reasons for seeking land for sale in MA, there’s only one name to trust for help: Boston City Properties. Don’t let our name fool you; we specialize in providing support and resources to people who are looking for land and real estate across the entire state. Keep reading to find out what we can do to help!

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If you’ve ever purchased a home in Mass. before, you might already be familiar with what we have to offer in that department. What you may not realize, however, is that we offer the same robust array of resources to land buyers as well, whether they are looking for land to invest in or land on which to build homes or businesses. For example, our vast, online database of searchable MA real estate listings includes up-to-the-second listings for land and lots for sale across the state. It includes a powerful search tool that lets you zero in on suitable options quickly.

Boston Neighborhoods

Find the precise type and amount of land that you need by availing yourself of Boston City Properties’ convenient search tool. With it, you can check availability for parcels for sale by city, Boston neighborhood or even by zip code. Fine-tune your results even more with search filters for things like price range and total acreage. Get pertinent details in each of the resulting listings. Boston City Properties can later connect you with an experienced land real estate agent in the area of your choice, and they can guide you through the rest of the process.

About the Massachusetts Market

Compared with the number of developed commercial, industrial and residential property transactions that occur throughout the state every year, the total volume of land sales is remarkably low. This reflects the fact that especially when compared with many other states, Massachusetts isn’t exactly awash in undeveloped land. Naturally, it is easier to find undeveloped land in more far-flung rural parts of the state. In major urban centers like Boston, the odds of finding land that is completely natural and that has never been developed are exceedingly slim. Luckily, you don’t need virgin land to build something new on it.

Here’s an overview of what to expect when seeking land to buy in various parts of the state:

Top Benefits of Buying Land

If you are unsure about buying land in Massachusetts, considering the pros and cons of doing so may help you to arrive at a decision more easily. If you are looking for raw land, for example, you have the benefit of being able to do what you want with it—barring zoning and other restrictions, of course. By purchasing land with cash, which is typically how it is done, you enjoy the considerable perks of direct ownership. In particular, of course, you do away with mortgages, interest fees and other costly headaches. Property taxes still apply, but while the land stays undeveloped, they should be very low.

From a property investment standpoint, purchasing land brings many advantages to the table. Chief among them is that undeveloped land is far easier to maintain than developed land. If you are buying undeveloped land to hold onto while it appreciates, in fact, you should have very little to do in terms of upkeep. That’s far different than owning actual investment properties that, of course, require considerable maintenance. The issue here, of course, is finding vacant, undeveloped land whose value will reliably increase—and that is often easier said than done.

If you are looking for land on which to build a business, you will enjoy some pretty great benefits too. Most of all, you will be able to turn the parcel into precisely what you need it to be. You won’t have to deal with making do with whatever structure is currently there. Land of this type isn’t easy to find in densely populated urban centers, but it’s much more accessible in the suburbs and, of course, in rural regions. Our land sale experts can assist you in finding land that will work perfectly for your business needs.

Potential Drawbacks of Buying

While there are advantages to buying land under many circumstances, it doesn’t always make sense. For example, if you won’t be able to buy the land outright with cash, you may struggle to obtain financing. As noted elsewhere, you can’t get a normal mortgage for vacant, undeveloped land. Rather, you must obtain what is known as a raw land loan, and these are much trickier to get. Lenders tend to scrutinize buyers much more closely, as there is no real collateral to protect them. You usually must make a much larger down payment as well, and that may be beyond your means.

Another potential downside of buying land for building a home is that you must usually fork over a ton of extra money for things like utilities and easements and just to get the land ready for development. Numerous permits and other approvals must be acquired as well, and this is costly as well as time-consuming and frustrating. Even if you take care to have surveys and appraisals performed, physical problems with the property may come to light and impede your ability to do what you want. Be aware of these potential risks to make informed decisions.

Finally, if you are going to buy land as an investment, note that you won’t get immediate cash flow from it. In fact, you are unlikely to see anything for quite some time. Undeveloped land appreciates slowly when it does at all, unless it is located in an unusually hot market like Boston’s. Ideally, you should already have investment property income coming in from other properties. That way, you won’t be relying solely on income from vacant land, which tends to take some time to materialize. Boston City Properties can connect you with real estate agents who specialize in land investments, and their input is sure to make an enormous difference.

Tips and Considerations for Buying

A lot of planning, work and patience are required when buying land in Massachusetts. It helps immensely to familiarize yourself with the basics before striking out. Without question, connecting with Boston City Properties is among the best ways to ensure smooth sailing, as we will provide you with free, instant, unlimited access to our listings and other resources. To put into perspective why it is so crucial to arm yourself with the right resources, consider the following tips and considerations about buying land. As you will see, it tends to be far more complicated than it looks:

Know the Costs of Buying Land in Massachusetts

When buying a house, most people understand that there’s more to the cost than the sale price of the home itself. Typically, if you have a mortgage, you also have interest. Either way, you must pay homeowner’s insurance to protect yourself and property taxes to stay legal. When budgeting for any real estate transaction, it’s vital to take all of the potential costs into consideration. The costs associated with buying land often surprise those who have never done so before. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the basic costs that go into buying land:

How Boston City Properties Can Help

When it comes to finding land for sale in MA, it pays to have ready, easy access to timely, accurate information. So many variables come into play when purchasing land that it is vital to arm yourself with as much info as possible. Without question, the best way to do that—at least when it comes to buying land in Massachusetts—is by connecting with Boston City Properties. If you are reading this, you are already on your way to finding the land that you need.

Some of the ways in which we support you in your search for MA land for sale include:

Don’t settle for less when buying in Massachusetts. Whether you want to build your dream home on a beautiful piece of acreage or if you are looking for vacant land for investment or business purposes, finding what you need shouldn’t be a huge ordeal. Sign up to search Boston City Properties’ listings right now to get the ball rolling right away. When you are ready to proceed, contact us for a referral to a local real estate expert. In the meantime, please give us a call for more information.

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